Joy of Tech has hilarious ideas for new iPhones

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 25, 2013

Joy of Tech has weighed in on the iPhone 5S/5C memes. As per usual with their illustrations, the comic treads the fine line between poking fun and being downright hilarious. My favorite is their take on the rumored iPhone 5S in gold/champagne color: make it so the gold peels off revealing a layer of chocolate.

Oh, and the box should include the iGoose, a golden case that lays a golden iPhone and lets you recharge it by “stuffing the phone back up the goose’s butt”.

I’d hate spoil the fun for you prospective buyers so jump past the fold for the full table… Read More


Joy of Tech constructs hilarious Apple Status page

By Cody Lee on Jul 30, 2013

With all of the distractions and sensationalism in the tech media these days, it’s tough to really understand how Apple is doing as a company. It seems like every rumor is followed by an ‘Apple is doomed’ report, and it probably doesn’t help that it’s so secretive.

But never fear, as usual, Joy of Tech is here to help clear up some of the confusion in a way that only it can. The comic creator has put together a Status page—yeah, similar to the one Apple made for its Dev Center—to show where Apple is at on a lot of things… Read More


Joy of Tech jokes about Dev Center outage

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 25, 2013

It’s been more than a week now since a security researcher tapped an iAd Workbench vulnerability, prompting an unprecedented shutdown of Dev Center, but Apple is still struggling to bring all of the fifteen different services back up (only Bug Reporter and iTunes Connect were live at post time).

The outage isn’t alarming (yet) – at least compared to the PSN breach – and Apple assured no credit card data or iTunes accounts was compromised.

But tell that to frustrated Apple developers who are unable to access their documentation, beta code and development tools. You can tell the unnerving situation is getting out of hand when satirists start joking about it… Read More


Comic time: Google Glass vs. Apple iWatch

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 7, 2013

Joy of Tech last month posted a pretty comical take on the iWatch rumors. My favorite bit: it’s a walkie-talkie with a direct line to Jony Ive’s secret laboratory, Dick Tracy style. Earlier today, they weighed in on the inevitable comparison between the iWatch and Google’s Glass. Putting aside for a moment the fact that one is the real product (Glass) while the other is vaporware (at least for now), both are futuristic wearable computers we’re supposed to wear on us in public. Check out the comic included past the fold and meet us in comments…

Read More


Joy of Tech weighs in on iWatch rumors

By Cody Lee on Feb 12, 2013

Talk of Apple working on a smartwatch has really heated up over the past week. Following a speculative piece from a former Apple engineer, both the NYT and the WSJ have reported that the company is indeed building such a product.

So what will this so-called iWatch do? Things like Siri, NFC and support for third-party apps have all been thrown about. But according to the folks over at Joy of Tech, the watch’s built-in Dyson hand drier will be its killer feature… Read More


Joy of Tech’s funny read on Scott Forstall’s ousting

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 31, 2012

Joy of Tech does regular takes on the tech industry’s blunders and Apple is often the subject of their daily web comic. This is their view of Monday’s executive shake-up that saw CEO Tim Cook fire long-time iOS chief Scott Forstall and retail boss (though he never earned that title) John Browett. Go past the fold for the comic and an additional explanation… Read More


Joy of Tech on Apple’s Lightning to 30-pin adapters

By Cody Lee on Oct 11, 2012

Apple upset thousands of users last month when it introduced a new charging port for its mobile devices. It replaced the decade-old 30-pin dock connector with a new Lightning plug, rendering millions of cables and old accessories virtually useless.

Of course, Apple offers adapters that will allow users to connect their new iPhones and iPod touches to older accessories. But, at a minimum of $30 bucks a pop, this hasn’t exactly won over the angry. In fact, for some this may have been the last straw… Read More


Maps says sorry

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 27, 2012

And the iOS Maps bashing saga continues… Wanna know how it ends? Go past the fold for the remaining three tables. Joy of Tech also has another funny take on Mapgate, by the way… Read More


And here comes Mapgate

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 21, 2012

Here, in case you’ve been wondering why Apple shipped buggy iOS Maps… Come on, you knew this was coming. I’d bet my shirt that Conan O’Brien will be next to diss Apple’s crappy maps. Can you say Mapgate? Read More


Joy of Tech on the ‘disappointing’ iPhone 5

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 17, 2012

As expected, Apple’s “boring” iPhone 5 has shattered previous sales record, selling two million pre-orders in just 24 hours. Cupertino’s rivals were quick to point out how the updated hardware “only” boasts a slightly larger display (versus jumbo-sized Android phones), 4G LTE and a faster chip – ignoring numerous little hardware tweaks under the hood.

As Apple fans know, these include the handset’s refined two-tone redesign, HD Audio for crisper phone calls, three mics, better battery life and seamless integration of hardware, software and services delivering the smoothest mobile experience there is, to name a few.

We love Joy of Tech comics and were expecting their take on the “boring iPhone 5”. Here it is… Read More

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