John Sculley

BlackBerry death watch begins ticking after touch screen fiasco

I’m not sure which is worse, BlackBerry described as the smartphone equivalent of MySpace or the Canadian company being verbally parted-out like a 1991 Yugo. Both followed Friday’s 28 percent slide in BlackBerry stock prices after the company missed Wall Street expectations for sales of the Z10 handset.

Introduced in January, the touch-screen device was supposed to get BlackBerry into a game so far dominated by the iPhone and Android.¬†Instead, the BlackBerry deathwatch began ticking as Wall Street investors slash expectations, the company itself stops talking about declining subscribers, and former Apple CEO John Scully suggests the smartphone maker stop making phones…

Former Apple CEO says Apple must rethink its supply chain to build less-pricey iPhone

Former Pepsico and Apple CEO John Sculley has issued some advice to Apple’s current boss Tim Cook on the matter of a so-called budget iPhone, Phil Schiller be damned. He told Bloomberg television today that Apple should take into account the realities of today’s cut-throat smartphone business.

He’s all for a more affordable Apple handset, but opines it won’t happen unless Apple’s boss Tim Cook, who under the Steve Jobs regime ran Apple’s manufacturing and supply chain, is willing to “dramatically rethink the supply chain” and give up on some of Apple’s industry-leading margins…