FBI nabs ‘Dumbfella’ in $1.9 million iPad mini heist

It took investigators working on Thursday’s snatch-and-grab – one that saw crooks drive away with two pallets of iPad minis worth $1.9 million – less than 24 hours to nab a suspect, a JFK Airport worker.

As Ed told you, two unidentified individuals used the airport’s own forklift to load the iPads onto their truck just before midnight Monday. The thieves operated in the same cargo area where director Martin Scorsese filmed a Lufthansa flight heist in the 1978 mob flick “GoodFellas”.

The Bureau was able to apprehend airport worker Renel Rene Richardson on the grounds that he made suspicious inquiries to co-workers about the gadget shipment and where forklifts might be found. What a “Dumbfella”…

GoodFellas grab $1.5 million worth of iPad minis from JFK airport

Have you tired of waiting in line at Apple’s Fifth Avenue store? You may want to check out JFK Airport next time. Apparently, two thieves who wanted an iPad mini took the direct route,  driving away with $1.5 million worth of iPad minis Monday night from the New York City airport. The snatch-and-grab happened at the same cargo area made famous in the movie “GoodFellas.” Although the crooks snatched two pallets with 3,600 minis from China and destined for U.S. buyers, they left three more loads likely to have held even more of Apple’s newest tablets…