Manually checking for Java updates for your Mac or PC

Java, just like Adobe Flash, is often a major security flaw waiting to happen for both Mac and PC owners.

Although Apple takes security very seriously and just about forces Mac users with Java to check for Java updates automatically, it’s still never a bad idea to check on your own from time to time.

Since we recently showed you how to check for Flash updates manually, it only made sense to follow up with a similar guide for Java, which is also a commonly-used web plugin.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to see if you have the latest version of Java installed on your computer or not.

Good deal: name your own price on this ‘learn to code’ bundle

I don’t know about you, but when I hear stories about app developers becoming near-overnight millionaires, it makes me want to get into the business. Unfortunately, I know very little about programming, and even less about programming for iOS.

That can be changed, though, by taking some educational courses on the subject. And wouldn’t you know it, our friends over at deal site Stack Social are running one of their infamous ‘name your own price’ promos on a set of 8 online coding courses…

How Eastern European attackers hacked Apple

Investigators now believe a group of sophisticated Eastern European criminal hackers are responsible for a cyberattack on Apple and other U.S. technology and media firms. Until today, those probing the computer break-ins thought China was behind the electronic assaults. In Apple’s case, malware placed on an iPhone developer website may have been used to ‘bait’ visitors, according to one report Wednesday.

According to Bloomberg, which anonymously cited people close to law enforcement, malware which other victims described as “sophisticated,” was placed on the popular developer forum to potentially gain access to data stored on corporate computers…