JailbreakMe 3.0 Will Have Much Faster Install Time

By Alex Heath on Jun 19, 2011

Comex, the creator of the userland jailbreak known as JailbreakMe, has developed a method for a much faster install time in his upcoming jailbreak. He has managed to get rid of Cydia’s “Reorganizing Filesystem” message by abandoning the current ‘stashing’ filesystem approach.

The advancements made in Comex’s jailbreak are expected to drastically reduce the time it takes to actually jailbreak an iDevice. Read More


JailbreakMe 3.0 Teaser Image Proved Fake, Exact ETA on iPad 2 Jailbreak Unknown

By Alex Heath on Jun 17, 2011

We apologize if you got excited about the return of JailbreakMe today. A rumor got started this morning that claimed Comex was releasing his iPad 2 jailbreak through JailbreakMe.com this afternoon.

As it turns out, the teaser image (reportedly from Comex’s Twitter account) that started this rumor has been proved fake, and we’re back to the drawing board in terms of an iPad 2 jailbreak ETA. Read More


JailbreakMe 3.0 Returns Today with iPad 2 Jailbreak? [Updated: Fake]

By Alex Heath on Jun 17, 2011

After Comex teased that the iPad 2 jailbreak is “almost ready,” a rumor has started circulating that the famed jailbreak site, JailbreakMe.com, will return today with the long-awaited jailbreak for the iPad 2.

According to Nexus404, the above image briefly appeared on Comex’s Twitter account last night, but the image link was almost immediately pulled. Comex has been working on an iPad 2 jailbreak for quite some time, and this image could be a teaser he created and published prematurely… Read More


New PDF Exploit Uncovered By Comex in iOS, Return of JailbreakMe?

By Alex Heath on Jun 11, 2011

We’re calling it, folks: famed jailbreak hacker, Comex, has uncovered another PDF exploit in iOS that will allow for a userland jailbreak, ala JailbreakMe.

This is based off the above teaser image, which Comex just announced on his Twitter and is available for viewing on jailbreakme.com. If our detective work is correct, we expect a new, untethered, userland jailbreak for iOS. Read More


Pwn2Own Safari Exploit Not Fixed in iOS 4.3.1, Could Mean Return of JailbreakMe

By Alex Heath on Mar 26, 2011

Charlie Miller, a security expert who managed to jailbreak iOS 4.3 during the Pwn2Own hacking contest, has revealed an interesting piece of information about 4.3.1. According to Mr. Miller, the Safari exploit uncovered at Pwn2Own is still un-patched in Apple’s latest build of iOS.

An official jailbreak has yet to be released for 4.3.1, but the fact that this obvious exploit still exists points to the possibility of a jailbreak solution similar to JailbreakMe. There is no concrete evidence that this bug will be used in a jailbreak tool for iOS 4.3.1… Read More


Fake Ra1nb0wRa1n iPhone Jailbreak Website Deemed Not the Real Deal

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 20, 2011

Getting confused from all of the Ra1n? There’s BlackRa1n, LimeRa1n, PurpleRa1n, and the upcoming RubyRa1n. It’s enough to confuse even the best meteorologist.

To add to the level of confusion, someone(s) impersonating renowed iPhone hacker GeoHot has released a site called Ra1nb0wRa1n with little to no fan fare.

The fact that it received hardly any pub before going live was the first thing that struck us as weird. The fact that the site is actually pointing to a Chinese website, is the real thing that sent up our red flags.

For the record, although the site’s whois records feature Hotz’s name and a New Jersey residence, Ra1nb0wRa1n does not appear to be associated with GeoHot in any way, shape, or form…
Read More


Comex is Most Likely Saving His Next iPhone Jailbreak for iOS 4.3

By Alex Heath on Jan 4, 2011

So far, RedSn0w has been the only publicly released tool that can jailbreak iOS 4.2.1. The Dev Team warned users about the dangers of updating their iOS firmware to 4.2.1 before the RedSn0w beta was released. Around that time, the iPhone hacker, P0sixNinja, said that the GreenPois0n jailbreak would be ready for 4.2.1 around the same time as RedSn0w.

The GreenPois0n jailbreak has still not come out for 4.2.1, a LimeRa1n update is nowhere to be found, and all we have had is a somewhat unstable RedSn0w beta. Luckily, PosixNinja has recently said that the GreenPois0n (most likely tethered) jailbreak will actually be ready very soon. And Geohot could always come out of the woodwork and surprise us like he did with LimeRa1n.

After some drama about a leaked SHAtter exploit in mid-December, the jailbreak developer community has seemed to be a little more divided. Comex, a prominent personality in the jailbreak community, was supposed to be working on an untethered jailbreak tool for 4.2.1. However, it seems he might be saving his hack for iOS 4.3…

Read More


GreenPois0n First Impressions: the 4.1 Bugs

By Guest Author on Oct 21, 2010

As soon as the Mac version of GreenPois0n came out, I went ahead and jailbroke my device.  It wasn’t the same eye-candy that JailbreakMe was, or even Comex’s first jailbreak, but it worked and I didn’t have to wait long.  Here’s a few quick things that I immediately noticed.

LockScreen PIN Delay

After a fresh reboot or a respring, I can no longer dive right in to tap the PIN to access my device.  The problem is either a delay or the first tap or two is not recognized.  But it definitely slows me down a little bit… Read More


About the iPhone iOS 4.1 Jailbreak

By Sébastien Page on Sep 5, 2010

The Dev Team recently confirmed there will not be a jailbreak for iOS 4.0.2 because iOS 4.1 is right around the corner and really, it would be a waste of time, but most importantly, a waste of exploit. This being said, I bet our favorite team of hackers is currently working hard on the iOS 4.1 beta release, trying to find a hole in there. Read More


Why Do People Think Jailbreaking Can Brick Your iPhone? [Rant]

By Guest Author on Sep 3, 2010

This week has gone by faster than usual. Perhaps the Apple event made the days come and go quicker but nevertheless it’s Friday. This is the day I’ve been known to spout off about a topic that I feel needs further attention. This week I go after those who feel the need to warn people that jailbreaking your iPhone can “brick” it.

I recently posted an article announcing the recent jailbreak of my iPhone 4. Having been away from the dark side since my iPhone 3G, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the process. Read More


This is For Those Who Are Scared to Jailbreak Their iPhone

By Guest Author on Sep 2, 2010

After weeks of self debate and bugging Sebastien about the possibilities of jailbreaking my iPhone 4, I took the leap of faith Wednesday night and cracked opened my device. I must say that the whole process was unbelievably painless and took no more than 5 minutes to perform the hack and update the Cydia packages.

I used JailbreakMe to perform the procedure and I will vouch for the website any day. After 2 or 3 minutes of loading, the device was jailbroken and ready to be used. Perhaps it was the Apple aroma in the air after their event, but nevertheless having jailbroken my iPhone 4 makes it feel like launch day all over again…

Read More


Try These Sites If You’re Having Issues With JailbreakMe

By Guest Author on Aug 29, 2010

I usually leave it up to Sebastien to provide our loyal readers with the jailbreak information but I’ll take the reigns this time. PMP Today has posted a couple of alternative sites for those wishing to jailbreak their iPhone after individuals claimed they were having difficulties performing the hack with JailbreakMe.

If you’re among those experiencing troubles with the self titled URL, it is recommended that you try using jailbreakme.com/index.html or accessing the Canadian site of jailbreakme.ca to perform the process. If none of those work for you, you can always try what iDB reader Joe suggested by visiting jailbreakme.com/blob.html from your iPhone. Read More


Dev Team Fixes What Apple Didn’t

By Sébastien Page on Aug 12, 2010

The Dev Team wrote a blog post this morning telling they are working on a fix for iPhone 2G and iPod Touch 1G who were left out of yesterday’s iOS update. Apple released iOS 4.0.2 to fix a PDF security hole that was used by JailbreakMe to jailbreak the iPhone. This security glitch could have also been exploited by malicious softwares, which explains why Apple was so quick to release a fix for it.

The problem is Apple completely denied support for older models like the original iPhone and iPod Touch. Even though Apple acknowledges the severity of the holes, they didn’t deem it necessary patching them on these older iDevices.

This is where the Dev Team steps in. The jailbreak community had already developed a quick fix (PDF Loading Warner) but it was more of a safety net than anything else. According to the Dev Team, “Saurik has been burning the midnight oil coding a Cydia package that will fix the holes for all devices and all firmware versions (even going back to version 2.x!).”

UPDATE: PDF Patch is available in Cydia for free.

The fix will go through a short testing period and will then be available for download in Cydia. As I said earlier, JailbreakMe highlights the irony of jailbreaking. Apple has always claimed jailbreaking could expose your iPhone to safety risks. Today it proves that jailbreaking your iPhone is the best way to keep your iPhone safer, as Apple won’t do it if you’re still using an older iPhone or iTouch.

What do you think?


Apple Bans JailbreakMe From Its Stores

By Sébastien Page on Aug 5, 2010

Well, it only took Apple 4 days to realize they should block access to JailbreakMe.com from their stores’ wifi network to stop those pranksters from jailbreaking iPhones, iPads and iPods. According to 9 to 5 Mac, pointing a device to www.JailbreakMe.com from inside the store redirects to Apple’s website.

I’m sure Ethan will be happy about that.


Apple Has Already Developed A Fix for the PDF Exploit

By Sébastien Page on Aug 4, 2010

An Apple spokeperson told CNET they are well aware of the security exploit found in iOS and they are apparently already working on it:

We’re aware of this reported issue, we have already developed a fix and it will be available to customers in an upcoming software update.

This security glitch found in the way iOS handles PDF documents allowed the Dev Team to create JailbreakMe, which uses this exploit to inject the jailbreak code in your iPhone. Some security experts were quick to realize that this exploit could be used to inject malicious softwares in your iDevices and brought up this issue to the general public. The jailbreak community quickly developed a fix for it which can be downloaded directly from Cydia.

This morning I highlighted the irony of the situation. Apple has always claimed jailbreaking can put your iPhone at risk but it proved to be the other way around as so far, your iPhone is more secured once it is jailbroken and the exploit has been patched.

We don’t know when Apple will release this software update, which will most likely come with 4.1. Apple usually isn’t quick to fix things up so if I had a guess I’d say we won’t see this update until the end of the month.

[9 to 5 Mac]


The Irony of JailbreakMe

By Sébastien Page on Aug 4, 2010

I was reading an article last night about how the vulnerability in iOS could be exploited by hackers to “enslave” the iPhone and how Apple is already looking into it. There sure is an exploit in iOS 4, which is used by JailbreakMe to inject the code to jailbreak your iPhone, but there is also a fix for that, once your iPhone is jailbroken.

Then the irony of the situation stroke me. Hard!

Apple has always been against jailbreaking, and even though it’s now legal, they’re certainly not going to help make the jailbreak process easier. In fact, here is an excerpt from a support document from Apple’s website where they cite examples of issues caused by these unauthorized modifications to the iOS:

Compromised security: Security compromises have been introduced by these modifications that could allow hackers to steal personal information, damage the device, attack the wireless network, or introduce malware or viruses.

In this case the irony is that iOS is vulnerable out of the box and only jailbreaking and installing a patch makes your iPhone safer, at least until Apple updates iOS and fixes this issue.

So much for your safety net, Apple. It seems that unlike what you’re telling me, my iPhone is actually safer once jailbroken.

What do you think?


Fanboys Headed to Jail(break)…

By Guest Author on Aug 3, 2010

Let me preface this with saying that I’m as much of an Apple junkie as the next fanboy. After all, I do find time to write, tweet, & discuss all things Apple, all for the satisfaction of it.

However, it has come to my attention through various forums, tweets, and other internet media, that many iPhone owners (and some not), plan to march into their nearest Apple store and jailbreak the displayed iPhones, iPads, etc. This of course is in lieu of the recently released jailbreak via Safari at Jailbreakme.com. Didn’t we learn at age 5 not to disturb other people’s property? Read More


PDF Loading Warner Protects Your iPhone From this Nasty Security Hole

By Sébastien Page on Aug 3, 2010

Yesterday we told you that the exploit used by JailbreakMe to jailbreak your iPhone was a major security issue as it can download pretty much anything to your iPhone, including some malicious code, via a PDF glitch. We gave you a manual fix but there is now an easier way to patch this bad exploit that puts your iPhone at risk.

You can simply go to Cydia and download PDF Loading Warner. It’s a free app that will display a warning before allowing your iPhone to download a PDF file. This will avoid you being duped by a malicious software.

While this app gives you another layer of security, you’re in no way safe from having your iPhone compromised, at least until Apple officially patches this exploit. On the safe side though, chances of you being hacked are very thin so don’t stress out too much over it.


JailbreakMe Puts Your iPhone At Risk. Here is How to Be Protected

By Sébastien Page on Aug 2, 2010

JailbreakMe was released yesterday and as we said, it is one of the easiest and quickest jailbreaks. However, it is also one of those jailbreaks that really puts your iPhone at risk.

The way JailbreakMe works is that it takes advantage of a vulnerability in iOS, and more specifically the fact that iOS downloads PDF documents automatically. Comex managed to inject the jailbreak code in a PDF document that is downloaded and executed once you “slide to jailbreak” on JailbreakMe.com.

Now that this very simple exploit has been revealed, there are chances some bad guys out there might want to take advantage of it and potentially steal data from your iPhone. Before you start panicking and running around the house screaming, let’s be clear that the chances of this happening are actually very thin, but you never know…

MacStories published a fix for that earlier today:

Tweeted by @cdevwill earlier today, all you have to do is download this .deb file and open it on your device using either Terminal from your Mac, or iFile on the iPhone. Just download it and place it in /var/mobile.

– Using Terminal:

ssh root@your IP address


dpkg -i file.deb

Where “alpine” is the default password you’ll get after installing Open SSH from Cydia and “your IP address” is located under Settings – > Wifi – > active wifi connection.

– Using iFile:

Navigate to /var/mobile and double tap on the .deb file to install it.

This won’t actually patch the exploit but it will now ask you for permission every time a PDF document wants to be downloaded to your iPhone. If you know what you’re downloading then fine. However if a site tries to use Comex’s exploit and downloads some malicious software onto your iPhone, you will be able to deny it access.

I believe this fix will be available in Cydia soon but if you can’t wait, and know your way around Terminal, then give this a shot. Apple will also issue a patch for this, most likely in the net iOS update.

If you use this method to secure your iPhone, please don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments.


How to Fix JailbreakMe Stuck on Purple Screen on iPad

By Sébastien Page on Aug 2, 2010

Those of you who tried to jailbreak your iPad with JailbreakMe might encounter this issue where your iPad is kinda stuck on the purple screen and nothing happens. This is a cache issue that’s really easy to fix. To do so, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Settings > Safari > Clear History, Clear Cookies, Clear Cache
  • Reboot your iPad
  • Try JailbreakMe.com again and you should be good

If the problem persists, it means that JailbreakMe might be down or something. If that’s the case, follow the steps above except that you’re going to go to http://JailbreakMe/ModMyI.com instead of JailbreakMe.com. That should do the trick.

Let us know how it works for you.