PanguTeam confirms it’s working on iOS 8 jailbreak

By Cody Lee on Sep 17, 2014

Good news for those of you missing out on today’s iOS 8 festivities in order to save your jailbreak, the PanguTeam says it’s on the case. As part of a PSA yesterday to remind users to jailbreak while still possible, the team confirmed it has already begun work on hacking the new firmware.

Now before you go getting your hopes up, note that just because an iOS 8 jailbreak is being worked on, does not mean we will see one anytime soon. This is, however, more intel than we had a few days ago, and it may be pertinent to those deciding on whether or not to update to iOS 8. Read More


Let’s Talk Jailbreak 73: Preparing for iOS 8

By Jeff Benjamin on Sep 16, 2014

Episode 73: Cody, Jeff, and Sebastien discuss how to prepare for tomorrow’s release of iOS 8. We talk about what you should consider before upgrading, how to keep your jailbreak, the best jailbreak backup methods, and more. We also discuss the latest jailbreak malware, and some of the latest tweaks to hit Cydia.

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Protean: a full-featured Status Bar customization tweak for iOS 7

By Alihassan Mahdi on Sep 16, 2014

The Status Bar is a handy area of iOS that lets you take a peek at various information such as time, Wi-Fi, battery level, etc, from anywhere on your device. However, Apple restricts users from customizing it the way they want. A new jailbreak tweak known as Protean has been released to get rid of this restriction.

Developed by Elijah and Andrew, Protean adds many new features to the Status Bar and allows you to organize the items in there by positioning them on any side. The tweak also displays the applications that have a pending notification on the Status Bar and allows you to customize flipswitches such as Airplane mode, Auto Lock, etc, and add icons of connected Bluetooth devices. Read More


‘AppBuyer’ malware steals Apple IDs and passwords from jailbroken devices

By Cody Lee on Sep 15, 2014

Security research firm Palo Alto Networks reported this weekend about a new iOS malware that’s affecting jailbroken devices. It’s called ‘AppBuyer,’ and it’s programmed to steal a user’s Apple ID and password for the purpose of purchasing apps from the App Store.

It’s not clear exactly how AppBuyer is being installed, but the group says it could be done a number of ways including through a malicious Cydia Substrate tweak or PC jailbreaking utility. Those infected complain of random apps periodically popping up on their devices. Read More


Faces: add images to each of the Lock screen passcode keys

By Alihassan Mahdi on Sep 14, 2014

If you love customizing your iOS 7 device, you’d probably be interested in ‘Faces’, a brand new jailbreak tweak that was released on Cydia recently and offers a fairly unique feature that allows you to customize the passcode keys on the Lock screen.

Developed by Ben Rosen & CPDigitalDarkroom, Faces allows you to customize the Lock screen passcode by adding images to each of the buttons. These images will appear right behind the keys as you can see from the screenshot above.  Read More


8 awesome things you can do with Activator

By Alihassan Mahdi on Sep 13, 2014

As a staple in the jailbreak community, Activator needs no introduction. This very deep and powerful tweak allows you to take advantage of a combination of gestures and specific events to create a virtually endless combination of actions on your iOS device.

Today, we’ve put together a list of some useful Activator actions/gestures you can set up on your iOS device. This is just the tip of the iceberg because with Activator, you can create an endless combination of gesture controls. The actions mentioned below do not make use of jailbreak tweaks, they are completely dependent on the stock iOS features. Read More


CSwitcher brings your App Switcher to Control Center

By Alihassan Mahdi on Sep 11, 2014

The App Switcher, one of the most frequently used feature on iOS 7, can be accessed by double pressing the Home button. If you ever wanted to access the App Switcher from Control Center, you might want to check out a new jailbreak tweak known as CSwitcher.

Developed by Brogan Miner, CSwitcher replaces the Quick Launch apps in Control Center with the App Switcher, allowing you to take a quick glance at the apps running in the background directly from Control Center as well as close any of them. Personally, since I never use the Quick Launch apps, CSwitcher could be a good replacement. Read More


UnlimMusic allows you to stream and download songs from SoundCloud

By Alihassan Mahdi on Sep 10, 2014

SoundCloud is a popular audio sharing website where users can record, upload and share their original contents and has become a common platform for musicians to distribute their tracks. Along with streaming songs, you can also download tracks which the artist allows, a feature that is missing from the mobile app.

UnlimMusic is a jailbreak tweak developed by UnlimApps that adds a standalone app to the Home screen where you can search and listen to songs from SoundCloud as well as download permissible tracks. This means that only the songs that are allowed by the respective artists can be downloaded, unlike the SoundCloud iOS app which lacks this feature. Read More


Control your music from anywhere in iOS with Clex

By Alihassan Mahdi on Sep 8, 2014

We’ve seen quite a few tweaks that provide system-wide access to music controls such as the popular iTunes-inspired MiniPlayer and the Musiex tweak. Clex is yet another addition to the group that aims to achieve the same goal but comes with additional features.

Created by the popular developer Gabriele Filipponi, Clex provides a quick access to a list of all the songs available on your device as well as the music controls by swiping from the left or right side of the screen. Doing so opens a new sidebar-like interface which sports a design similar to Control Center. Read More


Message Scheduler for Whatsapp does what its name suggest…

By Alihassan Mahdi on Sep 8, 2014

If you frequently use Whatsapp, you might have noticed that the social messaging app doesn’t allow you to schedule messages to be delivered at a specific time. Message Scheduler for Whatsapp is a jailbreak tweak developed by Mohamed Marbouh that enables this feature on your jailbroken iOS 7 device.

The tweak allows you to schedules a specific time and date when you want a particular message to be sent to a specific recipient. This can be useful when you want to remind someone of an upcoming event at the right time. Read More


The best jailbreak tweaks for the Status Bar on iOS 7

By Alihassan Mahdi on Sep 6, 2014

The Status Bar provides a great deal of information such as the time, battery percentage, network signal and more that is viewable from anywhere within iOS. The problem is, you don’t have complete control over what shows in there, and you have even less control about how it appears. As a result, many jailbreak tweaks have emerged on Cydia that help you customize the Status Bar. To help you discover the best ones, we’ve compiled a list of the best jailbreak tweaks for the Status Bar on iOS 7. Read More


Centered adds a Control Center tab to Notification Center

By Alihassan Mahdi on Sep 6, 2014

Normally, swiping up from the bottom of the screen will launch Control Center, which provides toggles, quick launch, media controls and more. Centered is a new jailbreak tweak that doesn’t provide a new feature but rather changes the way you can access Control Center.

Developed by Noeliel, Centered allows you to access Control Center directly from Notification Center. Everything that was previously accessible from the original Control Center will now be added to a new tab in Notification Center called ‘CC’ right next to Notification Center’s ‘Missed’ tab.  This allows you to view notifications as well as access Control Center all in one place. Read More


SetBack allows you to revert back to your previously saved jailbreak setup

By Alihassan Mahdi on Sep 5, 2014

When you try new themes, you might be tempted to change the Home screen setup in order to bring a better look to your device. Even when you install new jailbreak tweaks, you’ll definitely have to disable the conflicting ones and this might ruin your current setup. SetBack is a new jailbreak tweak that overcomes this annoyance.

Developed by GroovyCarrot, SetBack allows you to easily switch between different saved jailbreak setups. The tweak allows you to save the current state of your setup for future use. This said, it stores all the installed tweak settings, applied Winterboard themes, icon layouts on your Home screen as well as wallpapers. With the touch of a button, you can quickly revert back to a saved setup. Read More


ClassicLockScreen brings over four different Lock screen styles to iOS 7

By Alihassan Mahdi on Sep 4, 2014

ClassicLockScreen is a brand new jailbreak tweak that debuted on Cydia recently and allows you to replace the current Lock screen style on iOS 7 with one of the four different styles supplied by the tweak.

The tweak offers four different Lock screen styles: classic, ‘Modern Mode’, ‘Dark Mode’ and ‘7.1 Slider Style’. The classic mode ports the exact iOS 6 Lock screen style to iOS 7 and brings back the iOS 6 media control buttons, lock keypad as well as the unlock sound. The Modern and Dark modes feature a stylish ‘Slide to Unlock’ slider with a blur background and top bar. The difference between the two styles is that the latter sports a darker look. Read More


Wink adds an on-demand Status Bar to your iPhone

By Alihassan Mahdi on Sep 3, 2014

The Status Bar provides a great deal of information such as the time, carrier, and much more which can be viewed from anywhere within iOS. Wink is a jailbreak tweak that’s been available for a long time on Cydia but didn’t receive the attention needed, solely because it is available on the developer’s own repo rather than on one of the major repos.

Wink brings an on-demand Status Bar to your iOS device allowing you to view it only when needed. This means that the Status Bar will remain hidden giving you more screen estate. Read More


Let’s Talk Jailbreak 72: My eyes are burning!

By Jeff Benjamin on Sep 3, 2014

Episode 72: Cody talks about his recent experience with several popular jailbreak tweaks. Jeff defends f.lux. We discuss the best tweaks for Notification Center, plus we talk about three recently released jailbreak tweaks.

Read More


The best jailbreak tweaks for Notification Center on iOS 7

By Alihassan Mahdi on Aug 30, 2014

Compared to iOS 6, Notification Center has been upgraded a little in iOS 7 but there’s still some room for improvement. Just like iOS 6, there is a lot of jailbreak tweaks on Cydia that will bring new features to iOS 7 Notification Center and allow you to customize it. These range from providing additional statistics about your device to placing your favorite apps right at your finger tips.

This is why we have compiled a complete list of the best jailbreak tweaks for Notification Center on iOS 7 that will help you get the most out of it. Read More


#PlayMe2 displays the currently playing song’s details in the Status Bar

By Alihassan Mahdi on Aug 30, 2014

If you’ve been following iDB, you’ll remember that Jeff reviewed a status bar tweak a few months ago known as #PlayMe. The same developer has now released #PlayMe2 which is a more stable version of its predecessor with fewer bugs, but it serves the same purpose.

#PlayMe2 makes your Status Bar more informative by displaying the name of the currently playing song along with the artist name in the Status Bar. The tweak will rotate between the time, song name and artist name in the Status Bar. This allows you to take a quick peek at what music is playing in the background without opening the music app or Control Center. Read More


PlayTask lets you play or pause a currently playing song from the App Switcher

By Alihassan Mahdi on Aug 29, 2014

The main purpose of the App Switcher is to display the apps running in the background as well as enable you to close them. PlayTask is a brand new tweak that makes the App Switcher a little more useful by allowing you to play or pause music.

Developed by TheJailPad, PlayTask allows users to play or pause the currently playing song by swiping down the Music app card in the App Switcher. The tweak not only works with the stock Music app but with other third-party apps as well such as Spotify. By default, when you swipe down a music app card in the App Switcher, nothing happens, but with PlayTask, the music will start to play from where you left it or it will pause. Read More


BlurSlide gives a new look to your ‘Slide to Unlock’ slider

By Alihassan Mahdi on Aug 28, 2014

One of the many reasons that users jailbreak their iOS device is to customize the various UI elements. BlurSlide is yet another customization tweak that brings a new look to the ‘Slide to Unlock’ slider.

Developed by CP Digital Darkroom, BlurSlide allows users to change the original Slide to Unlock design to that of iOS 7.1.x’s power off slider style, which features a round movable knob with a blur background. Yet, the best thing about this tweak is that it provides a lot of options to customize the slider the way you want. Although the tweak is still in the beta phase, it worked smoothly without any issues on my iPhone 5s running 7.0.4. Read More