A beautiful verbal clock for your Lock screen

By Jim Gresham on Mar 4, 2013

Continuing our Lock screen modding series, we take a closer look at an elegant verbal clock. Having an affinity for well-designed typographical imagery, this verbal clock is a perfect addition for my iPhone. A sleek black, gray, and white interface, I am impressed with the elegance of its minimalism. Follow us beyond the fold to find out how to set your iPhone up similarly… Read More


A simple Lock screen that displays the local weather forecast

By Jim Gresham on Feb 25, 2013

The iPhone Lock screen has not changed since 2007 and it is certainly boring, even outdated. Everyone loves a good Lock screen and we wanted to give a quick how-to for a simple tweak. Getting things looking fresh on your iPhone can be a jumbled mess while plowing through Cydia, looking for the right packages. A few days ago we had users submit their favorite Lock screens, screen shots, and tweaks, which led to this post. While this initial posting is simple, we hope it inspires you to construct your own beautiful Lock screens… Read More


PKGBackup Tutorial – How To Backup And Restore Your Jailbreak Apps, Settings, and Preferences

By Jeff Benjamin on May 3, 2011

If there’s one area of jailbreaking that continues to be a source of confusion, it’s backing up all of your jailbreak apps and tweaks.

There are many different methods devised by just as many people, but there continues to be a lingering sense of misunderstanding among the throngs of jailbreakers.

Fortunately there is one surefire way to backup your iPhone, and all of your jailbreak settings each and every time by means of a handy little jailbreak app called PKGBackup… Read More


How to Use Queuing in Cydia to Download Multiple Jailbreak Apps Simultaneously

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 2, 2011

I used to always dread when I would restore my iPhone, and have to re-download all of my jailbreak apps and tweaks again. This wasn’t so much because jailbreaking in itself was difficult, it was because Cydia was so incredibly slow and cumbersome.

Now that Cydia has been updated, the whole experience is drastically improved. The load times are shorter, and the queuing functionality is much more refined.

Oddly enough, most of the people I know don’t even use queuing or know what it is. Simply put, queuing allows you to queue up multiple items, and process them all at the same time. It makes downloading and even uninstalling a bunch of items at once, a seamless affair…

Read More