Let’s Talk Jailbreak 141: Cruising down Memory Lane

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 6, 2016

Episode 141: Jeff talks about the top tweaks of 2015, the BigBoss repo gets a great looking redesign, four brand new Safari-improving tweaks, a tweak that lends a respring status bar, and an upcoming tweak that lets you downgrade App Store apps.

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How to adjust the Home screen dock opacity on iOS [jailbreak]

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 5, 2016

DockAlpha is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to adjust the dock alpha settings on iOS 9. The tweak, which is available free of charge on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, lends a more transparent look to the dock for jailbroken iOS 9 users. If you’re looking to subtly change the look of the iOS Home screen, you may want to give DockAlpha a try. Read More


App Admin: downgrade App Store apps right from your jailbroken iPhone

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 5, 2016

Late last year, we showed you how to downgrade App Store apps directly from Apple using iTunes. The method was anything but straightforward, but it did indeed work.

Today, I’d like to show you a brand new method for downgrading App Store apps. Not only is it much easier than the old method, but it runs right on your iPhone, so no computer is required. The only “downside” is that you must be jailbroken to use this method, as it relies on a jailbreak tweak that’s now in beta. That said, it’s way easier than the prior method that doesn’t require a jailbreak.

Want to see how easy it is to downgrade virtually any App Store app using only a jailbroken iPhone? Watch our video and see UnlimApp’s new jailbreak tweak, App Admin, in action. Read More


These three new tweaks improve the look of Safari

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 5, 2016

Developer Chikuwa has released several new jailbreak tweaks all squarely aimed at modifying the Safari experience. The first tweak of Chikuwa’s we covered was FirstEditBookmark. That’s a tweak that allows you to edit bookmarks URLs in Safari as you’re adding them.

The remaining three tweaks are more visually-oriented. As such, I thought that it would be appropriate to showcase all three in the post that follows. Read More


How to edit bookmark addresses prior to saving in Safari [jailbreak]

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 5, 2016

I’ve always found it to be a bit odd that you have to save a bookmark before you’re able to edit its URL. It’s odd to me because the URL is displayed as you’re adding the bookmark, so it’s not like you’d have to jump through extra steps to edit the URL like you might on the desktop version of Safari.

FirstEditBookmark is a new jailbreak tweak that solves this issue. It allows you to edit the URL of a bookmark prior to saving it to your favorites. Read More


How to add a progress bar to the respring screen on jailbroken devices

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 3, 2016

RespringProgress is a new jailbreak tweak from Ethan Arbuckle that places a progress bar on the respring screen. This is the same black screen where the white Apple logo resides after performing a respring post jailbreak tweak install, or after invoking respring-oriented jailbreak tweaks. Have a look at our GIF animation to see how it looks in action. Read More


Vote for iDB in the 2015 Jailbreak Awards

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 3, 2016

This is kind of cool. Jailbreak community members have teamed up to create the Jailbreak Awards of 2015. The awards are selected by you, the community, in categories such as best legacy jailbreak tweak, best theme, best website, etc.

The end/beginning of the year is always a great opportunity to reflect on the prior year’s accomplishments. In fact, we presented our own 2015 tweak of the year list just last week.

Be sure to vote for iDB in this year’s jailbreak awards. It’s a great opportunity to show your appreciation for all of the jailbreak coverage here at iDB. Read More


Jailbreak tweaks of the week: Cello, Vizoom, and more

By Sébastien Page on Jan 3, 2016

If you’ve been too busy celebrating the holidays and the new year to keep up with the new tweaks that were recently released, then we’ve got you covered. It’s all here for you in one easy to digest post. Spoiler alert: you didn’t really miss anything.   Read More


Cydia’s most popular repo gets a redesign for 2016

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 1, 2016

If you noticed something a bit different with Cydia when you opened it this morning, you’re not alone. Cydia itself didn’t change, but the repo that hosts the majority of the popular jailbreak tweaks did.

The BigBoss repo underwent a significant redesign, resulting in a cleaner look, and a more friendly interface. Of course, since this change is limited to the BigBoss repo, you won’t see any changes in packages hosted on other repos. Read More


Let’s Talk Jailbreak 140: the best tweaks of 2015

By Jeff Benjamin on Dec 30, 2015

Episode 140: The status of the iOS 9.2 jailbreak, and Activator adds even more features to its beta release. A discussion about the best jailbreak tweaks of 2015, including the methodology behind our picks.

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Flash jailbreak tweak updated with improved Ambient Light Sensor level adjustments

By Jeff Benjamin on Dec 28, 2015

Flash, the jailbreak tweak that uses the iPhone’s Ambient Light Sensor to display a shortcut to the LED flash, has been updated with a new preference panel. The 2015 jailbreak tweak of the year nominee now incorporates one of the suggestions from our review, and the result is a much better tweak overall.

This is a tool that allows you access to a quick flashlight shortcut on the Lock screen while in a dark environment. With the previous version of the tweak, the shortcut would appear at the slightest hint of darkness. With the update, users now have the option of adjusting the Light Level, making the tweak much less sensitive, which helps to reduce false positives. Read More


The best jailbreak tweaks of 2015

By Jeff Benjamin on Dec 28, 2015

Every year we do a post highlighting some of the best tweaks of the year, and 2015 is no different. While we didn’t see a ton of innovative tweaks like we have in years past, this year still saw plenty of good tweak releases. What tweaks made our must-download list of 2015? Have a look at the following post for the answer… Read More


Activator beta update adds sequence and action delay support

By Jeff Benjamin on Dec 28, 2015

Ryan Petrich has pushed out another update to the Activator beta. This latest release, which brings Activator up to version 1.9.8 beta 3, includes some interesting new features that will make fans of Activator happy.

First and foremost, the new Activator beta now allows users to specify the sequence of actions, and even establish delays in between each action. That means that, for example, you could set up an action sequence to Lock the screen after a specific amount of time elapsed. You can also schedule delays to occur between multiple actions.

There are other new features included with Activator 1.9.8 beta 3 as well, such as new Answer Call and Disconnect Call actions. Have a look at the full change log for all the deets. Read More


Tweaks of the week: everything’s free

By Sébastien Page on Dec 27, 2015

Understandably, it was a pretty slow week for jailbreak tweaks but one thing was consistent across the board: all tweaks released this week were free. So jump in and browse this week’s selection and tell us which ones are your favorites. Read More


How to queue ‘Up Next’ tracks in the stock Music app using 3D Touch [jailbreak]

By Jeff Benjamin on Dec 24, 2015

A promising new jailbreak tweak called Cabbage is now available for download on the Creatix beta repo. Cabbage is a tweak that allows you to use 3D Touch to queue tracks for Up Next playback in the stock Music app. It takes an action that normally takes two gestures, and simplifies it down to a single 3D Touch gesture. Read More


SafariBeBetter: subtle changes improve the Safari browsing experience

By Jeff Benjamin on Dec 24, 2015

SafariBeBetter might not be a tweak that’s big on grammar, but it provides a few subtle changes to the Safari browsing experience in an effort to improve things for the better. The changes won’t necessarily be changes that everyone will agree with, but I found the tweak to provide enough thoughtful enhancements to make it worth trying.

In all, SafariBeBetter enables three changes for the stock Safari browser. There’s the ability to Autohide bookmarks, show a complete web page URL, and change autohide settings for the address and navigation bars. Check out the rest of this post for a deeper explanation of what makes SafariBeBetter tick. Read More


How to disable Home screen rotation on the iPhone 6s Plus [jailbreak]

By Jeff Benjamin on Dec 24, 2015

I appreciate my iPhone 6s Plus’ ability to display the Home screen in landscape mode, but in practice I rarely use it or even want it. With a stock iPhone 6s Plus, there’s no way to prevent the Home screen from rotating without turning off rotation altogether. But a new jailbreak tweak called Nuus will allow you to isolate rotation locking to just the Home screen. Read More


Let’s Talk Jailbreak 139: iOS 9.2 jailbreak rumors

By Jeff Benjamin on Dec 23, 2015

Episode 139: Talk about the rumored upcoming iOS 9 jailbreak from TaiG, Surenix teases a new version of Auki, Springtomize 3 is updated, Seng comes out of beta, Ryan Petrich pushes a new version of Activator, GeoHot makes a big splash, and lots of new jailbreak tweaks are discussed.

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App Switcher jailbreak tweak shootout: Auxo 3 vs Lylac vs Tage vs Seng

By Jeff Benjamin on Dec 22, 2015

There is no shortage of App Switcher replacement tweaks available for jailbroken iOS devices. Four of the most popular ones: Seng, Auxo, Lylac, and Tage, have all been updated for iOS 9, and all work reasonably well enough to warrant comparing the four.

With so many App Switcher alternatives available, which one should you consider using? This is far from an exhaustive breakdown and deep comparison, but we provide you with a basic high level overview of what to expect. Read More


Seng 1.2 now available on Cydia

By Jeff Benjamin on Dec 21, 2015

Seng, the Auxo-inspired App Switcher replacement for jailbroken iOS devices, is now available for download on Cydia. The tweak has been in beta for the last few weeks, but today it is available to all jailbroken iOS 9 users.

We’ve already covered version 1.2 of Seng in depth via our hands-on video review, and we found a tweak that was well worth consideration. Better yet, if you already purchased the iOS 8 compatible version of Seng, the this latest iOS 9 compatible version can be had as a free update. Read More