Talk of Apple getting into TV space is premature

The holidays are a season when people believe in the impossible. But just as a fat man and a string of reindeer criss-crossing the globe overnight is a stretch of the imagination, so is the belief that Apple is about to get into the TV business. Like children wanting to believe, analysts have renewed speculation that the Cupertino firm is set to enter the fractious TV sector.

Not so fast, says one season observer. What some on Wall Street interpret as the “imminent launch” of an HD TV bearing the Apple logo likely is the iPhone maker simply exploring the cable television terrain ahead of a new product…

Analyst says Apple TV product is ‘imminent’

Apple TV talk has really died down over the past few months, but the rumors of the device have been pretty persistent over the past few years. Analysts and tech pundits continue to believe that we’ll see something in the not-so-distant future.

The latest testimony comes from Jefferies & Co. analyst James Kisner. In a note to investors this morning, Kisner said that after speaking with his industry contacts, he believes the launch of an Apple television product is “imminent…”

Media mogul Mark Cuban talks future of Apple TV

Mark Cuban, for those who haven’t heard of him, is a self-made billionaire. He owns the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theaters and Magnolia Pictures. Needless to say when he talks, people listen.

And recently, the media mogul had some things to say about what Apple’s next play in the TV industry should be. In short, he believes the Cupertino company would do well to make an integrated set-top box…

Apple’s next big thing is an intelligent remote? I should have been an analyst.

With the successful iPhone 5 launch now behind us and the rumored iPad mini introduction allegedly upon us later this month, the rumor-mill is no doubt busy thinking about Apple’s next big thing. The mythical Apple television set instantly springs to mind, dubbed by the media as the iTV. Not so fast. According to one analyst, an intelligent remote rather than a standalone HD TV set is up next for the Cupertino, California designer of shiny gadgets…

Studios see Amazon as Netflix alternative

Amazon, hot off of Thursday’s Kindle Fire HD announcement, is downplaying a report the Internet retailer is being courted by some studios to take on Netflix. Studios would love Amazon to spin-off the video-streaming portion of Amazon Prime, according to one report.

“Some content owners I’ve talked to say they like the idea so much that they’ll compel Jeff Bezos to do it whether he wants to or not,” reports All Things Digital’s Peter Kafka. However, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is playing hard-to-get…

Bloomberg says no new Apple TV products in 2012

Despite the lack of evidence, some pundits still maintain that an Apple television set is coming. In fact, just last month analyst Peter Misek told investors that an Apple HDTV was already in production.

There’s also been some recent chatter that the company’s working with cable companies on a set-top box. But according to a new report, we won’t be seeing any new TV products from Apple this year…

After speaking with Apple execs, analyst says no TV anytime soon

Even after The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is working with cable providers on a digital set-top box, iTV rumors have continued to swirl. It’s been that way for several months now, despite the fact that there’s zero evidence.

A majority of the speculation has come from analysts, who point to supply chain channel checks and other sources as proof Apple is preparing to enter the TV industry. But after speaking with the company’s top executives, this analyst says that an ATV set is very unlikely in the near future…

Foxconn now wants one-fifth of Sharp as iTV meme picks up steam

Funny thing how, after a period of inconsistent rumor mongering, all the pieces of an Apple branded television set rumor appear to be falling in place. First, the Wall Street Journal threw its credibility behind the iTV meme yesterday with a pair of stories describing a set-top box, likely a next-gen Apple TV, that could tap iCloud to store shows the instant they air and work with premium cable TV content.

Then earlier today we’ve learned via an analyst note that the iTV could be in production as we speak and that Apple is planning to offer both a standalone $1,250 HD TV set with AT&T‘s UVerse and Verizon’s FiOS contract and content deals, as well as a much cheaper and more advanced set-top box for Comcast customers.

And just as I explained the intricacies of a cool gesture recognition technology that iTV is thought to incorporate, a new report from Japan says Apple’s favorite contract manufacturer Foxconn is now asking to double its planned stake in Sharp to as much as twenty percent, up from the originally agreed 9.9 percent…

Here’s gesture recognition tech Apple probably licensed for iTV

Jefferies & Co’s Peter Misek wrote in today’s note to clients that production of the rumored Apple-branded HD TV is in full swing. While we suspect there would have been plenty of leaks ahead of manufacturing ramp up, a pair of The Wall Street Journal reports yesterday (here and here) did claim that Apple’s been working on a set-top box with cloud DVR features and the ability to retrieve premium cable TV content.

Whatever living room gizmo Apple may have in the works (or in manufacturing), it could rely heavily on hand gestures seen in sci-fi movies like Minority Report. In order to nail gesture recognition in 3D space, Apple allegedly licensed a technology from JDS Uniphase Corporation (JDSU).

Here’s what so special about it…

iPad mini and iTV in full production, analyst claims

Hot on the heels of a pair of reports by usually credible The Wall Street Journal asserting Apple’s been working on a set-top box with cloud DVR and premium cable TV content, an analyst wrote in a note to clients today that a rumored iPad mini and an Apple-branded television set are both in full production now.

Based on supply checks, the note calls for 25 million iPad mini units for the September quarter and an additional 30 million units for the December quarter, which would peg iPad mini shipments for the calendar 2012 at a cool 55 million units….

Apple’s new set-top box rumored to feature cloud DVR, social integration and more

Yesterday, a scoop from The Wall Street Journal sent shockwaves through the Apple community, claiming that the fruit company is now focused on building a cable receiver of sorts, rather than the long-rumored TV set.

Today, the publication added some new information to its initial report, offering up more details about the set-top box. It’s said to feature an iPad-like interface, and is designed to simplify the we access and view content…

Apple reportedly in talks with cable operators over set top box

Speculation regarding the mythical Apple TV set has quieted down in recent weeks. Apple has long been rumored to be working on a full-blown television, but the product has yet to materialize.

According to a new report, that may be because Apple’s TV plans have changed direction. The Wall Street Journal is claiming it has learned that the company is now working on a cable box…