Apple said to be working with Corning, Foxconn and others to build iTV

Apple is in the early stages of building its long-rumored television set, working with glassmaker Corning, Foxconn, G-Tech Optoelectronics, Foxconn, and Innolux, according to a new report out of Taiwan this morning.

Citing supply chain sources, the outlet says that the companies all met two weeks ago in the US to discuss the production of Apple’s so-called iTV. The set will come in 55″ and 60″ models, and be available early next year…

Apple could still be planning TV product announcement for this year

It seems that with all of the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPad 5 chatter over the last few months, that talk of a new Apple TV-related product has faded into the background. The last TV-related rumor we heard said it was going to be late 2014 before we saw anything.

But that may not be true, according to Apple insider MG Siegler. During an appearance on John Gruber’s Talk Show podcast this week, the Apple blogger-turned-VC commented that he’s heard some chatter of Apple making a significant push into television this fall…

NYT spells out Apple’s living room strategy

Apple’s plans for the living room have rested largely on the Apple TV the company’s leadership continues to call “a hobby project.” While there’s been talk that the tech giant could unveil its own television set, rumors of revamping the television experience have been greeted with industry concern and fruitless negotiations.

However, now comes word Apple wants to be friends with Time Warner, Disney and other content producers – and along the way improve some of the worst aspects of current television viewing.

One result of the partnerships is an upcoming Time Warner Cable Apple TV app that would turn Apple’s $99 set-top box into a channel guide for live and on-demand programming much superior to the clunky software now offered by the distributor…

Apple reportedly in talks with LG over 4K TV panels

With all of the recent chatter regarding the budget iPhone and so-called iWatch, it seems like the rumor mill has forgotten all about Apple’s plan to build a television set. Looking back, the last iTV report popped up back in May.

But that doesn’t mean the project is dead. In fact, according to this new report from DigiTimes, it’s very much alive. The controversial outlet claims that Apple is currently in talks with LG Display over large-sized 4K TV panels…

Is Apple’s magic wand ‘the simplest interface’ for iTV that Steve Jobs envisioned?

As Tim Cook & Co. continue “pulling the string” on the TV space, readers with a keen interest in Apple’s many patent applications are aware of a 2009 filing involving a wand remote of sorts that may include a motion detection component meant for the television interface.

Last June, the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) granted that patent. And just last month, another major wand-related patent surfaced in USPTO’s database that could be the magic required to make the TV experience “just work.”

It outlines a remote control containing fingerprint sensors, theoretically enabling identity and trust in order to authenticate viewers securely and deliver personalized content. It’s especially noteworthy in the context of the rumored fingerprint scanning thought to be the killer feature of the upcoming iPhone 5S…

Time Warner CEO says it’s discussing streaming video deals with Apple and others

This is kind of interesting. Speaking at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Telecom and Media conference today, Time Warner’s CEO Glenn Britt told investors that the cable company is in talks with a few tech giants, including Apple, over video streaming deals.

Britt says the deals are similar to the one Time Warner inked with Roku back in March, which allows subscribers to stream 300 cable channels to the Internet-connected set-top box. And his comments suggest we could see a comparable package land on the Apple TV…

Tim Cook talks iTV, iWatch, iOS 7 and more at D11 conference

Tim Cook just kicked off AllThingsD’s D11 conference with an on-stage interview with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. The conference has become a major event for Apple, with Steve Jobs attending several of them, and Cook now a returning veteran speaker.

And he didn’t disappoint. The CEO was surprisingly candid, answering all kinds of questions from what he thinks of Google Glass, to his thoughts on the state of the TV market. He even confirmed Jony Ive is working on iOS 7. We’ve got a full recap after the break…

Apple manufacturer Foxconn looks past iPhone, anticipates iTV orders

Hon Hai Precision Industry – better known in the Western world as Foxconn – is the world’s top manufacturer of consumer electronics. And with Apple products – the iPhone in particular – accounting for at least 40 percent of its revenue, the contract manufacturer’s fortunes are tied to Apple’s.

Needles to say, the company’s leadership never complained about relying on Apple so much as long as sales were growing substantially. But with Apple’s growth cooling off amid a broader sales lull affecting pricey high-end smartphones like the iPhone, Foxconn is now looking to lessen its exposure on the Apple smartphone and is apparently gearing up for a mass-scale production of an Apple-branded television set, the rumored iTV…

Study finds smart TV adoption growing rapidly, market ready for iTV?

Although we continue to hear reports regarding Apple’s work on a full-blown television set, pundits remain skeptical that the project will ever see the light of day. They say the margins are too small, and the demand for internet TVs is too weak for Apple to make a move.

But the latter part of that theory isn’t entirely accurate, according to a new report from media research firm TDG. Their studies show that Smart TV adoption is actually growing rapidly around the world, with 25% of broadband households now owning at least one set…

Analyst sees Apple television with ‘iRing’ motion controller and ‘mini iTV’ secondary screen

A rumored standalone television set from Apple dubbed iTV continues to be the subject of tremendous speculation, with one analyst recently citing supply chain checks allegedly pointing to a 4K Ultra HD set being built by Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn and slated for an early-2014 launch.

Another analyst now joins the conversation with some pretty wild predictions, also based on – you guessed right – checks with Apple’s suppliers. Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets told one publication Wednesday that after meeting with Apple’s Asian suppliers he now sees some pretty wild stuff in the pipeline.

Specifically, Cupertino will be launching an Apple-branded television set later this year, White says, along with a motion controller of sorts called iRing and a secondary display…

Rumor: iTV has Foxconn-made display, ships in early-2014

Earlier in the week, the somewhat reliable DigiTimes reported that Apple’s rumored standalone TV set could ship later this year with a 4K Ultra HD screen. Another report out from Asia has it that Apple’s contract manufacturer Hon Hai Precision Industry, better known as Foxconn, will supply high-resolution panels for the product.

Sources estimate Apple won’t start shipping its television set until next year at the earliest…