Canadian carrier Telus to discontinue some iPhone 5 Models on September 28

By Cody Lee on Sep 4, 2013

With Apple widely expected to unveil two new iPhones next week, folks have been wondering what’s going to happen to the current iPhone 5. Apple typically keeps previous models around to sell at a discount, but it may not have to with a lower-cost ’5C’ in the lineup.

In fact, some pundits believe that Apple is going to discontinue the iPhone 5 later this month. And today comes purported evidence of that theory, with a leaked carrier inventory screenshot showing multiple current-gen iPhones being discontinued on September 28… Read More


Mophie’s battery cases get playful color options

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 30, 2013

Mophie’s Helium series of battery-extending cases for Apple’s iPhone 5 are a no-brainer for power users who can’t get through their day on a single charge. The California-based accessory maker offers the Helium cases in three flavors: the 13 percent thinner standard-edition Juice Pack Helium with a 1,500mAh battery, the even thinner Juice Pack Air (just 0.63-inches thick) with a bigger 1,700mAh built-in battery and the latest Juice Pack Plus which rocks a 2,100 mAh battery, good for an additional ten hours of 3G/LTE talk time/web use.

And now, in time for Apple’s September 10 big reveal of the colorful iPhone 5S/5C, Mophie has introduced a burst of color options… Read More


Best Buy offers 50% off iPhone 5 for Labor Day

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 29, 2013

Next Monday is Labor Day, a national holiday in the United States, and the nation’s top electronics retailer Best Buy is hoping to counter Apple’s upcoming iPhone trade-in program by offering the iPhone 5 half price. That’s right, you can get a brand new 16 or 32GB iPhone 5 for at least half of its normal asking price, by trading-in your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S in good condition (no water damage or screen cracks).

Of course, you’re expected to commit your soul to AT&T, Verizon or Sprint for two more years. This is obviously becoming a thing for Best Buy: just two weeks ago, they were offering a $200 credit in exchange for your iPhone 4S in working condition… Read More


HiRise: iPhone’s new throne pedestal by Twelve South

By Jim Gresham on Aug 28, 2013

A couple weeks ago, we highlighted the launch of Twelve South’s newest accessory, the HiRise for iPhone 5 and iPad mini. I was able to finally get my hands on one and can report the excitement is worth the hype. For those new to the Twelve South scene, the company is a premium and Apple exclusive accessory maker, made famous for simple and elegant products like the iPhone SurfacePad, BookBook case, and BookArc.

Humbly setting a company goal to launch 12 Mac accessories each year, each new item is focused on design and function. Often, the elegance and intricacies of Twelve South products are found in the smallest of details, which often make the user experience even more enjoyable.

The HiRise for iPhone is no exception to the quality build and functional design of the product line. The HiRise for iMac or for MacBook Pro are popular items and the ported design easily conforms to iPhone 5 and iPad mini. With a small footprint, the newest HiRise is an excellent desktop companion… Read More


Gazelle locks iPhone trade-in prices through October 15

By Ed Sutherland on Aug 27, 2013

Are you thinking of upgrading to Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C, expected to be announced in early September? One handset trade-in firm is offering customers a guaranteed price on their current iPhones despite the usual drop in value following new product releases.

Gazelle said Monday it will lock-in pricing for iPhone trade-ins through Oct. 15, giving consumers time to wait until the iPhone 5S is announced before sending in their current smartphone… Read More


First hands-on video comparison of gold iPhone 5S/5C/5 casing emerges

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 26, 2013

You’ve seen the supposed photos of the upcoming iPhone 5S’s chassis and watched a video depicting the scratch-resistance of the plastic iPhone 5C. Now what? Well, how about the ultimate video hands-on showing off the rumored gold/champagne iPhone 5S and a blue iPhone 5C variant next to an iPhone 5?

Your prayers have been listened to: you’re in for a treat as one blogger has posted exactly such footage, and it’s been making the rounds this morning… Read More


Apple and Samsung responsible for 55 percent jump in mobile display profits

By Ed Sutherland on Aug 26, 2013

When Apple or Samsung score a win, leading the cheering section may be all the parts manufacturers building components for the popular smartphones. A case in point: mobile display manufacturers, who saw a 55 percent jump in profits between 2012 and 2013.

Increased demand for iPhone and Galaxy handsets meant revenue of $33.3 billion for the mobile display device industry in 2013, according to researcher NPD Display Search. The two handset makers are also driving demand for more complex mobile device technology, including AMOLED screens predominantly used on Samsung devices and TFT LCDs found on iOS devices… Read More


Gold iPhone could pave way for Apple riches

By Ed Sutherland on Aug 23, 2013

All the chatter over whether a gold (or champagne) iPhone would be a good move on Apple’s part has served to highlight a glaring gap in our global knowledge.

What started out last week as a report on the economic value of a golden iPhone, quickly morphed into suggestions that gold was a preferred color in China – even a ‘lucky’ color for consumers there. Now comes the coup de grâce of the color debate: a comparison of auto tints… Read More


New photos show alleged gold iPhone 5S next to black, white iPhone 5

By Cody Lee on Aug 22, 2013

Some new photos hit the web tonight, showing what is believed to be an iPhone 5S shell in a gold/champagne color next to black and white versions of the iPhone 5. If legitimate, the photos reaffirm recent speculation that Apple will offer its new handset in three colors.

Talk of a golden iPhone reached a fever pitch earlier this week, following a number of reports and corroborating part leaks. And while many have scoffed at the idea of Apple releasing such a gaudy-looking device, others believe that the champagne color will be a hit… Read More


Good deal: $15 off Lunatik’s Flak iPhone 5 case

By Cody Lee on Aug 19, 2013

Those of you in the market for a new case for your iPhone 5 may want to check out this promotion from Stack Social. The deal site is currently offering Lunatik’s Flak case for the handset at a nice discount.

The Flak is a dual-layer case with soft TPU material on the inside and a hard, polycarbonate shell on the out. And these two layers work together to create a thin jacket for your iPhone that’s easy to assemble… Read More


Popular ‘World of Goo’ game finally updated with iPhone 5 support

By Cody Lee on Aug 19, 2013

At the height of its popularity, World of Goo was one of the top games in the App Store. It’s won multiple ‘Game of the Year’ awards, and has seen success across multiple platforms. But unfortunately, the iOS version has been neglected for the past year.

When Apple increased the screen size on its iPhone and iPod touch to 4 inches last fall, most devs updated their apps right away to support the new resolution. But 2D Boy, the developer of World of Goo, didn’t and has ingnored the change up until—well, now… Read More


Old school gaming meets iPhone case

By Jim Gresham on Aug 17, 2013

When I think of an iPhone case, I primarily worry about protection, looks, construction material, and practicality. Typically, these would be the standards by which I grade a case for review, after using them for about a week’s time. Very rarely, if ever, do I worry about the level of fun my iPhone case can produce.

Call me a cynic, maybe a realist, but iPhone cases and fun do not typically mix. Sure, there are really cool and awesome cases out there that may invoke some sort of childish excitement by the user. However,  after running across the Retro Game Case lineup by Pure Gear, having fun may just be the new factor for favorite cases… Read More


128GB iPhone apparently surfaces in German retailer’s system

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 16, 2013

It was yesterday that the reliable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo called for a new iPhone model sporting a whopping 128 gigabytes of built-in storage – twice as much as today’s high-end 64GB iPhone 5 – and already a brand new SKU (Stock-Keeping Unit) reference has been spotted in a German retailer’s sales system.

Though we can’t vouch for the genuinity of the included screenshot, it looks legit seemingly depicting the retail system of Media Markt, a German chain of stores selling consumer electronics with numerous branches throughout Europe and Asia… Read More


Best Buy offering $200 iPhone trade-in through Sunday

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 15, 2013

The United States consumer electronics retailer Best Buy has launched another noteworthy iPhone trade-in promotion (all over again) which offers a minimum $200 credit in exchange for your iPhone 4S in working condition. Own an iPhone 4 instead? No problem, Best Buy will treat you to a $100 credit.

In both instances your Best Buy Gift Card credit is only good toward the purchase of an iPhone 5 with a two-year carrier agreement with Verizon Wireless, AT&T or Sprint. Now you can get rid off your iPhone 4/4S and get a brand spanking new entry-level 16GB iPhone 5 for zero bucks, normally a $199 value with a two-year contract… Read More


Gartner makes it official: smartphones are outselling dumb phones

By Ed Sutherland on Aug 14, 2013

Smartphones – once the preserve for geeky first adopters – are now the norm. You notice the change on the street, on television and now with such traditional research firms as Gartner. Sales of smartphones in the second quarter reached 51.8 percent, compared to an astounding 21 percent decline in feature phones, or dumb phones as they’re also called, according to the researcher. At the same time, the Asia/Pacific region marked the highest smartphone growth, reaching to 74 percent… Read More


Infographic: the iPhone supply and manufacturing chain

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 14, 2013

Because of its size, popularity and visibility, Apple is being increasingly scrutinized for outsourcing gadget assembly to Asian contract manufacturers.

Although Tim Cook has pledged to bring some of the manufacturing jobs back to the United States with the new ‘Made In USA’ Mac Pro, critics still slam the company for sourcing product components from Taiwanese vendors. Per usual, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

For example, while iPhone screens are made by Asian vendors, its cover glass is being manufactured in the US by Gorilla Glass in Kentucky. As for the chips, the engine that drives the iPhone is Apple’s in-house design, fabbed by Samsung in Austin, Texas.

I stumbled upon a very nice infographic that details the source of the many iPhone components, including the speakers, vibration motor, rear earth metals and more, jump past the fold to have a look… Read More


Analyst: iPhone 5C may exclude Siri, but will boost margins and attract new sales

By Ed Sutherland on Aug 13, 2013

For some time, Wall Street investors and Apple watchers have stressed the iPhone maker must adjust to more modest profit margins, as well as a worldwide reality where cheap Android smartphones enable competitors to attract price-conscious consumers. Now comes a voice saying Apple could have it all: a cheap handset, fatter margins and a larger international audience.

By attracting the prepaid market, Apple’s much-expected iPhone 5C will do all that by going after a huge pool of prepaid wireless customers that’s four times larger than the current U.S. subscribers. Meanwhile, another analysts believes he knows the cheaper iPhone will exclude some features, such as Siri… Read More


T-Mobile ending ‘no money down’ promotion for iPhone 4S,5

By Cody Lee on Aug 9, 2013

If you were planning to pickup an iPhone 4S or 5 on T-Mobile anytime soon, you better act fast. According to a new report, the carrier is ending its popular ‘$0 down’ promotion on the two handsets that it just started in late July.

The deal, which is said to be ending tomorrow for the aforementioned models, allowed new T-Mobile subscribers to purchase an iPhone with no downpayment, and monthly payments of around $25 until the phone was paid for… Read More


AT&T cuts Next pricing, iPhone 5 now $27 a month

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 9, 2013

AT&T’s new device upgrade program called Next has managed to enrage rival T-Mobile, which thinks the initiative is just plain “sneaky and underhanded.” The early upgrade program is indeed a bad deal for consumers so the nation’s second-largest telco has tweaked pricing earlier today, making a number of devices more affordable.

This includes Apple’s iPhone 5, which can be now had for $27 per month for the entry-level model with sixteen gigabytes of storage. That’s $5.50 per month cheaper compared to the previous $32.50 per month iPhone 5 pricing under AT&T’s Next.

Sticking it to Verizon, the new $27 per month tier is also a buck per year cheaper versus Verizon’s Edge plan… Read More


Cincinnati Bell landing the iPhone 5 on August 16

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 9, 2013

Another regional United States telco is about to land Apple’s iPhone 5 soon.

Cincinnati Bell, the leading wireless carrier in Cincinnati, Ohio, and its nearby suburbs in the U.S. states of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, will start offering the Apple smartphone next Friday, August 16, The Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper has confirmed.

Although the device will be priced a bit higher versus other prepaid carriers, the launch festivities are said to include a nice $100 trade-in promo. I’ve included the full details after the break… Read More

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