iPhone boosts T-Mobile sales, overtakes Android in Japan

By Ed Sutherland on Oct 1, 2013

The iPhone has fueled smartphone sales by Apple’s latest U.S. carrier partner, Deutsche Telekom-owned T-Mobile USA. In the three-month period ended in August, the service provider saw its share of domestic smartphone sales jump to 13.2 percent, up 1 percent.

According to a report released Monday, the carrier began in April attracting owners of feature phones upgrading to smartphones. Now, however, 56 percent of consumers buying an iPhone from T-Mobile are coming from another smartphone. Indeed, more than 38 percent of T-Mobile’s smartphone purchasers previously owned Android handsets… Read More


Pricier iPhone 5s’s popularity triple that of iPhone 5c

By Ed Sutherland on Sep 23, 2013

We’ve already heard field reports suggesting the iPhone 5s was outselling the colorful iPhone 5c. Now comes hard after the first weekend of sales for Apple’s two new iPhones. The new flagship 5s smartphone is more than three times as popular as the less expensive 5c, according to one analytics firm Monday.

While both of the handsets represent 1.36 of all activated iPhones in the US, the lion’s share goes to the iPhone 5s, with 1.05 percent of all Apple smartphones activated by the country’s top four wireless carriers. By contrast, the iPhone 5c is far behind in adoption, representing just 0.31 percent of activated US iPhones… Read More


Wallpapers of the week: parallax ready walls for iOS 7

By Jim Gresham on Sep 22, 2013

We are all settled with our new devices after a grueling week of long lines and iOS 7 upgrades. It was a big week for Apple fans the world over and next week will continue to excite as customers who ordered iPhone 5s electronically begin receiving units on Monday and Tuesday.

To prep for my reviews, I purchased a green 5c and silver 5s, of which the 5c arrived Friday. Although I had access to iOS 7 since WWDC, I opted to remain with an iPhone 5 iOS 6 JB until my new device arrived in the mail. Consequently, I have only been running iOS 7 for the past 24 hours through my new device. I must say, it is quite the shocking experience, but I am getting used to the new interface.

As the self proclaimed wallpaper guy for iDB, one of the new features I am very excited about is the parallax effect. Utilizing the iPhone’s accelerometer, gyroscope, and a little coding magic, the wallpaper appears to move behind the icons when tilting the device. To enhance the effect, applying a wallpaper slightly larger than the iPhone’s screen resolution is important. Step inside to download our first featured post with parallax ready images… Read More


Good deal: 50% off Spigen iPhone 5/5s case and GLAS.t bundle

By Cody Lee on Sep 22, 2013

Looking for a way to protect that shiny new iPhone 5s you just purchased? What about your iPhone 5? Either way, if the answer is yes, you should definitely check out this new Spigen promotional bundle from Stack Social.

For a limited time, the deal site is offering the Tough Armor Case, the GLAS.t SLIM—which we reviewed back in March, and loved—and the Ultra Crystal Screen Protector at a significant discount. More details after the fold… Read More


Loyalty: almost all iPhone 5s buyers apparently own an iPhone

By Ed Sutherland on Sep 20, 2013

Remember the days when Apple or Android hoped to snag a customer from the rival camp? You can file that dream alongside winning the Super Ball lottery, because nearly all of the people lined up Friday to buy one of Apple’s new iPhones already owns an iPhone.

According to one Apple observer, 90 percent of people lined up in New York, San Francisco and Minneapolis are upgrading from an older iPhone. The finding reflects both the loyalty of Apple users as well as a U.S. smartphone market where few consumers switch from one handset brand to another.

The 90 percent upgrade figure tops that of the iPhone 5, when 83 percent of those purchasing the handset in 2012 said they already owned an iPhone… Read More


As expected, the iPhone 5s is way faster than the iPhone 5

By Jeff Benjamin on Sep 20, 2013

We knew it would be faster, but there’s something to be said about running benchmarks and confirming it for yourself. That’s just what I did a few seconds ago. I fired up the new Geekbench 3, which now comes with 64-bit processor support I might mention, and compared the two devices head to head.

What I found wasn’t very surprising, given Apple has stated in its press materials that the 5s is two times faster than the incumbent both in terms of CPU and GPU speed. Check past the break for the full breakdown of the results. Read More


Ming-Chi Kuo projects 8M iPhone 5s/5c opening weekend sales

By Ed Sutherland on Sep 19, 2013

Despite worries Apple may be withholding pre-order figures on its new iPhones due to lower demand, one Wall Street observer says the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c could be a new sales record, topping last year’s iPhone 5 launch.

According to KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple probably will ship 6 to 8 million of the iPhones over the weekend, topping the iPhone 5 launch of 5 million units. The iPhone 5c will account for the majority of new iPhones sold between Friday and Monday… Read More


Untethered iOS 6.1.3/4 jailbreak shown off in video

By Cody Lee on Sep 18, 2013

If you’re on iOS 6.1.3/4 and do not plan on upgrading to iOS 7 today in the hopes that a jailbreak will soon be available, you’ll be happy to hear this. A primitive, albeit working, untethered jailbreak for the two firmwares has been caught on video.

Winocm, the lone hacker/developer who has been making a lot of noise on the jailbreak front in recent weeks, is responsible for the hack, which was posted on Reddit this morning. And while there’ss no ETA for a release yet, it’s a very good sign… Read More


iOS 7 GM brings camera burst mode to your iPhone

By Cody Lee on Sep 15, 2013

Among the many improvements Apple has made to the iPhone 5s is its redesigned rear camera. It seems like everything on the iSight shooter has been updated, from hardware to software—which includes new slow motion video and continuous burst modes.

And as it turns out, folks with the just-released Golden Master version of iOS 7 can play with the latter feature right now. Simply open up your Camera app, and when you go to take a photo, hold your finger down on the shutter to take continuous, rapid shots… Read More


Never lose your iPhone in the dark with glowing Slickwraps cases

By Jim Gresham on Sep 12, 2013

I find myself fumbling around in the dark looking for my iPhone, while trying not to wake my wife. Black iPhone, dark room, black side table are all my enemies when trying to get my late night Twitter fix. Not that Slickwraps designed a case to encourage bed time iPhone junkies, but I find the glowing aura of this case helpful in similar situations.

When I first offered to review the Slickwraps glow series case, I figured it was a novelty item that children might find in a $.25 grab machine at the local bowling alley. After using the case for more than a week, I am happily surprised to believe quite the opposite of my original impressions… Read More


iPhone 5s impresses in early graphics benchmarks

By Cody Lee on Sep 11, 2013

One of the big new features in the iPhone 5s is its A7 processor with ’64-bit desktop-class architecture.’ What these buzzwords essentially mean is that the thing is fast—Apple says the CPU is 40x faster and graphics are 56x faster than the original iPhone.

But that doesn’t really tell us much in the way of performance, does it? Luckily, an early graphics benchmark for the handset surfaced this morning that gives us a better idea of how the 5s will perform. And the results show significant gains over the iPhone 5… Read More


Apple discontinues the iPhone 5, 4s remains as free option

By Cody Lee on Sep 10, 2013

It looks like Ming-Chi Kuo was right. The KGI Securities analyst predicted, as did a few others, that Apple would be discontinuing the iPhone 5 alongside the launch of the iPhone 5s and 5c today. And they did.

It seems that the iPhone 5c, which starts at $99 on contract, has completely replaced the 5, and Apple will cease selling it after this month. Oddly enough, however the company is keeping the iPhone 4s around… Read More


Walmart launches smartphone trade-in, but you’ll have to wait until September 21

By Ed Sutherland on Sep 10, 2013

As everyone waits to learn what iPhones Apple will announce later today, the urge to trade-in current smartphones will surge. Hoping to take advantage of that last-minute push is Walmart, adding the world’s largest retailer to the list of firms offering deals on older iPhones and other used smartphones.

But is Walmart offering the best deal?

There are some differences which could make offers by smaller firms more attractive, starting with kick-off time… Read More


iPhone 5 running iOS 6.1.4 successfully jailbroken

By Cody Lee on Sep 7, 2013

Good news for the jailbreak community this afternoon, as developer winocm has announced that he has successfully jailbroken iOS 6.1.4 on his iPhone 5. This is the first time, that I know of, that the firmware has been publicly hacked.

Winocm has been very busy lately, announcing and demonstrating his jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3—which we went hands on with last week—and now this. His progress is good news for folks who lost their jailbreak upgrading past iOS 6.1.2… Read More


Four ways to sell your iPhone before upgrading to a newer model

By Lory Gil on Sep 7, 2013

Next Tuesday, Sept. 10, Apple is holding an event where, presumably, a new model of iPhone will be announced. While it may not be ready to hit store shelves immediately, it is likely that the next generation of iPhone will ship within the next following weeks.

If you are planning on upgrading, there are a few ways you can make a buck or two off of your current “gently used iPhone” to make the strain on your pocketbook a bit easier… Read More

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