iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S hacked using Safari exploit in Pwn2Own contest

Users of Apple’s iPhone and other iOS devices enjoy a fairly high level of security. In the past five years, the platform has only seen a handful of malware scares, and MIT says it recently crossed a “significant” threshold in security.

But all of that security couldn’t stop the iPhone 4S from getting hacked today at the Pwn2Own contest in Amsterdam. A group of Dutch security researchers gained remote access to the handset in seconds with a Safari exploit…

Toast’s wooden skins add life to your iPhone [review and giveaway]

Over my time blogging, I have only spotted a few wood or faux wood skins for iDevices, but have never had the opportunity to review one. Thanks to my new friends at Toast, I have been using their real bamboo iPhone skin for a little over a week and my completely custom skin is getting even better everyday I use it. With the iDownloadBlog logo darkly emblazoned on the pale wooden backdrop, my iPhone skin is the talk of the town…

Could the new iPod touch be the latest threat to point-and-shoot cameras?

First the iPhone turned the concept of mobile phones on its head, offering consumers apps as well as a dialtone. Soon, handsets became the go-to devices for taking snapshots. Now the iPod touch — a master at upending the market for music — is set to become your favorite point-and-shoot camera.

The new iPod Touch gains a 5-megapixel camera that also includes high-def images and Panoramic views. Now experts say the Touch has all the makings of a rival of the grab-and-go digital point-and-shoot camera. “I think this new Touch will appeal to many people both young and old, who are looking for a point and shoot camera that does more than just take photos,” writes Glyn Evans at the iPhoneography blog.

VonCase cages your iPhone in aircraft grade aluminum

At vonCase Designs, the team aspires to create an “exceptional iPhone case that is as unique as it is durable.” Utilizing American-made aircraft grade aluminum to craft complex designs with a hand-finished touch, vonCase enters with four eccentric iPhone cases that catch attention. Anodized for a permanent finish, the Variants, pop with vivid color and protect your precious device from drops and dings…

Everything you need to know about today’s iPhone 5 event

The iPhone 5 is finally here.

After Apple in 2011 unveiled the iPhone 4S — when everyone and his mother expected the iPhone 5 — the wizards of Cupertino introduced a smartphone for everyone. Want something smaller? Check. How about a big screen? Got you covered. Need power? No problem. Although this was the first post-Steve Jobs iPhone rollout, there was enough technology and geekitude on display today that even the Man in Black would have had a tough time fitting in just one more thing.

Most of the rumors about the iPhone were confirmed. The iPhone 5 sports a 4-inch (1136 x 640) display enclosed in an aluminum and glass shell. That larger display is becoming defacto on smartphones. Not to be outdone designwise by Android, Apple pushed suppliers to use an in-cell manufacturing technique that embeds the technology used in an edge-to-edge touchscreen, eliminating the need for a separate layer.

iOS 6 Panorama mode hands on

The iOS 6 GM dropped a little while ago, and with it comes the new Panorama camera mode touted during the iPhone 5 media event earlier today.

We were able to take Panorama mode for a spin on our iPhone 4S, and this is what we found.

16GB iPhone 4S now just $99, 8GB iPhone 4 is free, 3GS is a goner

As we expected, Apple introduced some new price points for its current iPhone lineup alongside the new iPhone 5. As we just reported, Apple’s new handset starts at the usual $199.

This has effectively pushed all of the previous iPhone models down a peg on Apple’s list of smartphone models. The 3GS is gone, and the iPhone 4 is now available for free…

Co-creator of Siri Adam Cheyer reportedly leaving Apple

As we all know, Siri, Apple’s now popular voice assistant, started out as a third-party iOS app. The story goes that Steve Jobs personally called up Siri co-founder Dag Kittlaus one day and made an offer to buy his work and team. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Shortly after the iPhone 4S launched, Kittlaus left Apple for personal reasons, but a majority of his team stayed on. Today, however, it’s being reported that Adam Cheyer, another co-founder and member of the Siri team, has also recently decided to leave the company…

How AT&T unlocked my under-contract iPhone 4S in two days

Last week we reported that AT&T was reportedly starting to unlock iPhones that were still under contract. Though they had been a few reports of this, we hadn’t been able to verify the information ourselves.

I decided to take the matter in my own hands and submitted a request to unlock my under-contract iPhone 4S via AT&T’s handy online form. I was a bit doubtful because I had previously asked AT&T if they could unlock this device for me, and at the time, they kindly declined, saying that they couldn’t because I was still under contract.

A couple days after filling out the request form, I received the following confirmation email from AT&T…

Turn your iPhone photos into real ones with the Impossible Instant Lab

Imagine being able to take a picture on your iPhone, and then quickly turn it into a Polaroid picture without having to connect the handset to a printer. Now stop imagining. Such a product exists. Well, sort of.

Introducing the new Impossible Instant Lab, a new Kickstarter project. It’s essentially a printer that can grab pictures from an iPhone and then quickly turn them into real photos. You have to see it to believe it…

Apple to launch Russian iTunes Store with tracks under $0.99

Apple is planning to open an iTunes store in Russia later this year or early 2013, a local business journal reports. The Russian iTunes Store could offer music cheaper than in the US. While licensing deals are still underway, the Cupertino, Calif. digital music giant is expected to unveil tracks costing under $0.99, the newspaper says.

The supposed deal could prop up flagging Russian sales of digital music. While physical music sales are in free-fall, even digital music purchases — which have been growing elsewhere — dropped by 40 percent to levels not seen since 2009. The chief reason: “a culture of copyright infringement,” according to music industry group IFPI. The nation’s leading music service is operated by vKontakte, which also offers file-sharing, according to the IFPI.