How to jailbreak iOS 6.0.1

By Jeff Benjamin on Nov 1, 2012

iOS 6.0.1 was just released a few minutes ago, but we’ve already confirmed it can be jailbroken right now using the existing jailbreak tools for iOS 6.

Although RedSn0w was recently updated to 0.9.15b3, the update doesn’t yet include support for iOS 6. That’s okay, because you can still point at the already supported iOS 6 firmware and successfully jailbreak iOS 6.0.1.

Check inside for the full video walkthrough that shows how. Read More


The ZOpro: a thin iPhone case with built-in charging cable

By Cody Lee on Oct 30, 2012

We all know the scenario. You’re away from home, with no charger, and your iPhone just alerted you that its battery is now down to a measly 10%. What do you do?

Well, if you had the new ZOpro case on your iPhone, you could use its integrated charger to breath life back into your handset. But wait, what’s a ZOpro case? Read More


Apple leaks: increasingly they are made in China

By Ed Sutherland on Oct 22, 2012

If there is one word that is often used to describe Apple it is “secretive.” The Cupertino, California firm is legendary for its corporate tight lips. Increasingly, however, there are few secrets left when it comes to Apple products. A number of insiders are blaming Apple’s extensive supply chain and companies outside the US.

“Apple’s security practices are targeted at making sure U.S. employees don’t leak stuff, but everything comes out of China now,” an unnamed employee of the iPhone maker told Ars Technica Monday. This inability to ensure suppliers outside the U.S. share the same regard for product secrecy has led Apple to tighten the screws on employees at home – sometimes with questionable results. Read More


FaceTime preview window now reflects aspect ratio of the caller’s device

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 21, 2012

In addition to the big ones in iOS 6 and a host of lesser-known but otherwise welcome enhancements, every now and then a small tweak surfaces, capturing our imagination and delighting us with simplicity. More often than not, these little nuggets clearly prove Apple remains as obsessed with agonizing over every little aspect of its products as it’s ever been. For example, the FaceTime preview window where a live video stream of the person you’re calling is displayed now indicates their device’s aspect ratio… Read More


How to jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 on Pre-A5 devices using backup and restore

By Jeff Benjamin on Oct 17, 2012

We’ve been stressing how many new features were packed into the new RedSn0w, and we weren’t kidding. Another under the radar feature that’s been added to the new RedSn0w is the ability to jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 untethered on Pre-A5 devices in A5 Non DFU style.

This is accomplished using the same method used for jailbreak tools like Absinthe, which utilizes backup and restore instead of the typical DFU ramdisk method. This is a great feature that speeds up the jailbreak process on Pre-A5 devices running iOS 5.1.1. Check inside as we give you a video demonstration and tutorial showing how it works. Read More


How to downgrade pre-A5 devices easily with RedSn0w

By Jeff Benjamin on Oct 15, 2012

RedSn0w 0.9.15b1 was a gargantuan update. In fact, we’re still trudging through all of the new features. One new addition that has us really excited is the new direct restore option for pre-A5 devices.

This new restore option allows you to downgrade your device without having to fool with host files, stitching, Pwned DFU, iTunes, or anything else that made downgrading so incredibly cumbersome in the past.

We’ve made a step-by-step tutorial that shows you how to use this new restore feature, along with getting by those pesky Mismatched APTicket errors. Check inside for the full tutorial. Read More


How to jailbreak iOS 6 with RedSn0w 0.9.15b1

By Jeff Benjamin on Oct 14, 2012

As we reported a couple of days ago, RedSn0w 0.9.15b1 is now available to jailbreak A4 devices and below running iOS 6. This latest version is a pretty massive update with a lengthy change log, but the most important aspect about the update is the ability to jailbreak iOS 6 and install Cydia.

Previous iOS 6 jailbreaks required users to install Cydia manually, but the latest public version of RedSn0w works just as you might expect it would. Take a look inside for our full tutorial. Read More


The iExpander puts your iPhone on steroids

By Cody Lee on Oct 13, 2012

Do you ever wish your iPhone had better battery life, or expandable storage? How about a brighter flash, so it could take better pictures in low-light situations? Well let me introduce you to the iExpander.

The iExpander is a case for your iPhone that, believe or not, does all of these things. It has a built-in battery, a micro SD card slot, and an enhanced flash. Like the title says, it’s like steroids for your iPhone… Read More


How to install Siri on iOS devices running iOS 6

By Jeff Benjamin on Oct 9, 2012

Would you like to use Siri on your old iPod touch 4th generation or iPhone 4 running iOS 6? The first thing you need to do is jailbreak your device, and then install Cydia.

Once you’ve jailbroken your device and installed Cydia, you can then add the necessary Cydia repo to install the package needed to configure Siri on these devices.

Check inside for our full tutorial. Read More


How to unlock the full iOS 6 Maps app on older devices

By Jeff Benjamin on Sep 28, 2012

iOS 6 Maps is stepped in controversy, but not everyone hates it, including yours truly. I’ve never personally experienced any navigation issues with the iOS 6 Maps app, and for me, it’s a huge upgrade over the stock Google Maps app of yesteryear.

One problem that I do have with iOS 6’s Maps, however, is how dumbed down the feature is on older devices. Devices like the iPhone 4 get left out when it comes to true turn-by-turn navigation and Flyover (3D) support.

As usual, the jailbreak community comes to the rescue with a new tweak that unlocks iOS 6 Maps on older devices. It’s appropriately titled: Unlock iOS 6 Maps, and it’s a free download on Cydia’s Big Boss repo. Take a look inside for a video walkthrough… Read More


Jonathan Mann wishes Siri a happy birthday

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 26, 2012

Musician and songwriter Jonathan Mann made a name for himself by writing a song a day and sharing it on YouTube. He’s been doing it for over a thousand days straight, every single day. The song-a-day man scored big with fans of Apple when he posted the amusing Antennasong on the eve of Apple’s hastily organized presser two years ago to deal with the aftermath of the iPhone 4 antenna debacle.

Steve Jobs even played that song to kick off the presser. And now, John’s back with a new song celebrating Siri’s first birthday, though nine days early. More clips right after the break… Read More


T-Mobile’s iPhone-friendly 42 Mbps HSPA+ coming to Las Vegas on Monday

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 21, 2012

T-Mobile USA, the nation’s fourth-largest carrier and the sole major U.S. telco without Apple’s iPhone, announced at the GigaOm Mobilize conference that it will be rolling out its iPhone-compatible HSPA+ network in Las Vegas on Monday, September 24, 2012.

The carrier’s HSPA+ network runs in the much more common 1900MHz spectrum, allowing unlocked iPhone owners to finally access the fastest 3G network in the country, T-Mobile’s dual-carrier HSPA+… Read More


iPhone 5 boot test vs iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

By Jeff Benjamin on Sep 21, 2012

We know the iPhone 5 is about two times faster than its predecessor, but how does it stack up toe the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S in a side-by-side-by-side bootup speed test?

Point and laugh at me as I struggle to turn all three devices on at the same time, and be surprised with how fast the iPhone 4S still is. The iPhone 4 is much slower, but the 4S is still no slouch, don’t you agree?


How to jailbreak iOS 6 and install Cydia

By Jeff Benjamin on Sep 19, 2012

iOS 6 was just released a while ago, and now we’re going to show you how to jailbreak it.

First of all, please note that this is a tethered jailbreak, and it only works with A4 devices like the iPhone 4.

Secondly, since there currently isn’t any jailbreak tool that will install Cydia just yet, we’re going to have to go about installing Cydia using a manual process.

Still game after all of those asterisks? Then come inside, as we show you how to jailbreak iOS 6 final… Read More


Toast’s wooden skins add life to your iPhone [review and giveaway]

By Jim Gresham on Sep 18, 2012

Over my time blogging, I have only spotted a few wood or faux wood skins for iDevices, but have never had the opportunity to review one. Thanks to my new friends at Toast, I have been using their real bamboo iPhone skin for a little over a week and my completely custom skin is getting even better everyday I use it. With the iDownloadBlog logo darkly emblazoned on the pale wooden backdrop, my iPhone skin is the talk of the town… Read More


It looks like Sprint isn’t going to carry the free iPhone 4

By Cody Lee on Sep 17, 2012

When Apple unveiled its new smartphone last week, it also announced some changes to its iPhone lineup. For starters, the 16GB iPhone 4S is going to drop to just $99 with a two year contract.

In addition, the company is also getting rid of the 3GS, making the iPhone 4 its $0 offering. But according to some new information, it doesn’t look like all providers are going to carry it… Read More


Everpurse: a handbag with a built-in iPhone charger

By Cody Lee on Sep 15, 2012

There’s tons of accessories on the market today that will bail you out in the event your iPhone dies while you’re on the go. There’s battery powered cases, chargers and more.

But we’re willing to bet that you’ve never seen an accessory like the Everpurse. The handbag attempts to combine tech with fashion, with a built-in iPhone 5 charger… Read More


VonCase cages your iPhone in aircraft grade aluminum

By Jim Gresham on Sep 15, 2012

At vonCase Designs, the team aspires to create an “exceptional iPhone case that is as unique as it is durable.” Utilizing American-made aircraft grade aluminum to craft complex designs with a hand-finished touch, vonCase enters with four eccentric iPhone cases that catch attention. Anodized for a permanent finish, the Variants, pop with vivid color and protect your precious device from drops and dings… Read More


RedSn0w updated with support for iOS 6 GM

By Cody Lee on Sep 13, 2012

Apple seeded the final beta of its new mobile operating system to developers yesterday, iOS 6 GM. The update included a new Panorama mode for the iPhone 4S, and the standard bug fixes.

And like clockwork, the Dev Team has posted a new version of RedSn0w to support the release. So for all of you folks out there with A4 devices running iOS 6 GM, you can now jailbreakRead More


16GB iPhone 4S now just $99, 8GB iPhone 4 is free, 3GS is a goner

By Cody Lee on Sep 12, 2012

As we expected, Apple introduced some new price points for its current iPhone lineup alongside the new iPhone 5. As we just reported, Apple’s new handset starts at the usual $199.

This has effectively pushed all of the previous iPhone models down a peg on Apple’s list of smartphone models. The 3GS is gone, and the iPhone 4 is now available for free… Read More

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