iPad 3

Turn your iPad into a hardcover book with eBook Jackets

Here’s another Kickstarter project that has made a name for itself by blowing past its funding goal. Out of Print’s eBook Jackets are essentially hard cover book cases for your iPad.

The cases are customizable, and comparatively inexpensive. So if you own an iPad, either second or third generation, and use it to read eBooks, you might want to check this out…

Apple gives $50 off refurbished new iPads

If you’re looking for a smashing deal on the new iPad, it probably doesn’t get better than that. Apple is currently selling refurbished new iPads at a $50 discount for the first time.

Starting at $449 for a 16GB Wi-Fi model, and going up to $779 for a 64GB cellular model, those refurbished iPads are just as good as brand new ones, well, except someone has owned them for a brief moment before you…

Apple rolls out new “All on iPad” commercial

Apple has posted a new TV commercial for the new iPad this evening. Entitled “All on iPad,” the spot is extremely similar to the “Do it All” ad that Apple started airing back in June.

Once again, the Retina display is the highlight of the commercial, as a narrator runs down several tasks one can do on Apple’s latest tablet including FaceTime calls and more…

Apple to roll out smaller dock connector to all iOS products this fall

We’ve been hearing that Apple was going to be changing the iPhone’s dock connector since February of this year. Not only has the change been confirmed by a number of news outlets, but we’ve seen several leaked next-gen iPhone parts with the smaller charging port.

Along with its new smartphone, Apple is also expected to be using the new port in its iPad mini, which is rumored to debut this fall. But apparently it’s not stopping there. iMore has learned that Apple is rolling out the smaller dock connector across its entire iOS line…

AT&T launches LTE in four new markets, expands in several others

Great news for those of you with AT&T-branded LTE iPads. The carrier has just announced new markets and expansions for its long term evolution network.

Folks in south Florida, parts of Maryland and Massachusetts will now be able to browse the web at lightning-fast 4G speeds. Keep reading for the full list of new areas…

Rumor: retooled iPad, iPad mini to closely follow new iPhone launch

Following up his bold predictions regarding the future of the iPod line, the often accurate Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has offered up his forecast for what will become of Apple’s tablet line as well.

The analyst agrees that Apple is going to unveil an all-new, smaller slate this fall. But he also believes that the new tablet will launch alongside a tweaked version of the current third-generation iPad…

Reuters takes an inside look at iPad smuggling in China

After nearly five months of cutting through red tap, Apple finally launched its third-generation iPad in mainland China today. To much surprise, the tablet made a quiet landing, with only a handful of shoppers in lines spotted around the country’s signature Apple Stores.

The lack of noise can probably be attributed to Apple’s pre-registration system. In an effort to avoid the chaotic scenes of previous product launches, the company restricted new iPad purchases to pre-order only. But it could also be because many fans already have the tablet…

Drop test: iPad vs. Nexus 7

Google unveiled the Nexus 7 last month to much fanfare. And although its price and screen size don’t really line up with the latest iPad, many reviewers are still using Apple’s tablet as a point of reference.

You’ve probably already seen all of the speed and performance comparisons between the two slates, but what about durability? That’s right it’s drop test time. Nexus 7 versus the iPad, round one, fight!

Apple using reservation system in China iPad launch to thwart scalpers

After months of waiting, Apple’s third-generation iPad is going to go on sale in mainland China tomorrow. But don’t expect overnight campouts or long lines. Word is that Apple has implemented a pre-register buying system to handle tomorrow’s tablets sales.

And you can’t blame them. Especially after what happened back in January at the iPhone 4S launch in Beijing. As you may recall, an Apple Store was forced to close down due to a mob of angry shoppers. But Apple has a plan this time to avoid the crowds…

Sprint officially launches its LTE network

Great news Sprint customers, your carrier has just officially joined the LTE party. As expected, the company flipped the switch on its next-generation network in 5 markets this weekend.

Believe it or not, this is actually Sprint’s second attempt at launching a 4G network. Back in 2008, the carrier took a gamble on WiMAX technology. But obviously, that didn’t quite work out…

BookBook Volume 2 is redefined for the new iPad

Reformation. Few companies can break their products down to the stitching and take an honest look at what works, and what doesn’t. Count Twelve South in with the fine, and few, Apple accessory companies mastering the feat of self evaluation and introspection. The new BookBook is the final result of personally positive criticism. After deconstructing the BookBook, Twelve South has redefined one of their most popular products.

A company dedicated solely to producing Apple accessories, Twelve South designs a limited number of new accessories per year to ensure perfection of each. With what little time they have after garnering worldwide acclaim in Kiplinger’s, Twelve South evaluates the capabilities of their existing products and strives to further enhance them…

AT&T LTE now in 47 markets, still way behind Verizon

AT&T has added LTE coverage to six new areas today, bringing its grand total of LTE-covered markets to 47. The carrier flipped the switch for its new 4G service in Buffalo, New York, Wichita, Kansas and more. Keep reading for a full list of the new markets…