Sprint officially launches its LTE network

By Cody Lee on Jul 16, 2012

Great news Sprint customers, your carrier has just officially joined the LTE party. As expected, the company flipped the switch on its next-generation network in 5 markets this weekend.

Believe it or not, this is actually Sprint’s second attempt at launching a 4G network. Back in 2008, the carrier took a gamble on WiMAX technology. But obviously, that didn’t quite work out… Read More


BookBook Volume 2 is redefined for the new iPad

By Jim Gresham on Jul 10, 2012

Reformation. Few companies can break their products down to the stitching and take an honest look at what works, and what doesn’t. Count Twelve South in with the fine, and few, Apple accessory companies mastering the feat of self evaluation and introspection. The new BookBook is the final result of personally positive criticism. After deconstructing the BookBook, Twelve South has redefined one of their most popular products.

A company dedicated solely to producing Apple accessories, Twelve South designs a limited number of new accessories per year to ensure perfection of each. With what little time they have after garnering worldwide acclaim in Kiplinger’s, Twelve South evaluates the capabilities of their existing products and strives to further enhance them… Read More


AT&T LTE now in 47 markets, still way behind Verizon

By Cody Lee on Jul 9, 2012

AT&T has added LTE coverage to six new areas today, bringing its grand total of LTE-covered markets to 47. The carrier flipped the switch for its new 4G service in Buffalo, New York, Wichita, Kansas and more. Keep reading for a full list of the new markets… Read More


Rumor: Apple tweaking iPad design to fix overheating issue

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 6, 2012

A pair of reports from Asia claim that Apple is looking to tweak the new iPad with a re-worked LED backlight and a revised battery. The new SKU is reportedly meant to address the overheating woes which blew up shortly following the launch, due to criticism by Consumer ReportsRead More


Apple reportedly looking to launch new iPad in China this month

By Cody Lee on Jul 6, 2012

Apple released its third-generation iPad in March of this year, and by most accounts it’s been wildly successful. The company sold nearly 12 million tablets last quarter. And thanks to its agressive international push, it’s expected to top that this time around.

There has been, however, one notable country left off the new iPad’s passport: China. Complicated government approval processes and a nasty trademark battle with Proview have kept the popular tablet out of Apple’s second largest consumer market.

But it looks like the wait is almost over… Read More


Google’s Nexus 7 beats iPad 3 on repairability

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 4, 2012

Despite being only one millimeter thicker, Google’s upcoming Nexus 7 slate is more repairable than the new iPad, a teardown analysis by iFixit has concluded. Its components are assembled using standard tools, unlike the new iPad’s innards which are glued together.

A simpler assembly makes servicing the Google tablet fairly easy with standard plastic opening tools that make “cracking the Nexus shell like cutting through butter”Read More


Apple gains ownership of iPad3.com without a fight

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 4, 2012

Wow, that was fast! Just a week following a complaint Apple lodged with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the original owner of the domain has transferred ownership to Apple’s legal team, reports The Next Web.

It’s interesting that the WIPO case was still filed as active at post time, meaning the organization hasn’t even reached an official ruling, which could indicate that Apple’s legal sharks scared the hell out of the domain owner. Who’s this guy, anyway? Read More


Apple to reportedly launch revamped third-gen iPad this summer

By Cody Lee on Jun 29, 2012

Yeah as far as crazy rumors go, this one could be among the craziest. A new report is out this morning claiming that Apple is set to release a revamped version of its third generation iPad this summer.

The difference between this tablet and the one that Apple released three months ago is that it’s supposedly going to be thinner, have better battery life, and its Retina display is going to be made by Sharp… Read More


Apple wants to own iPad3.com

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 29, 2012

With the “new” iPad, Apple stopped applying numerical suffixes to distinguish iPad iterrations, a practice many expect to continue with a sixth-generation iPhone (think “the new iPhone”).

The fact doesn’t stop the company from fighting to secure ownership of the attractive iPad3.com domain name. Looks like someone’s plans to pocket a little profit from serving a bunch of ads on a single homepage just got curbed by Cupertino… Read More


Study finds that new iPad costs just $1.36 per year to charge

By Cody Lee on Jun 22, 2012

Despite all of the praise it’s received for its Retina display and LTE-compatibility, the new iPad does have its caveats. For instance, it takes considerably longer to charge than both of its predecessors.

The reason for this is obviously because the new iPad has a bigger battery. But surprisingly, it’s still rather efficient. According to a new study, the tablet only costs $1.36 per year to charge… Read More


Verizon’s LTE network now available in over 300 markets

By Cody Lee on Jun 20, 2012

One of the most common questions we get asked regarding the third-generation iPad is, “which carrier should I go with?” Here in the US, the tablet is available on both AT&T and Verizon networks.

Depending on you’re location, we generally recommend the Verizon model. The carrier has had its LTE network up and running for nearly two years. And it’s now available in more than 300 markets… Read More


Apple starts airing new “Do It All” iPad commercial

By Cody Lee on Jun 18, 2012

Apple has started airing a new iPad commercial this evening entitled “Do It All.” As the name suggests, the ad gives examples of some of the many things you can do with the tablet.

The spot covers everything from sending an email to creating a presentation. And the commercial ends with the tagline “Do it all more beautifully, with the Retina display on iPad…” Read More


iOS 6: Clock app video walkthrough

By Jeff Benjamin on Jun 13, 2012

Finally, the iPad can lay claim to a Clock app of its own. That’s right, with iOS 6, comes a new Clock app built from the ground up with the iPad in mind. The first word that might come to your head after initially laying eyes on the Clock app is “beautiful”, as it’s accented with a level of detail that Apple is famous for.

Included with the Clock app is a world clock capable of storing up to 24 different locations, along with the obligatory alarm, stop watch, and timer functions. Check out our full video walkthrough of the new Clock app for all of the details. Be sure to comment and let us know what you think about it.


Turn-by-turn navigation and Flyover in iOS 6 Maps is limited to iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or later

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 12, 2012

Apple really stick it to Google with jaw-dropping 3D Maps and full turn-by-turn navigation in iOS 6. However, those headline features won’t be supported on hardware released prior to 2011. In other words, you’ll need at least A5-enabled iOS devices to enjoy Flyovers and turn-by-turn navigation.

This means either the latest iPhone 4S model or the second- or third-generation iPad. So, did Apple just pull a Siri, all over again? Read More

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