LaMetric is a real-time smart ticker that pairs with iPhone to display useful information

By Joe Rossignol on Jun 18, 2014

Smart Atoms has launched a Kickstarter campaign for an interesting new product called LaMetric, a real-time smart ticker that displays notifications and other metrics and even lets you respond to them. The customizable smart ticker is ideal for life at home and in the office, with multipurpose functionality and a sleek, modern design. Check it out… Read More


IFTTT now plays nice with iPad, offers iOS Notification Center integration

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 3, 2014

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a powerful web automation services that lets you create complex rules called recipes to automatically perform actions when certain values change or criteria are met.

For instance, I use an IFTTT recipe which automatically changes my profile pic on Twitter and other social networks whenever my Facebook profile image changes. Used it wisely and IFTTT can save you from repetitive task.

And beacuse I’m not an animal, I’ve grown to like IFTTT a lot and depend on it. In its latest version 2.0 update that surfaced on the App Store earlier today, IFTTT now plays nice with iPads while introducing new triggers and Recipe collections, including the tremendously useful iOS Notification Center one!

Hit the break for the full reveal… Read More


IFTTT can now trigger actions based on your location

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 12, 2013

The increasingly popular iPhone automation app, IFTT, (stands for IF This Then That) has received a notable little update today which enables iOS Location Recipes, allowing you to build recipes that trigger various actions based on your device’s GPS location.

The new iOS Location channel was created to allow apps and websites to use information from cellular, Wi-Fi and GPS networks, in addition to iBeacons, to determine your approximate location. This opens up some interesting and really useful possibilities.

For instance, you could program IFTTT to turn off lights when you get home, via the built-in support for the Philips Hue smart light bulb. Or, why not automate social announcements when you’re at a not-to-be-missed party? And how about simply notifying your family about your whereabouts as you move about the day? Read More


IFTTT can now add photos to iOS Camera roll, create new to-dos in Reminders

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 6, 2013

If you’re not familiar with IFTTT (an acronym for ‘IF This Then That’), this tremendously powerful app permits you to create time-saving service meshups to automate common tasks.

For example, you could tell IFTTT to update your all social media profile photos when your Facebook profile pic changes. Or, you can even create a Recipe to receive SMS notifications when iDownloadBlog publishes an article, for example.

IFTTT has been around since 2010, but only released an iPhone app back in July. The software has since seen several maintenance updates and today the team issued a new version which brings the ability to add photos directly to your iPhone Camera roll, create new to-dos in the stock Reminders app and more… Read More


How to receive SMS notifications when iDownloadBlog publishes an article

By Lory Gil on Sep 28, 2013

We have some pretty diehard fans. Quite a few of our readers boast about not being able to go to work until reading our news and jailbreak articles. Some have even mentioned adding our RSS feed to their SMS notification through IFTTT.

For those that don’t already know how to use the trigger-and-action service, we have a quick tutorial for creating an IFTTT recipe from both the website and the iOS app. This will allow you to receive SMS notifications every time an article is published on iDB… Read More


IFTTT brings its powerful automation service to the iPhone

By Cody Lee on Jul 11, 2013

IFTTT has been around for a while now—since 2010. The acronym stands for ‘If This Then That,’ which does a great job of summarizing what it does: allows users to create automation Recipes for various services using a Trigger (this) and an Action (that).

Services like Instagram and Dropbox are known as ‘Channels,’ and there are different Triggers and Actions associated with each. It’s a cool idea, but the only way to set up these Recipes through IFTTT was via a web browser. That, however, changes today… Read More


How to copy all your Instagrams to Flickr

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 29, 2012

Instagram’s exploding popularity is having long-time iPhoneography buffs pay notice and watch in horror as mainstream users cannot get enough of its crappy filters and the obscenely low 612×612 pixel resolution. And with Facebook and Android now in the picture, no wonder some early adopters go to the extremes of closing their account while others, like Apple’s marketing honcho, stopped using Instagram for it “jumped the shark”.

To the most ardent fans, the last straw was Instagram’s confusing handling of the recent terms of service changes - even if it was much ado about nothing.

If you’ve been seriously contemplating importing your Instagrams over to Flickr but were put off by the tedious manual uploads – worry not, turns out there are a few ways to get that job done without too much fuss. iDB has you covered with this quick guide to bringing in all your Instagram photos to Flickr with just a few clicks… Read More