Motorola cunningly launches tool to migrate iCloud contacts and calendars to Google

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 18, 2013

After an appeals court last month lifted the injunction which has prevented Apple from offering push notifications for iCloud email in Germany, the handset maker Motorola (now owned by Google) wasted no time and was quick to post an interesting iCloud migration tool in the hope of appeasing to iPhone owners who may be switching to a Moto X flagship.

The handy web-based application is part of the Moto X customization tool called Moto Maker.

It’s designed to allow for easy migration of your iCloud contacts and calendars to a Google account. As Android is deeply integrated with Google’s services, authorizing an Android device to use a Google account automatically makes underlying calendars, contacts and other data readily available… Read More


Apple’s environment lady discusses greener iCloud and Apple Earth

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 16, 2013

In his efforts to help Apple’s stalling green initiatives hit the ground running, CEO Tim Cook looked for some outside help and in May hired Lisa Jackson. Formerly the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Jackson is charged with overseeing iCloud data centers and Apple’s other environmental projects and reports directly to Cook.

Speaking earlier today at the sustainability conference VERGE in San Francisco, she noted that “Tim Cook didn’t hire Lisa Jackson to be quiet and keep the status quo” and shared a few updates concerning Apple’s clean energy strides.

Plus, she detailed what the company’s been doing to upgrade its dirty iCloud data centers to cleaner and renewable energy sources. I have the full breakdown for you right after the break… Read More


iCloud push email reinstated in Germany

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 2, 2013

After a German appeals court a month ago lifted the injunction which prevented Apple from offering push notifications for its iCloud email service, owners of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices in the country can finally again enjoy push notifications for incoming iCloud email messages. The feature has been disabled for German users for about 19 months after it had to be shut down following a legal wrangling with Motorola over patents. Read More


Former MobileMe members lose 20GB free storage, here’s what to know

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 1, 2013

Apple gave former MobileMe members a complimentary twenty gigabytes of free cloud storage upgrade after moving to iCloud between October 12, 2011 and August 1, 2012. The company’s been sending email notices ahead of the cut-off deadline a few times now.

Unfortunately, today marks the day when your complimentary storage expires. Yours truly used to be a paid MobileMe member and today my iCloud storage got automatically adjusted to the free entry-level 5GB iCloud tier. Here’s what you need to know about the change and how to avoid service interruption… Read More


Apple’s iCloud status page now monitors iOS Device Activation servers

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 26, 2013

This summer, Apple’s device activation servers folded under heavy load (or perhaps server issues unbeknown to us) in at least two instances, first in July and again in the following month. It’s not a problem until it’s a problem – there’s nothing worse than wiping your device clean or restoring it from a backup only to be greeted with the dreaded “Your iPhone could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable” message.

At that point, there’s nothing one can do but wait until iTunes activation servers come back online, which can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours – even days in extreme circumstances. To help avoid loss of productivity due to bricked devices, Apple has now added a new iOS Device Activation entry to its iCloud status web page… Read More


Apple pulls ATV 6.0 update following user complaints

By Cody Lee on Sep 22, 2013

I was met with disappointment yesterday, when I turned on my Apple TV to download and install the new 6.0 update. The set-top box, which is still running ATV software version 5.3, told me that my firmware was already up-to-date.

And apparently, I’m not the only one experiencing this issue. I guess in addition to support for iTunes Radio, AirPlay from iCloud, and iTunes music purchases, the software also included several bugs. Because Apple just pulled it… Read More


Apple TV 6.0 is out: iTunes Radio, AirPlay from iCloud, iTunes music purchases, more

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 20, 2013

Following today’s launch of the new iPhone 5s/5c and Wednesday’s public release of iOS 7, Apple on Friday issued a major new software update to its “hobby project,” the $99 Apple TV streaming set-top box. The company’s been testing a companion Apple TV update since announcing iOS 7 at June’s WWDC.

We previously caught glimpses of some of the new features such as AirPlay enhancementsautomatic device configuration over Bluetooth, custom subtitles and Conference Room Mode for presenters. All of these goodies – and then some – are now readily available to Apple TV owners.

Go past the fold for the full details on iCloud Photos and Videos, iTunes Music Store purchases, Podcasts, AirPlay from iCloud and other Apple TV enhancements… Read More


Apple officially launches iOS 7-inspired

By Cody Lee on Sep 17, 2013

On the eve of the official launch of iOS 7, Apple has rolled out a new version of to the public. The redesign, which has been in beta for several months now, brings new icons and other elements inspired by tomorrow’s update.

Additionally, every web app has been rebuilt to match its mobile counterpart, including Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Reminders and Find My iPhone. And the wallpaper now mirrors the dynamic, slow-moving wallpaper in iOS 7 as well… Read More


Apple removes iCloud Keychain from iOS 7 GM, here’s why

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 11, 2013

Yesterday, Apple seeded its registered iOS developers with a so-called Gold Master version of iOS 7, which is essentially the same version owners of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices will be getting come September 18.

Unfortunately, it seems the company has quietly pulled the useful iCloud Keychain feature from the GM build. The company did not provide an explanation as to why exactly the feature got yanked.

For what it’s worth, it’s entirely possible the company leadership didn’t feel confident enough to declare iCloud Keychain ready for prime time. We have another theory… Read More


What to do when there is not enough iCloud storage to backup your iPhone

By Lory Gil on Aug 28, 2013

Apple gives you 5GB of free iCloud storage, which can quickly add up when you are syncing photos, videos, and documents, and even more so when you are sharing multiple devices with your iCloud account.

Those of you who sync their devices with iCloud have probably seen the following message: “Not Enough Storage: This iPhone cannot be backed up because there is not enough iCloud storage available. You can manage your storage in Settings.

If you find yourself overfilled with data and cannot backup to iCloud, we have a simple tutorial to help you reduce the size of your storage… Read More


Apple now limiting access to iWork for iCloud Beta due to high demand

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 26, 2013

This past weekend Apple launched iWork for iCloud Beta to developers and non-developers alike, who could check out the suite as long as they had a valid Apple ID account set up to use iCloud on iOS devices. The web apps have reportedly garnered lots of interest, so much so that the company on Monday was forced to limit access to iWork for iCloud.

In other words, Apple’s online productivity suite has already become too popular, even though it’s currently in beta. Attempting to sign up for the service yields an error prompt with the message saying, “We’ve had an overwhelming response” to iWork for iCloud apps… Read More


Apple opens iWork for iCloud Beta to everyone

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 23, 2013

Previously available only to Apple’s registered developers and and later on to some select users, Apple has today decided to open iWork for iCloud web apps to everyone ahead of its September 10 keynote. That’s right, you can now log in to the web interface at using your existing Apple ID, regardless of whether you are a developer or a regular user.

The service provides Apple’s suite of iWork apps – Pages, Keynote and Numbers – that run in any standard web browser such as Apple’s Safari, Google’s Chrome and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and support editing functionality… Read More


Multiple iCloud services are down, all over again

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 22, 2013

In what’s quickly becoming a worrisome pattern for Apple, a number of iCloud services are down as of this morning. The iMessage system is acting up (all over again), as are Photo Streams, Documents in the Cloud, Backup services and iPhoto Journals, according to Apple’s iCloud Status Page.

The downtime started at around 12:30am Eastern / 9:30pm Pacific. None of the services have been restored as of post time.

As things stand now, the affected users have been unable to access the aforementioned services for more than ten straight hours. Fortunately, only a small percentage of users appear to have been affected by Apple’s ongoing cloud woes… Read More


iCloud Beta revamped with iOS 7 style design, here’s your gallery

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 14, 2013

Apple’s streamlining, redesigning and flattening efforts go beyond iOS 7 or Jonny Ive’s title. Today, the company has issued a major revamp to its Beta website. The enhanced experience focuses on an all-new yet familiar look which takes more than a few clues from iOS 7, to put it mildly.

But rather than draw snippets of inspiration from the forthcoming iOS 7 refresh, Apple has taken it upon itself to actually recreate the complete iOS 7 look and feel, right in your web browser and down to the flattened icons, minimalistic look and light fonts.

I’ve taken a bunch of screenshots so do check out the full gallery right below… Read More


Apple rolls out Movies in the Cloud to Japan, Italy and more

By Cody Lee on Aug 8, 2013

Apple has rolled out movie support for its iTunes in the Cloud service to a number of new countries this morning. The list features Japan and seven additional European countries including Italy, Lithuania, Austria and Spain.

For those unfamiliar with the service, it allows you to stream and re-download previously purchased iTunes content on all of your registered iOS devices. It’s available for all content, but today’s rollout is restricted to movies… Read More


Microsoft lures iCloud users with 15GB free SkyDrive storage upgrade

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 7, 2013

Oh Microsoft, you’re so cunning. Taking advantage of the impending iCloud storage downgrade, the Windows maker has tweeted out a tempting offer meant to promote its SkyDrive cloud storage service whilst luring customers away from Apple’s iCloud.

If you are a former MobileMe member and have received an email from Apple announcing your complimentary iCloud storage is expiring soon, just forward it to to claim your fifteen gigabytes of SkyDrive storage, free for a year.

You should take advantage of the promo because Microsoft otherwise sells an additional twenty gigabytes of SkyDrive storage for ten bucks a year so that’s nearly ten bucks saved right off the bat… Read More


Apple warns ex MobileMe users of September 30 iCloud storage downgrade

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 1, 2013

Apple’s troubled MobileMe online services suite was officially shut down on this day a year ago. Following the iCloud announcement back in the summer of 2011, Apple originally told MobileMe users they could keep their current storage, in addition to the five free gigabytes of iCloud storage to help with the transition.

As the August 1, 2012 deadline was approaching, Apple had changed its mind and extended MobileMe users’ complimentary iCloud storage upgrade to another year. As that plan is now set to expire on September 30, the iPhone maker has started emailing former MobileMe account holders to inform them of the impending iCloud storage downgrade… Read More


Apple opens up iWork for iCloud beta to non developers

By Cody Lee on Jul 18, 2013

During its June WWDC keynote, Apple introduced a new version of its popular productivity suite called iWork for iCloud. Just as the name suggests, the offering brings Apple’s iWork apps—Keynote, Numbers, and Pages—to your browser.

For a while now, developers have had access to iWork for iCloud through Apple’s beta iCloud portal. But today, the company has reportedly begun inviting non-developer users to join in on the fun by giving them access to the software… Read More


Massive outage affects one in three iMessage users

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 9, 2013

We thought Apple by now has figured its customers have come to expect better than this, but here we go again: in a massive outage earlier today, the company’s messaging service for iOS and Mac devices went offline for nearly one-third of its installed user base, by Apple’s own admission.

Now, I know iCloud now has more than 300 million accounts (Tim Cook labeled it “the fastest growing cloud service ever” at WWDC last month). Likewise, I’m aware that with 800 billion iMessages sent and more than 7.5 trillion push notifications received, Apple no doubt has the scale and computing power to drive iMessage.

But something seems to be amiss here. The more I think of it, the more I tend to be bothered by the frequency and sheer reach of these outages. At the very least, I’m beginning to question Apple’s ability to cope with such an exponential growth of its cloud service… Read More


Apple dogfooding iWork for iCloud Beta to all employees

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 26, 2013

Along with a host of iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks announcements, Apple spent some air time during its WWDC 2013 keynote talking about the much-improved cloud component of its iWork productivity suite for Macs and iDevices.

iWork for iCloud, as it is called, for the first time provides rich Pages, Keynote and Numbers web apps that run smoothly in a web browser like Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer, much like Google’s Docs suite.

After making iWork for iCloud Beta available to its registered developers via the web page, the company has just started dogfooding the software to all its employees… Read More