Apple Awaits Major Court Decision That Could Ban HTC Phones in the US

By Cody Lee on Dec 5, 2011

Although Apple’s patent war with Samsung has received a lot of media attention over the last few months, its battle with HTC has been just as fierce. In fact, it was HTC’s multi-touch-enabled handset that first sent Steve Jobs through the roof last year.

As with Samsung, Apple has taken HTC on in dozens of courtrooms around the globe. But perhaps none of them are more important than the case going on in the United States right now. Its outcome could have huge ramifications for both companies… Read More


Who’s Suing Who in the Mobile Industry [Infographic]

By Cody Lee on Aug 20, 2011

Here at iDB we’ve covered a lot of lawsuits involving Apple and their hit line of iDevices. Most, if not all, of the litigation has involved patents. You know, those little pieces of paper that tie an invention to its inventors.

In fact, these patents have practically turned into weapons in the warzone that is now the mobile industry. It seems like everyone is suing everyone — it’s hard to keep up. Luckily, the folks over at Reuters have made a chart to help us out… Read More


HTC Sues Apple Over Basically Everything

By Alex Heath on Aug 18, 2011

When will the patent cold war ever end? That’s the question we keep asking ourselves. In the latest patent battle, HTC is taking on Apple for infringing on.. well, basically everything.

HTC wants an injunction for blocking sales of Apple devices, and the Android-friendly handset maker is also suing for damages. Looks like someone is trying to tap into Apple’s Fort KnoxRead More


Apple Looking to Kick HTC Out of Smartphone Business

By Alex Heath on Jul 14, 2011

Apple is looking to block sales of HTC smartphones in the US. Like the ongoing copycat lawsuit with Samsung, Apple claims that HTC infringes on several of its iPhone patents.

HTC has seen impressive growth in the last year, and the company is responsible for many of the most popular Android devices on the market right now. Apple feels that HTC owes a little respect (and by “respect” we mean money) for the allegedly infringed patents… Read More

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