Guided Access

How to restrict things your kids can do within apps with Guided Access

With a super useful feature called Guided Access, an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can be put into so-called kiosk mode that temporarily restricts the device to a single app. It’s the ultimate iPhone and iPad lockdown feature, and it’s already built-in.

This tutorial discusses using Guided Access to control which app features are available to your children, what they can touch and interact with inside an app.

We’ll also detail other Guided Access capabilities allowing parents to shut down sensors, turn the hardware buttons off, disable areas of the screen where an accidental gesture might cause a distraction and more.

iOS 6: Guided Access

Guided Access is a new feature found in iOS 6, and enabled on iOS 6 beta 2, which allows you to enable a “kiosk mode” on your iDevice. This can be handy for users who use the iPads or iPhones as retail assistants, in stores, in restaurants, as menus, etc.

To enable Guided Access mode, simply head to the Settings app > General > Accessibility, and locate Guided Access under the Learning section. Once enabled, head to your app of choice, and triple tap the Home button to engage Guided Access mode. You will be required to enter a passcode for Guided Access to prevent end-users from aborting the app.

You also have the ability to restrict access to certain portions of the screen, the whole screen, and/or disable the motion controls within the app. Chances are you won’t be using Guided Access in your personal day-to-day life, but this can be a great tool for businesses. What do you think?