How to use iOS 12 virtual keyboard in trackpad mode on iPhones without 3D Touch

If you have an older iPhone, you’ll love iOS 12. Not only does it make launching apps, getting to the Lock screen camera and performing other operations noticeably faster than before, it also lets you position the cursor and select text with precision using keyboard trackpad mode on iPhones without 3D Touch. Here’s how to use this time-saving feature right now.

How to switch between Dark and Light Mode specifically for emails in Mail on macOS Mojave

Apple’s Mail app in macOS Mojave brings its own Dark Mode that can be set separately of the rest of the system. While Mail’s Dark Mode makes reading text-only emails difficult, the good news is that you can set your Mac to Dark Mode, but leave Mail in Light Mode for maximum legibility. In this step-by-step tutorial, you’re going to learn how to alternate your Mail app between Light and Dark mode at will.

How to hide recent Mac apps in the Dock on macOS Mojave

In macOS Mojave, you can access your most recently-used apps via a new section nested between the app icons on the left side and the rightmost section that shows the Trash icon along with files and folders you’ve manually dragged there. Here’s how to turn off this new feature in order to reduce clutter on the desktop and make your Dock roomier.

How to view EXIF image metadata in the Finder’s new Gallery view on macOS Mojave

The important Finder improvements in macOS Mojave include a brand-new Gallery view with big previews that make working with files easier. And as the Preview pane now displays all file metadata, you are able to find a specific image by confirming EXIF data like the camera model, aperture, location, exposure and more—right from the Finder, and here’s how.