CES 2015: Griffin unveils reversible USB Lightning cable since Apple hasn’t

By Jake Smith on Jan 8, 2015

With CES 2015 winding down, accessory maker Griffin has unveiled a $29.99 Lightning cable with a reversible USB connector, allowing users to plug in the USB portion of the connector on either side. Read More


The MOTO TC is a fun iPhone controlled rally race car

By Jim Gresham on Oct 6, 2014

If you are ready to hit the pavement, I suggest grabbing the Griffin MOTO TC Rally iPhone controlled toy car. That’s right, no additional hardware is required, just your iPhone and the Bluetooth 4.0 controlled race car. As a child, teenager, and even as an adult, one of the biggest rushes in the toy world is remote controlling a toy car. Growing up, I used to make race tracks in the pine needles behind my parent’s house. Not much has changed.

Bringing my childhood excitement in line with the 21st century, the MOTO TC is not only iPhone controlled, but also utilizes virtual damage control, weapon systems, and can monitor lap times. It is essentially like playing a console racing game, but with actual hardware. Read More


CES 2014: Griffin unveils wireless PowerMate, new KaZoo gadgets, StudioConnect HD and more

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 6, 2014

Our coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 continues with a slew of new product announcements by the accessory maker Griffin. The company has shown off a wireless variant of its iconic PowerMate knob, the first-ever iPhone protective case with storage for Square’s credit card reader, a multitrack version of the StudioConnect iPad music box and a brand new line of iPad protective cases, including a Papernomad iPad Air case, to name a few.

The Nashville, Tennessee based company has expanded its Kazoo-branded lineup with a matching iPad mini case, a stylus and a wall charger featuring fun animal graphics. There are also new app-controlled car and helicopter toys to check out, along with a range of iDevice cases in a variety of bold prints and colors to accent any style.

The monster breakdown is right below the fold… Read More


Griffin introduces new iOS-controlled ‘Moto TC Rally’ car

By Cody Lee on Nov 8, 2013

Folks in the market for a new remote control car that you can control with an iOS device should check out Griffin’s new ‘Moto TC Rally’ offering. It’s half the price of the recently released Anki Drive kit and uses Bluetooth 4.0.

The fact that it uses Bluetooth 4.0 is huge for a few reasons. In addition to requiring almost no power, this means that you won’t be restricted to line-of-sight, nor will you have to attach a bulky controller pack to your device… Read More


Griffin unveils new MultiDock capable of syncing and charging up to 10 devices

By Cody Lee on Sep 6, 2013

Developers, teachers, and essentially anyone else with multiple USB devices will be happy to hear that Griffin has just unveiled a new version of its MultiDock. The redesigned charging station looks great, and can charge and sync up to 10 devices at once.

Griffin says that it collaborated with former Apple designer Thomas Meyerhoffer to build the second-generation MultiDock, which is both lighter and more attractive than its predecessor. It’s also now compatible with several smartphone and tablet models… Read More


Griffin’s multi-device charging station now shipping

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 16, 2013

The accessory maker Griffin at this year’s CES in January 2013 took the wraps off the PowerDock 5, an intriguing charging station capable of charging and syncing up to five devices at once. Each of its five bays features an individual 10-watt, 2.1-amp power supply.

This lets you charge any iOS device, including the power-hungry iPad 3 and iPad 4 (which can be docked even in their cases). Those eyeing this ultimate charging station should be pleased learning that Griffin today started shipping the PowerDock 5… Read More


Griffin announces its artsy Designer Series cases are now available for iPhone 5

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 5, 2013

If a cell phone is an extension of your personality, shouldn’t you at least try adorn your iPhone with some unique designs and memorable artwork? That’s what Griffin’s Designer Series is all about. And starting today, these cases are finally available for your iPhone 5.

Now, I don’t use iPhone cases for they hide Jony Ive’s beautiful industrial design. But if I did, I’d definitely consider the Designer Series. They look great, are printed locally in small batches and present new looks that go beyond the boring designs which are too often forced upon us by so many uninspired case makers out there… Read More


CES 2013: Crayola’s Light Marker for iPad lets you paint in the air

By Cody Lee on Jan 8, 2013

CES didn’t officially start until today, but we’ve already seen a plethora of new mobile products and accessories. We’ve told you about smart watches and smart forks, and even smart automobiles. And now we have something for the kids.

Crayola, easily one of the most recognizable names in art supplies, has teamed up with iOS appendage-maker Griffin to create the Light Marker, a marker-shaped stylus that can draw on an iPad without having to touch the screen… Read More


CES 2013: Griffin’s new PowerDock charges five devices simultaneously

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 7, 2013

Griffin Technology is on a roll at CES 2013. Among the product announcements they made at the show is this ultimate charging station that I’d definitely make good use of, the PowerDock 5. As the name implies, the main advantage is its  design which makes possible charging of up to five iPhones, iPods or iPads at once, an indispensable feature for families that mostly use Apple’s mobile products (I know, filthy rich people).

Each of its five charging bays conveniently has a 10-watt, 2.1-amp power supply so you can store and charge, say, five power-hungry, full-size third and fourth generation iPads simultaneously. As if that weren’t enough, the badass accessory even accommodates your iPads in their cases. What more could you ask from a charging station? Read More