Keep your Lightning cable handy with Nomad [review and giveaway]

By Jim Gresham on Jul 8, 2013

Running out of the house with an empty iPhone battery can be catastrophic. We have all been there, stuck in the office, out of town, on a long car ride, when the low battery indicator pops up begging for more juice. Despite many 21st century successes, smartphone batteries still weigh us down. Unfortunately, this causes me to keep a Lightning cable near my nightstand, at the iMac, around the office, and in my car.

To prevent such problems, Kero developed the Nomad cable. Cleverly designed as a keychain, Nomad is a 3″, fully Apple certified lifesaver. The seemingly simplistic resolution to an everyday problem prevents charging headaches…

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EarSkinz add a pop of color to your white EarPods [review and giveaway]

By Jim Gresham on Jul 1, 2013

Yes, white headphones are a style of their own. Apple made lack of color famous with white headphones, starting with the iPod. Seeing someone parade down the street with a pair of slick white headphones indicated individuality and a seriousness for refined taste and class. White headphones previously noted a way to be different. Some may still try to make that argument, but with millions of iPhones sold every quarter, seeing a white pair of headphones is hardly unique.

EarSkinz is adding a flash of color to everyone’s otherwise plain EarPods. The ES2‘s are designed to specifically hug the new Apple EarPod with form fitting fashion. Arguing the covers provide better comfort, fit, and sound, EarSkinz successfully received KickStarter funding to produce a full production line of their new pod covers.

I enjoyed using a pre-release pair for the past couple weeks and, inside, I take a closer look at a fairly simple accessory. As an added bonus, we are giving a pair of ES2’s to 5 lucky readers… Read More


Giveaway: we have ten copies of FX Photo Studio Pro for Mac

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 4, 2013

FX Photo Studio, the already excellent iPhone photography app, is getting better with each new update. Recently, the iPhone version has gone free permanently and the iPad definition has been discounted to a $2 download.

iDB has teamed up with the fine folks over at MacPhun to give you, our readers, a chance to win a copy of FX Photo Studio Pro for Mac.

Mind you, we’re talking a pro photo editing app here.

FX Photo Studio Pro supports image resolution up to 32 megapixels and a variety of photo formats, including RAW. The software normally costs twenty bucks on the Mac App Store and we have ten copies to give away.

Best of all, we’re not requiring you to tweet out a message, like a Facebook page or anything like that. All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment at the bottom along with your Twitter handle. Good luck! Read More


Satechi releases 7 port aluminum USB 3.0 hub that matches your Mac [giveaway]

By Jim Gresham on Jun 3, 2013

Satechi just released a new USB 3.0 hub for the Mac enthusiasts. Long have we waited for a quality USB port extender that would match the design and look of the brushed aluminum. The new 7 port hub is smooth and compact, offering ample high speed connections for your various devices. As a powered unit, it offers up to 5Gbps over the 3.0 connection and comes in either black or white options… Read More


Phiaton’s Moderna MS 200 earbuds blast the bass [review + giveaway]

By Jim Gresham on May 13, 2013

Stumbling across my Phiaton friends at CES, they were quick to point out the new MODERNA MS 200 earbuds, which recently hit the market. The hot rod red coloring and genuine carbon fiber speaker wells were the first attraction, as they lay on the display table. Even in a crowded pre-convention party, they sounded like a winner.

Now, having listened to the MS 200’s from the comfort of my home, I can confirm my suspicions were true. With a racing red headphone cable matching a classic black earphone chassis, more than quality sound are the causes for head turning attraction. These half in-ear buds are quite the performers, with bass enthusiasts getting what they desire.

Gone are the days where bulky headphones were the only great way to hear the beats of your music. Take a look past the fold for a breakdown on looks and performance, while possibly scoring your own pair to take home… Read More


We’re giving away 200 invites

By Sébastien Page on Apr 23, 2013 recently started offering free, invite-only accounts to those who were not completely sold on the idea and wanted to try the service before financially committing. In order to get one of those freemium accounts, you must be invited by a paid user. Once you are, you get access to all the goodies ADN has to offer, but in a limited version (ie. you only have 5o0 MB of file storage vs 10 GB for paid users).

The fine folks at recently reached out to us to see if we’d be interested in giving away 200 invites to their freemium service. We thought it’d be a good idea to introduce some iDB readers to ADN, so here we are, offering 200 invitations to those of you who haven’t had a chance to try this service yet… Read More


Match-Up! and enter to win an Apple TV

By Sébastien Page on Apr 22, 2013

It’s been a while since we ran a nice giveaway for our awesome readers, so when the folks at Big Fish Games got in touch with us and said they wanted to run a contest on iDB, we jumped on the occasion.

Today, we team up with Big Fish Games to give away an Apple TV to one lucky winner. The best part is, you must have fun to enter to win. Read on for the details… Read More


Abstergo giveaway!

By Jeff Benjamin on Apr 21, 2013

To celebrate the release of Abstergo — the notifications managing tweak from Joshua Tucker and Andrew Richardson — we’re giving away five copies!

First and foremost, be sure to read our in-depth walkthrough of Abstergo to learn what it does, and how it can help you in day-to-day usage. As we noted in our walkthrough, this tweak has been in development for quite some time, and a lot of man hours have gone into perfecting it.

Secondly, be sure to check inside to find out how you can win your very own copy of Abstergo, which retails for $1.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Check inside for the full list of details… Read More


RokDock is the new iPhone throne [review + giveaway]

By Jim Gresham on Mar 12, 2013

Rokform is quite a regular on the review stream around these parts and it should come as no surprise. Before you assume, no, this is not a sponsored post. Simply, Rokform makes extremely quality products and I am always impressed by them.

The most recent chunks of T-6061 aircraft grade aluminum that Rokform CNC machined into a usable hunk of metal is the RokDock. The heaviest accessory on my desk, the three pound dock is a hyper-masculine throne upon which my iPhone rests. The RokDock is just awesome, no need to complain about my open love affair with their products… Read More


And the winner of our iPad mini giveaway is…

By Jeff Benjamin on Mar 5, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, we have found the winner for our iPad mini giveaway. First of all, we want to thank everyone who entered, your participation has been nothing short of impressive. We’d also like to lend a huge thanks to our giveaway sponsor, Big Fish Games, for helping us with this giveaway, and for creating awesome iOS games like Fairway Solitaire.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. We’ve randomly selected one of our many YouTube subscribers who followed our giveaway instructions to a tee. Now it’s time to tell you who won. Congratulations to…. Read More


Who wants to win an iPad mini?

By Jeff Benjamin on Feb 26, 2013

Ladies and gents, you read the title correctly, we’re giving away yet another iPad mini. We’ve again teamed up with the outstanding folks over at Big Fish Games to bring you this exciting giveaway.

Big Fish Games, as you probably already know, is a huge iOS developer responsible for dozens of iOS games for the iPhone and the iPad. Along with sponsoring this iPad mini giveaway, they’ve also decided to provide each one of you with a free copy of Fairway Solitaire.

This time around, we’re doing things a bit different. In order to enter our latest iPad mini giveaway, you need to visit our YouTube channel, watch the iPad mini giveaway video, and follow the instructions. It’s that simple.

Winners will be announced next Tuesday, March 5th. Head over to our YouTube channel now, and enter now!


Milo, an elegant aluminum stand for iPhone [review & giveaway]

By Jim Gresham on Dec 24, 2012

Per my previous article, you are well aware of my iPhone stand obsession and on this Christmas week, we are excited to review the Milo iPhone stand by Bluelounge. An award winning international design studio, Bluelounge’s goal is to combine forward designed accessories that are as functional as visually stimulating. The company recently revamped its iPhone stand with an aluminum base, which matches the Apple aluminum color and gives it a sleek, polished look. Check out our review below and enter for your chance to win one of your own… Read More


The Rokstand: a quality stand with attitude [giveaway and review]

By Jim Gresham on Dec 18, 2012

iPhone stands are a dime a dozen. Like iPhone cases, there are millions of iPhone stands, small and large, powered and passive, plastic and metal, cheap and expensive. However, when pulling the Rokform Rokstand out of the package, I knew this stand was unlike any other stand I had ever seen or felt, for that matter. Quite simply, it is a machine, and a very elegant one at that. It owns your desktop. Just looking at it, I feel it glaring back at me. To get the full scoop, Rokform sent over a stand for review and offered to give one away to a reader in our contest below… Read More


The Hercules: a slim backpack with a pocket for everything [review and giveaway]

By Jim Gresham on Dec 12, 2012

I am a big fan of backpacks, all shapes, sizes, and purposes. Like everyone’s father told them growing up, there is a right tool for everything. Backpacks are no different. About two months ago, we took a close look at the B7103 Lance Daypack by ECBC. It was a larger, bulky bag that I would hardly call a “daypack,” as you read in the review. However, ECBC has taken a step back and produced a new bag that is truly top-shelf.

The new K7102 Hercules is a slimmer, more agile pack that, most importantly, boasts dedicated iPad and iPhone pockets and TSA FastPass computer pocket for jet setters. We are pretty excited about the changes ECBC made with such a quick turn around and more excited to offer one as a giveaway to a lucky reader! Check below the fold for all the details… Read More


Seagate’s GoFlex Satellite touts 500GB of mobile wireless storage [review and giveaway]

By Jim Gresham on Nov 27, 2012

Moving toward a more connected world, we need our digital stuff more frequently and certainly when we are on the go. Whether you are a jet setter that hops around the world or a family man that needs to share the family pictures with dear old mom, size and portability matter greatly. Combine that digital need with the post-PC era, where the jet setter sized down to an iPad for space, convenience, and weight, and dear old mom just cannot figure out how to use a computer. Shake that up and you get a USB-less conundrum and, oh yeah, optical drives are out now too – check out Christian’s article to approve it.

That leaves us with a need to move large quantities of data with us, including documents, movies, photos, music, and other digital necessaries in a small device that connects wirelessly. After reviewing a competing Wi-Fi enabled external hard drive, you, the readers, called out for a larger, yet similarly mobile storage option. Today, I am happy to review the Seagate GoFlex Satellite Mobile Wireless Storage 500GB external hard drive. And, because I aim to please, I teamed up with Seagate to give one away… Read More


And the winner of our second iPad mini giveaway is…

By Sébastien Page on Nov 21, 2012

What an incredible year in terms of giveaways for iDB readers. We gave away a new iPad, an iPhone 5, and iPad mini, and today we’re giving a second iPad mini to one lucky winner.

Over the course of the last week, we held a contest in collaboration with the fine folks at Big Fish Games. The rules were pretty simple: all you had to do was downloading a free copy of Fairway Solitaire. The results are now in, and we’re ready to announce the winner… Read More


Here is your second chance to win an iPad mini

By Sébastien Page on Nov 14, 2012

A few weeks ago, we ran one of our awesome giveaways, which allowed one lucky winner to go home with an iPad mini. With thousands of entries, it was a very popular giveaway, to say the least.

Today, we team up with the fine folks at Big Fish Games to offer you a second shot at winning an iPad mini. Big Fish Games is a huge iOS game developer that has dozens of apps under its belt, and not only will they give away an iPad mini to one of you, but they also decided to give a copy of Fairway Solitaire to all of you.

Now let’s find out the details of this giveaway, shall we? Read More


Grab yourself a MOBiLE CLOTH, the king of cleaning cloths [giveaway]

By Jim Gresham on Nov 12, 2012

We at iDB are big MOBiLE CLOTH fans as you can see from our previous review and multiple giveaways. “Who would get excited about a cleaning cloth,” you may be asking yourself. Well, after testing the cloth, we were pretty blown away. I recently tried my hand with a MOBiLE CLOTH and it certainly lived up to expectation. Without any additional cleaning agents or sprays, the dry cloth effortlessly destroyed all of the finger prints and smudges I accumulated while killing baddies playing one of my new favorite apps, ARC Squadron during my review. What impressed me the most is the effortless cleaning process.

To celebrate the launch of the iPad (4th gen) and iPad mini, we teamed up with MOBiLE CLOTH to also giveaway a 24 cleaning cloth gift set… Read More


Urbanears bring the party straight to your ears [review and giveaway]

By Jim Gresham on Nov 6, 2012

Having admired Urbanears from afar, on the shelves of local retailers, I was blown away when I finally got my hands on a pair of the new Zinken over-the-ear headphones. Urbanears is clearly a company priding itself by paying attention to the little things and even places a 63 page booklet in their headphones’ box to prove it.

As a reviewer, I come across a lot of products for iOS devices on a regular basis and I can count, on one hand, how many times I have been impressed with product packaging (excluding actual Apple products). I must say, when it comes to accessories, often, a book should be judged by its cover and Urbanears spares no expense. Let’s open the box on this pair of Zinkens my friends at Urbanears sent over and you too have a chance to grab a pair of your own… Read More


The winner of our iPad mini giveaway is…

By Sébastien Page on Nov 2, 2012

The iPad mini is launching today in 34 countries around the world, and what better way to celebrate this event than giving one away to one lucky iDB reader. The response to our iPad mini giveaway has been phenomenal. Several thousand entries later, it is now time to announce the winner of our giveaway.

Without further ado, the winner of iDownloadBlog’s iPad mini giveaway is… Read More