And the winner of our second iPad mini giveaway is…

By Sébastien Page on Nov 21, 2012

What an incredible year in terms of giveaways for iDB readers. We gave away a new iPad, an iPhone 5, and iPad mini, and today we’re giving a second iPad mini to one lucky winner.

Over the course of the last week, we held a contest in collaboration with the fine folks at Big Fish Games. The rules were pretty simple: all you had to do was downloading a free copy of Fairway Solitaire. The results are now in, and we’re ready to announce the winner… Read More


Here is your second chance to win an iPad mini

By Sébastien Page on Nov 14, 2012

A few weeks ago, we ran one of our awesome giveaways, which allowed one lucky winner to go home with an iPad mini. With thousands of entries, it was a very popular giveaway, to say the least.

Today, we team up with the fine folks at Big Fish Games to offer you a second shot at winning an iPad mini. Big Fish Games is a huge iOS game developer that has dozens of apps under its belt, and not only will they give away an iPad mini to one of you, but they also decided to give a copy of Fairway Solitaire to all of you.

Now let’s find out the details of this giveaway, shall we? Read More


Grab yourself a MOBiLE CLOTH, the king of cleaning cloths [giveaway]

By Jim Gresham on Nov 12, 2012

We at iDB are big MOBiLE CLOTH fans as you can see from our previous review and multiple giveaways. “Who would get excited about a cleaning cloth,” you may be asking yourself. Well, after testing the cloth, we were pretty blown away. I recently tried my hand with a MOBiLE CLOTH and it certainly lived up to expectation. Without any additional cleaning agents or sprays, the dry cloth effortlessly destroyed all of the finger prints and smudges I accumulated while killing baddies playing one of my new favorite apps, ARC Squadron during my review. What impressed me the most is the effortless cleaning process.

To celebrate the launch of the iPad (4th gen) and iPad mini, we teamed up with MOBiLE CLOTH to also giveaway a 24 cleaning cloth gift set… Read More


Urbanears bring the party straight to your ears [review and giveaway]

By Jim Gresham on Nov 6, 2012

Having admired Urbanears from afar, on the shelves of local retailers, I was blown away when I finally got my hands on a pair of the new Zinken over-the-ear headphones. Urbanears is clearly a company priding itself by paying attention to the little things and even places a 63 page booklet in their headphones’ box to prove it.

As a reviewer, I come across a lot of products for iOS devices on a regular basis and I can count, on one hand, how many times I have been impressed with product packaging (excluding actual Apple products). I must say, when it comes to accessories, often, a book should be judged by its cover and Urbanears spares no expense. Let’s open the box on this pair of Zinkens my friends at Urbanears sent over and you too have a chance to grab a pair of your own… Read More


The winner of our iPad mini giveaway is…

By Sébastien Page on Nov 2, 2012

The iPad mini is launching today in 34 countries around the world, and what better way to celebrate this event than giving one away to one lucky iDB reader. The response to our iPad mini giveaway has been phenomenal. Several thousand entries later, it is now time to announce the winner of our giveaway.

Without further ado, the winner of iDownloadBlog’s iPad mini giveaway is… Read More


iDownloadBlog is giving away an iPad mini

By Sébastien Page on Oct 25, 2012

After months of rumors and leaks, the iPad mini was finally unveiled. Bigger than an iPod touch, yet smaller than a full size iPad, the mini is set to be Apple’s most successful product for the holiday season. While the iPad mini will be available on November 2nd in many countries, we suspect supplies might be limited, and chances are Apple might not be able to make them fast enough to meet the demand.

Because we want to make sure you spend the holidays with an iPad mini, we decided to give one away to one lucky reader… Read More


Colcasac wraps your iPhone in a snuggly hemp sleeve [review and giveaway]

By Jim Gresham on Oct 16, 2012

As precious as your iPhone is, you still love to use it naked… not that you’re naked, I mean case-less. Using an iPhone the way Steve wanted you to tends to leave a concern for scratching and flaking anodized aluminum, which several iPhone 5 users have noticed. When tossing an iPhone in a backpack, duffle bag, or purse, there is always potential for scratching. Consequently, I prefer to use luggage or packs with dedicated gadget pockets that are lined with protective fabrics, but that is not always an option. ColcaSac is here to help case-less iPhone users with their hand sewn organic, hemp sleeves and we’re here to give away 5 of them… Read More


Rokform brings its v3 case system to the iPad [review and giveaway]

By Jim Gresham on Oct 7, 2012

If you follow our review and giveaway sections, you are familiar with Rokform’s v3 accessory system for iPhone. For a short recap, the v3 accessory system integrates with the iPhone v3 cases making a wide arrange of additional accessories lock into the existing case. As the RokLock iPad case hits the market, there are two new pieces available specifically for the iPad system, which help mount your iPad most anywhere.

The RokLock is an injection molded polycarbonate slider case for iPad and iPad 2. The beefy case is excellent for protection and the remote mounting system keeps your device locked into place. We are thankful to our friends at Rokform for sending us one for review and you could win one for yourself too… Read More


We’re giving away 10 copies of TwitkaFly

By Cody Lee on Sep 24, 2012

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, we love giveaways here at iDB. It’s our way of saying thanks to you, our awesome readers, by giving you a chance to win something cool.

For today’s giveaway, we’re offering up 10 copies of moeseth’s popular TwitkaFly jailbreak tweak, which allows you to tweet and reply to Twitter notifications from anywhere in iOS.

Keep reading for details on how to enter… Read More


And the winner of our iPhone 5 giveaway is…

By Sébastien Page on Sep 20, 2012

Let me tell you that picking a winner for our awesome iPhone 5 giveaway wasn’t easy. But we did it. Over 5,000 of you retweeted our giveaway, 2,500 liked the post on Facebook, and 4,000 left a comment. Talk about being overwhelmed!

I just spent the last few hours of my life browsing through the entries to pick a winner, so without further ado, let’s find out who the lucky person is… Read More


Toast’s wooden skins add life to your iPhone [review and giveaway]

By Jim Gresham on Sep 18, 2012

Over my time blogging, I have only spotted a few wood or faux wood skins for iDevices, but have never had the opportunity to review one. Thanks to my new friends at Toast, I have been using their real bamboo iPhone skin for a little over a week and my completely custom skin is getting even better everyday I use it. With the iDownloadBlog logo darkly emblazoned on the pale wooden backdrop, my iPhone skin is the talk of the town… Read More


We’re giving away an iPhone 5

By Sébastien Page on Sep 13, 2012

I don’t know about you, but we are pretty pumped up about the iPhone 5 here at iDB. No doubt, everyone on the team will be getting one as soon as possible.

We wish every one of our readers could get their hands on an iPhone 5 too, but we understand that for obvious reasons, that might not be possible. Don’t worry though, because your friends at iDB have got your back. With that in mind, we decided to give away an iPhone 5 to one lucky winner… Read More


MagSkin review and giveaway: keep your iPhone hanging in all the right places

By Jim Gresham on Sep 5, 2012

Inspired by a cord covered kitchen counter, MagSkin’s humble beginnings centered around a hobby project for friends. MagSkin’s founder took a small sheet of adhesive magnet and applied it to the back of an iPhone. Following encouraging words from admirers, MagSkin headed to Kickstarter to find interested investors.

MagSkin successfully raised $2,000 more than necessary with 353 backers. Now, we can all enjoy slapping our iPhone on any magnetic surface and five lucky winners will be able to take one home for free… Read More


We’re giving away 5 copies of CleverPin

By Jeff Benjamin on Aug 28, 2012

Filippo Bigarella recently pushed out an update to CleverPin — the jailbreak tweak that automatically unlocks an iOS device when it detects that it’s connected to a friendly WiFi network.

To celebrate, he’s decided to give away a copy of the tweak to 5 of our readers. What can you can expect from CleverPin? How do you win your own free copy? Check inside for the details… Read More