Limitless: the curious case of the Cydia fork project

John Coates, the creator of the popular patching platform Flex and a well-respected developer in the jailbreak community, announced this week the first public releases of a new endeavour called Limitless. Currently at Beta 6, this ambitious open project aims to bring newer features to Cydia’s traditional functionality by freeing it from some of the constraints which the stalwart package installer faces, for example, version compatibility reaching through every iOS back to iOS 2.0.

How to try out the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar on any Mac

If you’re really interested in that new Touch Bar that comes built into the top of the keyboard portion of the higher-end MacBook Pro, but don’t have the dime to drop on an expensive new computer right now, then you’re gonna love this.

A new hack has surfaced on Github that lets you simulate the Touch Bar on any Mac, and it’s fully functional, sans the flashy OLED touch surface. We’ll show you how to get it in this tutorial.

BootScreenCustomization lets you colorize the boot screen to your liking for free

Each and every time you turn your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad on, you get the boot up screen, which shows a mono-colored background and an Apple logo in the center with an opposing color.

Depending on whether your device has a black or white bezel, the colors of the boot up screen differ from the factory, but with jailbreaking, you can actually take control of the colors and configure them your own way.

BootScreenCustomization is a new jailbreak tweak that will let you do this, and we’ll show you how the tweak works in this review.

This webpage lets you use 3D Touch as a scale

When the iPhone 6s first debuted with 3D Touch, there were a few apps created that served as weighing scales. The apps would use the iPhone 6s’ screen pressure sensitivity to translate pressure into a loosely accurate measurement of weight.

Unsurprisingly, Apple frowned upon using 3D Touch in that manner, and any such apps submitted to the App Store were removed or rejected.

Recently, another method for weighing objects using 3D Touch has appeared—the web. Obviously, Apple can’t enforce its restrictions on the open web, so you’re free to visit the website to inaccurately weigh objects until your heart’s content.