Video: developers read 1-star reviews

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 7, 2016

User-submitted reviews on the App Store can be quite mean. There’s no denying the fact that people too often slam app makers with 1-star reviews without much thinking.

Now, some of the most unfavorable app ratings are based on complaints about the most mundane things such as the size of the font, the color palettes or the lack of features users think developers should have prioritized over the others and what not.

In case you haven’t yet seen this video in which well-known developers read aloud some of the 1-star reviews their apps contend with, give it a quick watch now and meet us in comments. Read More


No, you should not drill a hole in your iPhone 7

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 28, 2016

Unbelievably, some of the techies I spoke to believe that maybe, somehow, the 3.5mm headphone jack will make a comeback in the next year’s iPhone. That ship has sailed, of course, but that’s not stopping pranksters and jokers on YouTube from milking the headphone jack meme for all it’s worth, like a video titled “Secret Hack To Get Headphone Jack on the iPhone 7” from YouTuber TechRax.

In it, TechRax suggests that users drill a hole in their brand spanking new iPhone 7 in order to access a supposedly hidden headphone jack inside the device. Read More


“Hey Siri, see you on the seventh!”

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 29, 2016

Siri giving witty responses ahead of major Apple events has become something of a tradition for Apple and part of the festivities by its eager fans. The just-announced September 7 iPhone 7 press conference is no exception. Thanks to a silent backend update, Siri now serves up a variety of amusing responses when asked about the iPhone 7 event.

Best thing you check them out for yourself. Read More


This is how I know Samsung will ditch the headphone jack

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 5, 2016

Three days ago, Samsung of South Korea took the wraps off its flagship Galaxy Note 7 phablet. It’s a cool, powerful smartphone that features a curved 5.7-inch AMOLED screen, Galaxy S7-like design, speedy chips, an iris scanner and an improved S Pen (which has learned a few new tricks, like translating words, and is now waterproof itself).

Believe it or not, a Samsung executive during the Note 7 unveiling mocked live, on stage, Apple’s rumored decision to remove the 3.5mm audio jack from the next iPhone.

“You know what else it [Note 7] comes with? An audio jack. I’m just saying,” he quipped. Read More


Apple posts ‘Backstage’ video shown during WWDC keynote

By Cody Lee on Jun 11, 2015

Apple posted a new video to its YouTube channel Thursday night called “Backstage.” Those who watched Monday’s WWDC keynote will recognize the comedy sketch, which aired at the beginning of the live stream before Tim Cook took the stage.

The four and a half minute video stars SNL alum Bill Hader as director David LeGary, who is attempting to produce an over-the-top opening number for WWDC. It features several celebrity cameos, and inside jokes about apps and Silicon Valley. Read More


Oscar Mayer’s new iPhone alarm clock wakes you up to the smell of bacon

By Cody Lee on Mar 5, 2014

Of all the smells you can wake up to in the morning, I would have to say that Bacon is perhaps the most alluring. Obviously, that’s not the case for everyone, but if I could, I would create an automatic bacon-cooker that I could program to start cooking bacon at 9am every morning.

Fortunately, thanks to Oscar Mayer, all of that may not be necessary. The company has created a new device, aptly-named ‘Wake Up & Smell the Bacon,’ which pairs with your iPhone to create an alarm clock of sorts that can wake you up to the sound and smell of sizzling bacon… Read More


The best email we’ve ever received (and some tips on how to care for your iOS device)

By Sébastien Page on Dec 14, 2013

We receive about 3.5 tons of emails every given day here at iDB, and I have to admit that I don’t get past the second sentence of 95% of them before trashing them. Then there is an actual 4.9999% that I actually read and reply to or forward to one of our editors. Finally, there is this 0.0001% of emails that really stand out. They stand out because they are intriguing, well written, funny, or even bizarre, and in some cases, they’re all of the above.

This week, we received what I believe to be the best email that ever graced my inbox. It was so entertaining that instead of reading it while standing at my desk, I went downstairs, picked up my iPad mini and read the email from the comfort of my couch. I would lie if I said the idea of pouring myself a glass of Crown Royal didn’t cross my mind.

It was so entertaining to me that I wanted to share it with you. Read More


If Siri drove a car…

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 9, 2013

Forget Apple’s iOS in the Car initiative, or Siri Eyes Free, or even big name car makers rolling out support for iOS mirroring and other hands-free features that tap Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices – here comes the ultimate Siri-driven feature (yeah, pun intended).

Introducing Steeri, the world’s first driverless car app.

Put together by the Smart Department sketch comedy group, the video humorously depicts what Siri-powered driving might be like. The video is right after the jump so have a look and join us in comments… Read More


This is why Apple is winning…

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 6, 2013

This is gold. Arden Hayes, a famous Trivia expert from southern California, may not be your typical example of an Apple buyer because he doesn’t have income coming in.

And who could blame him: Arden is just a five-year-old who previously appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

There, the youngster has demonstrated his amazing knowledge of U.S. presidents, earning himself a nickname of the ‘little genius’.

In another Jimmy Kimmel appearance, Hayes flatly refuses to take a free Sony Xperia tablet because “we’re just planning to get an iPad for Christmas”.

Apple sure knows how to get them while they’re young, doesn’t it?

Your video is right after the jump… Read More


This iMessage prank got me going for a while

By Sébastien Page on Oct 10, 2013

Earlier this week, Jeff played a really good prank on me. As I received a message from him, I opened up the Messages application and couldn’t see anything but a typing indicator. So I waited patiently for Jeff to finish typing, figuring that Messages were having yet some other issues, which could have explained why I received an alert, yet didn’t see any message.

Long story short, Jeff got me pretty good, and here is how you can get your friends too… Read More


Intertubes respond to Apple’s imminent keynote with parody videos

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 10, 2013

As we count the remaining minutes until Apple’s iPhone 5S/5C keynote (85 minutes left and counting), the blogosphere has spent the last 48 hours putting together some downright amusing parody videos (not mentioning a few in really bad taste).

While hardly meant to downplay Apple’s inevitable domination in headlines today, we’re not complaining – such parodies have long become part of the Apple keynote folklore. Now, some watchers may be expecting a revolution.

Realistically –  this morning is about two phones, both based on the existing iPhone 5 design: a mid-range model redesigned around a much cheaper and sturdier plastic enclosure and an S-upgrade with a faster chip, better camera and Touch ID sensor.

Check out the videos after the break and hit us in comments… Read More


Siri pans Google Glass

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 26, 2013

Once again, Apple has tweaked its digital personal assistant Siri to give the “right” answers when asked about a competitor’s product.

This time around, Apple has re-calibrated her to give amusing responses to the “Okay Glass” prompt Google Glass owners use to issue commands to their Android-driven eyewear.

Though playful, Siri’s responses disparage Google Glass, with one response calling Google’s head-worn accessory “half empty” and telling users they’ve “got the wrong assistant”. We have all the responses and a nice video right after the break… Read More


New Microsoft ad touts Lumia 1020 camera, mocks iPhone users

By Cody Lee on Aug 22, 2013

My how the tables have turned. Five years ago Apple was running its ‘I’m a Mac’ ads, attacking the perceived weaknesses of PCs running Microsoft’s Windows software. And now we have Microsoft making ads that attack Apple products.

The Redmond company’s latest in a series of Cupertino-bashing commercials pits the 41MP camera of Nokia’s Lumia 1020 against that on the iPhone 5. And as you can imagine, the spot paints iPhone users in a not-so-favorable light… Read More


Joy of Tech constructs hilarious Apple Status page

By Cody Lee on Jul 30, 2013

With all of the distractions and sensationalism in the tech media these days, it’s tough to really understand how Apple is doing as a company. It seems like every rumor is followed by an ‘Apple is doomed’ report, and it probably doesn’t help that it’s so secretive.

But never fear, as usual, Joy of Tech is here to help clear up some of the confusion in a way that only it can. The comic creator has put together a Status page—yeah, similar to the one Apple made for its Dev Center—to show where Apple is at on a lot of things… Read More


iTunes license agreement says you can’t use it to make nuclear weapons

By Cody Lee on Jun 30, 2013

Folks in the illegal arms manufacturing industry may want to double check the iTunes End User License Agreement before using the software for business. Apparently there’s a clause in the agreement that says you can’t use the app to make nuclear weapons.

It’s not a new addition by any means—I found references to the clause dating back to 2008. But given the fact that the gem has been rediscovered this week, and is causing quite a bit of commotion in the tech world, we figured it was worth sharing this morning… Read More


Designed by Apple in California, ripped off wholesale by Samsung in South Korea

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 25, 2013

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So if Samsung created Apple’s awesome ‘Intention’ video (part of the new ‘Designed by Apple’ ad campaign), the results would no doubt look something like this… Read More


Comedy Central releases Stand-Up app with over 6,000 videos

By Cody Lee on Jun 7, 2013

Though they didn’t like it at first, TV networks seem like they’re finally coming around to the idea of taking their content mobile. Most major networks now have at least part of their programming lineup available, on demand, in their mobile apps.

But the folks over at Comedy Central have taken things to another level. The Viacom-owned station just released an app called CC: Stand-Up, and it includes over 6,000 videos from its vault of both amateur and high-profile stand-up comedy footage…

Read More


Here we go again: Samsung picks on Apple in new Galaxy S4 ad

By Christian Zibreg on May 3, 2013

As if it’s any surprise, South Korea-based Samsung has (again) resorted to its proven marketing tactics of trashing Apple’s iPhone in television advertising. A newly released commercial portrays the six-year-old smartphone as an outdated device, even by your parents’ standards.

Samsung obviously thinks the anti-Apple theme hasn’t run its course yet (one marketing whiz agrees). I’ll let you be the judge of that: check out the video after the break and meet us in comments… Read More


Samsung celebrity tweets Galaxy S4 love… from his iPhone

By Cody Lee on Apr 30, 2013

So this would be kind of embarrassing. All-star Spanish tennis player and Samsung spokesman David Ferrer served up a fault this afternoon during his attempt to send out what looks like a sponsored tweet expressing his love for his new Galaxy S4.

The problem? Shortly after Ferrer sent out the tweet, several of his 350,000+ Twitter followers noticed something peculiar about his Samsung shout out—it featured the infamous ‘Twitter for iPhone’ notation, effectively killing all of its credibility… Read More


Windows Phone ad sees iPhone and Android owners trading insults at wedding

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 29, 2013

Despite the massive marketing blitz, Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform has managed to regain but a fraction of market share lost to iOS and Android in years past. Figuring it could take a page from Samsung’s marketing handbook, Microsoft on Monday published on its YouTube channel a new Windows Phone commercial which takes a mandatory jab at Apple’s iPhone and its Siri digital personal assistant while also poking fun of Gorilla-sized Android devices from Samsung. The funny ad is aimed at boosting Microsoft’s and Nokia’s stagnant sales of Lumia handsets in the United States… Read More

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