Apple device activations grew by 2.3 times on Christmas Day

By Cody Lee on Dec 30, 2013

And just like that, the holidays are over. It seems like we spend a lot of time preparing—decorating, shopping, etc.—for something that goes by in the blink of an eye. But that’s ok, for a lot of folks that blink of an eye brought presents like new iOS hardware.

In fact, if you received a new iPhone or iPad this Christmas, you’re in good company. According to data published by mobile analytics firm Flurry, Apple device activations grew 2.3 times on Christmas Day (versus an average day in December) this year…

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Flurry: moms use iPads, singles use iPhones

By Ed Sutherland on Aug 16, 2013

Some interesting research is out, indicating that some iOS users tend toward the iPhone, while others are more likely tapping away at the iPad. While mobile advertising analytics firm Flurry gathered the data to help companies better target their apps and ads, the findings are intriguing for us all.

Of the various ‘personas’ tracked, so-called ‘Value Shoppers’ (those bargain-hunting souls) are most strongly attached to their iPhones, while ‘Pet Owners’ prefer the iPad. Overall, 72 percent of iOS owners tend to use the iPhone most, while the iPad garners 28 percent of the mobile iDevice users… Read More


IDC: iPhone 4’s triple-digit growth boosts Apple’s China share to 9%

By Ed Sutherland on Jun 20, 2013

More indications Apple’s efforts offering flexible pricing are paying off. Sales of the iPhone 4 in China grew at a faster pace than the overall market during the first quarter, research firm IDC announced Thursday. Per data, the iPhone has a cool nine percent of the Chinese smartphone market, putting Apple in fifth place.

Demand for the iPhone 4 grew by 211 percent, outpacing the market’s overall 117 percent growth rate. By comparison, Korean smartphone rival Samsung has nineteen percent of the smartphone market in China. However, the company has shifted from growing its share of the high-end market to simply hanging on to what it now has… Read More


Apple still leading apps and profits in iOS-Android horserace

By Ed Sutherland on Jun 14, 2013

From a distance, the horse race between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android appears as if the open-source mobile operating system is a clear winner. However, a closer look reveals other levels of competition not so clearly defined.

Android unmistakably is the leader when it comes to the share of mobile devices being shipped. The inexpensive operating system is also ahead in attracting developing nations, such as India and China. But don’t cry for Apple, according to mobile advertising network Flurry. The iPhone maker tops Android for app usage, as well as profits… Read More


Flurry: US app audience nearly equals online laptops and desktops

By Ed Sutherland on Apr 25, 2013

Apps (whether iOS or Android) are attracting huge audiences in the United States. Indeed, during a recent month apps attracted nearly the same number of people as used laptop and desktop to go online. What’s more, for a prime-time period during the week apps attract 52 million users, equivalent to the circulation of the top 200 weekend U.S. newspapers and three television shows, according to numbers released by a mobile analytics firm Thursday…

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Flurry: one-third of app time spent on games

By Ed Sutherland on Apr 4, 2013

The average U.S. smartphone or tablet user spends two hours and 38 minutes on their device, the majority inside an app.

Just over half an hour is spent inside a mobile browser, while more than two hours each day is spent inside apps, such as Facebook.

According to the mobile analytics firm Flurry, games top the list of most-used apps, while Facebook is threatening to overtake Safari, Apple’s dominant web browser, Opera Software’s Opera Mini and other popular mobile web browsers as the most-popular way to access social and other content on the web… Read More


Flurry finds phablets are ‘insignificant’ and a ‘fad’

By Ed Sutherland on Apr 2, 2013

There has been debate whether Apple should offer an iPhone with a larger screen, competing with Android selling what some have dubbed ‘phablets’ for spanning both phones and tablets. Now comes a well-known mobile research firm calling phablets just ‘a fad.’

In a note to mobile developers entitled “Size Matters for Connected Devices, Phablets Don’t,” analytics firm Flurry Monday said phablets comprise only a single-digit portion of devices compared to mid-size phones and large tablets, such as the iPhone and iPad… Read More


It was a very appy holiday season for iOS, Android

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 2, 2013

Good news for developers: iOS and Android together accounted for a massive 1.76 billion app downloads around the world between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, per research by ad firm Flurry. That’s more than a marked improvement compared to the 1.2 billion apps that were downloaded last year across both Android and iOS. Think about it, 1.76 billion downloads in just seven days.

In fact, a number of weeks since late November delivered more than a billion downloads. It wasn’t that long ago that a billion downloads was considered a remarkable achievement throughout the span of the entire year, let alone weeks or months.

And if that data point didn’t give you a pause, consider this: based on historical data, Flurry expects app downloads to regularly hit the one billion milestone each week going forward. Doing a quick math in your head, at that rate both iOS and Android should account for at least 52 billion downloads in 2013… Read More


China could soon top US as the largest iOS and Android market

By Ed Sutherland on Nov 28, 2012

If the global picture of mobile devices were a soap opera, it would be called “As the World Turns”. A constant stream of numbers show how demand and usage is shifting away from the U.S. and to China. The latest figures show the Asian country will soon top the United States with the most active iOS and Android smartphone users.

While China’s 167 million iOS and Android users currently puts the nation slightly behind the US at 181 million, that ranking will change in early 2013 as China’s triple-digit growth rate easily outpaces America’s maturing smartphone market, according to a new report released Wednesday by a mobile analytics firm… Read More