Best ways to store photos in the cloud

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 16, 2016

Those high-quality snaps and videos you take on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad can pretty quickly eat up all of the available storage space on your device.

There are a number of techniques to increase your free storage, like deleting apps you no longer use, emptying system caches and so forth, but they all pale in comparison to the simplest of solutions—actually moving storage-hungry photos and videos off your device to safely store them in the cloud.

In this post, we’ll tell you all you need to know about the most popular cloud storage solutions. We’re going to detail backing up your media to each of them and discuss recommended strategies for freeing up as much storage space as possible, without destroying your personal memories or changing your workflow much. Read More


Flickr’s refreshed iOS app goes beyond 3D Touch with 3D Touch Extended

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 5, 2015

Flickr today updated its free iPhone and iPad application in the App Store with full support for iOS 9’s Spotlight Search, Universal links and 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus smartphones.

It’s of particular interest that the app goes beyond 3D Touch Home screen shortcuts and Peek and Pop gestures with something they’re calling 3D Touch Extended. Read More


Flickr 4.0: auto-upload is back, revamped UI, new filters, Instagram sharing and more

By Christian Zibreg on May 7, 2015

Yahoo-owned Flickr has refreshed its iPhone application this morning with a number of significant changes, most notably redesigning the user interface for easier navigation and bringing back the auto-upload feature (originally added in 2013, but subsequently removed).

The app also brings out a brand new Camera Roll section which looks a lot like the iOS Camera Roll. Coupled with one terabyte of free storage for your photo and video uploads, the new Flickr 4.0 for iOS is a worthy alternative to Apple’s stock Photos + iCloud Photo Library combo. Read More


Apple overtakes Nikon for second place camera brand on Flickr in 2014

By Jake Smith on Jan 10, 2015

Flickr has released its list of camera brands that were used the most to capture photos on the photography website in 2014. The top five were: Canon at 13.4 percent, Apple at 9.6 percent, Nikon at 9.3 percent, Samsung at 5.6 percent, and Sony at 4.2 percent.

Apple overtook Nikon for the second place spot in 2014. The iPhone 5, 4S and 4 were the top three for both 2013 and 2014, with the Canon EOS 7D and the Nikon D7000 unchanged in 4th and fifth place respectively. Read More


Flickr updated with iOS 8 Share Extension, native iPad interface with unified search and more

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 20, 2014

Yahoo’s Flickr photography service this past weekend issued an update to its iOS app bringing, at last, native interface on iPads, a new Share Extension on iOS 8 so you can post photos to Flickr from any third-party application which support system-wide Share sheets, the ability to access and edit photo details in the mobile app, use unified search across your photos, albums, groups and Flickr photos and more.

Flickr 3.2 is available free in the App Store. Read More


Flickr app updated with new sharing and tagging options

By Cody Lee on Jun 12, 2014

Yahoo’s Flickr has updated its iOS client this morning, bringing the app to version 3.1. The update brings about a handful of useful additions, including new options for sharing, tagging and describing your photo albums.

As for the new sharing options, users can now send their albums to Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter, as well as Mail and SMS. They can also now add and edit both tags and descriptions for their photos from within the app… Read More


Darkrume review: a beautiful Flickr client for the iPad

By Lory Gil on May 28, 2014

Flickr is one of those great social photography websites that got lost in the shuffle when Instagram hit the mobile world. While the service has done a lot to stay relevant, it still lags behind when it comes to sharing photos with friends.

Darkrume is a high-quality Flickr client for the iPad that may just rekindle your love of the photo storage online service. With an immersive interface and 64-bit performance, your Flickr pics have never looked so good. Read on for our Darkrume reviewRead More


Flickr 3.0 for iOS: revamped UI, HD video capture, auto-tagging, detailed metadata and more

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 17, 2014

Yahoo-owned Flickr is a great photography service – I’ve been using it for years as my default companion photo storage solution.

It’s not just the fact that everyone gets a whopping one terabyte of free cloud storage for their photos, Flickr features a bunch of advanced options and keeps your photos backed up in the cloud in their full resolution.

Flickr’s iOS app has been nice, albeit a bit rudimentary in terms of features. This changes with today’s release of an all-new Flickr version 3.0.

Some of the many new features iPhone photography fans will surely fall in love with include the ability to record, edit and upload high-definition video, photo auto-tagging, comb through your photos using complex search criteria, access detailed photo data, share easily and quickly to Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook and lots more… Read More


Flickr gains background auto-uploading on iOS 7

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 9, 2013

Yahoo yesterday issued a major revamp of its Mail service across the web and mobile platforms and today the Internet company pushed a new version of Flickr for iPhone.

In addition to a slightly refined user interface for iOS 7, folks who’ve upgrade their iDevices to iOS 7 can take advantage of a new Auto Upload feature that will “seamlessly upload and save your photos in full resolution.” Other tidbits include fixes for Google sign-in issues and a brand new Auto Straighten feature… Read More


Yahoo gives Flickr iOS app live filters and pro editing tools

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 29, 2013

There has never been a better time to dive deep into iPhone photography. With Twitter’s Vine popularizing impulse sharing of short video clips, Instagram ruling the photo sharing space and having acquired the video startup Luma, it may seem as if the outcome of this rivalry will be determined between Facebook/Instagram, Twitter/Vine and Google and its Google+ Photos.

But people seem to be forgetting about Yahoo and its Flickr photo sharing service. After being neglected for so many years, the awoken Internet giant under Marissa Mayer’s leadership has made some notable strides in the mobile photography space.

And with today’s major update, Yahoo’s Flickr iOS app has gained some interesting mobile photography features that instantly make it on par with the aforementioned giants. Here’s the full breakdown… Read More


Simple ways to back up your iPhone photos

By Lory Gil on Aug 15, 2013

I have a friend who recently nearly lost all of his photos of his daughter. He had his iPhone for just about two years. He took tons of pictures of her. She wasn’t even two years old yet, so basically her whole life was on his iPhone. One day, his phone crashed and he couldn’t figure out what happened to it. His pictures were lost.

He was eventually able to recover his photos, but not without hours of work and days of anxiety. When I asked him why he didn’t just back his photos up, he had no good response. Always back up your photos. Seriously. Always back up your photos. We’ve got a tutorial on a few different ways you can back up your photos so you’ll never have to face the dreaded lost memories again… Read More


WSJ: ‘new ways’ to share photos, videos in iOS 7

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 9, 2013

Throwing its proverbial credibility behind a recent rumor of iOS 7 having native Flickr and Vimeo integration, the credulous Wall Street Journal has just published a write-up which asserts that Apple’s upcoming iOS revision will feature photo-sharing enhancements alongside new look. iOS 7 will include “new ways to share photos and videos” with other users, people who are reportedly involved in its development said… Read More


Apple to add system-wide Vimeo and Flickr support in iOS 7

By Cody Lee on May 21, 2013

Details regarding iOS 7 are still fairly scarce, despite the fact that WWDC is just a few weeks away. Apple has said that it will be previewing its next-generation mobile operating system at its annual developer conference next month.

We do know a few things though. Most of the rumors suggest iOS 7 will feature a UI overhaul, in favor of a much flatter design. And according to a new report, Apple will also be beefing up social ties with Vimeo and Flickr integration… Read More


Flickr updated with comment alerts, @username tags, volume shutter and more

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 21, 2013

After a long time, I recently fell in love with Yahoo’s Flickr service, all over again. I mean, not everyone is on Facebook. More importantly, Instagram leaves a lot to be desired in terms of screen resolution so Flickr, which stores original-res photos, is becoming increasingly relevant to my iPhoneography workflow. The freshly updated software now supports @username tagging (with tags linked to users’ photo stream) and can notify you via push alerts when someone tags you in their comment.

And if you happen to find the volume shutter feature of the stock iOS Camera app useful, you’re going to love this update as it lets you snap a photo using your iPhone’s volume up button. The program also includes a few other improvements, mentioned right below… Read More


Tweetbot gains support for Chrome, Flickr, Vine and 1Password

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 4, 2013

Here’s another nice Tweetbot update for your iPhone or iPad. A new version, Tweetbot 2.7, is now live on the App Store with some interesting new features. For starters, Tweetbot can now open links from tweets in Google’s Chrome browser, provided it’s installed on your iDevice. The app will also render Flickr images in-line, as well as 6-second clips tweeted out using Twitter’s new Vine app. Lastly, links from tweets can also be sent to the 1Password app‘s built-in browser in order to access password-protected web sites without having to remember your credentials… Read More


How to copy Instagram photos to Flickr

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 29, 2012

Instagram’s exploding popularity is having long-time iPhoneography buffs pay notice and watch in horror as mainstream users cannot get enough of its filters and max 1080 pixel wide resolution. And with Facebook and Android now in the picture, no wonder some early adopters go to the extremes of closing their account while others, like Apple’s marketing honcho, stopped using Instagram for it “jumped the shark”.

To the most ardent fans, the last straw was Instagram’s confusing handling of the recent terms of service changes – even if it was much ado about nothing.

If you’ve been seriously contemplating importing your Instagram photos over to Flickr but were put off by the tedious manual uploads – worry not, turns out there are a few ways to get that job done without too much fuss. iDB has you covered with this quick guide to bringing in all your Instagram photos to Flickr with just a few clicks. Read More


Flickr for iPhone gains better sharing features

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 19, 2012

Yahoo really seized an opportunity by giving its Flickr iOS app a much-needed love in last week’s major version 2.0 update, didn’t it? I mean, the app couldn’t have arrived at a better time just as Facebook has suffered a major PR blow due to the public outcry concerning Instagram’s new terms of service. Seven days later, Yahoo brings us a new Flickr update. Based on customer feedback, Flickr version 2.01.772 is now available for download, sporting several interesting new features missing in the previous release… Read More


Yahoo updates Flickr app with the obligatory Instagram-like filters

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 12, 2012

Following Instagram’s update that added a new Willow filter and yesterday’s big refresh of Twitter’s iOS client that now lets you crop a photo and apply up to eight brand new filters before tweeting it out, Yahoo too has joined the fray by revamping its aging Flickr iOS client this morning. And guess what? The redesigned app also touts filters as Yahoo attempts to stay relevant in the social photography space. There are sixteen unique camera filters to choose from, twice as much as in Twitter’s app (and also powered by Aviary). More features and screenies right after the break… Read More