Calendo finds something for you to do every day of the week

By Lory Gil on May 29, 2013

Facebook is like a giant party where everyone is talking to you at the same time. Everyone is telling you about their kid’s report card or asking if they can catch a ride somewhere. Everyone invites you to some kind of event, whether you would even be interested in it or not. I used to feel obligated to respond to Facebook invites. But I get invited to so many events that I gave up even checking them.

Calendo – Find Facebook and Meetup events nearby for the iPhone finds events on Facebook based on what you bookmark and generates new lists of events that you might find interesting. No more weeding through hundreds of invitations to art openings, fundraiser, and 5K runs that you don’t want to go to. With Calendo, you can find something you actually want to do this weekend… Read More


Watch out Facebook, Google’s also considering Waze buyout

By Cody Lee on May 24, 2013

Whatever the folks over at Waze are doing, they must be doing it right. Earlier this month, we heard that Facebook was looking to acquire the Palo Alto-based startup and its popular crowd-sourced navigation app for a cool $1 billion.

But as it turns out, they’re not the only ones interested. According to a new report, a number of tech companies have approached the Waze team over a possible buyout deal, including Google, meaning a bidding war could be afoot… Read More


Facebook makes it easier for iOS developers to add sharing to their apps

By Cody Lee on May 20, 2013

Are you not getting enough Facebook in your life? Do you find yourself wishing that your third party apps offered better integration for the social network? If you answered yes to either one of these questions, you’ll love this.

Facebook just announced that it’s pulling the native Share Dialog feature it introduced last month out of beta today. This will allow developers to add sharing features from the social network to their apps with a single line of code… Read More


Facebook app gains faster Events, better Places editing, souped up photo viewer

By Christian Zibreg on May 13, 2013

The social networking giant Facebook just issued an update to its native Facebook client for iOS devices. In what is the first ‘point’ update since the major Facebook 6.0 release from a month ago, the new Facebook version 6.1 enhances your experience with three helpful additions.

For starters, your Facebook Events now load faster on the iPhone and iPod touch. And, if you check in to a venue on your iPhone or iPod touch device, you’ll notice that Facebook has improved the Places editing experience.

In addition to these two iPhone-specific enhancements, I bet you’ll love the improved photo viewer button on both the iPhone and iPad. For more on that, go right past the fold… Read More


Facebook reportedly buying Waze for $1 Billion

By Cody Lee on May 9, 2013

Waze must be doing something right. Earlier this year, the popular crowdsourced GPS application was reportedly being courted by Apple for a possible buyout. And today comes a rumor that Facebook is also interested in an acquisition.

How interested? Well according to a new report this morning, the deal could be worth in upwards of $1 Billion. Apparently, the two companies have been in negotiations for the last six months, and are now in advanced due diligence… Read More


Facebook updates Pages Manager app with photo filters, stickers and more

By Cody Lee on May 9, 2013

Facebook rolled out its Pages Manager app about this time last year as a way to help users—you guessed it—manage their Facebook Pages. These are essentially profiles for businesses, schools and other organizations that want a presence on the social network.

Anyway, users will be happy to hear that the app received a fairly significant update last night, bringing it to version 2.0. Facebook says that it has completely rebuilt the app for better performance, and it’s added support for photo filters, stickers and more… Read More


Facebook Messenger updated with Stickers, swipe-to-delete

By Christian Zibreg on May 6, 2013

The social networking giant Facebook today issued an update to its standalone Messenger app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Facebook Messenger version 2.4, available now, has brought out the popular Stickers feature that was rolled out nearly a month ago in the major Facebook iOS client update. And if Stickers are getting on your nerves, perhaps the reappearance of the swipe-to-delete functionality is just what you needed all along? I’ve included a few more tidbits right below… Read More


I’m Listening: Share your now playing track from anywhere

By Jeff Benjamin on May 6, 2013

Are you finding that iOS’ options are a bit limited when it comes sharing information about the music you’re currently listening to? If so, then I’m Listening might be the jailbreak tweak for you.

I’m Listening is a recently released tweak on Cydia, and it allows you to customize the various sharing activities available for your currently playing song. The tweak works with the stock Music app, and also plays nice with 3rd party music apps like Spotify. I’m Listening utilizes a variety of methods: gestures in the app switcher, gestures on the Lock screen, and Activator gestures, in order to share your now playing track. Take a look inside for our hands-on video detail… Read More


Facebook-enabled Angry Birds Friends launches free on App Store

By Christian Zibreg on May 2, 2013

As promised, Finnish mobile games maker Rovio today launched the mobile edition of Angry Birds Friends. The Facebook edition launched on Facebook a year ago.

Given that the Facebook edition of Angry Birds Friends sees 60+ million monthly installs and has over 1.2 million daily users, the iOS and Android editions of Angry Birds Friends should prove pretty popular.

If you’re a fan of social gaming experiences, Angry Birds Friends will let you invite your Facebook friends to play, brag about your achievements by spamming your Facebook friends’ Newsfeed, spend cash on virtual gifts and coins, earn bronze, silver and gold trophies and more. I’ve included the launch trailer, screenies and more info after the break… Read More


Trust Twitter and Google, not Apple, to protect you from government data demands

By Christian Zibreg on May 1, 2013

Well, this is certainly noteworthy. According to the third annual report by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) titled “Who Has Your Back?”, gadget giant Apple along with carriers AT&T and Verizon, Google’s rival Yahoo and the forgotten social network MySpace all are very likely to give in to Uncle Sam’s data demands.

Specifically, Apple and Yahoo scored one out of six possible stars, with Verizon and Yahoo rather ingloriously earning zero stars each. These companies’ weak safeguard implementation does little to circumvent data demands and protect your private information from the government’s prying eyes.

Whereas Apple and Yahoo only fight for users’ privacy rights in Congress, companies like Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft and Dropbox go to great lengths to ensure privacy of your data, earning four out of six stars each… Read More


QuickReply for Facebook Messenger updated for iOS 6

By Cody Lee on Apr 30, 2013

Good news today for jailbreakers who frequently use Facebook’s Messenger application. Moeseth has updated his popular QuickReply tweak for the social network’s messaging service to be compatible with devices running iOS 6+.

Much like its older sibling, TwitkaFly, QuickReply for Messenger allows users to quickly reply to Facebook messages by tapping on incoming notifications from either the Home screen, Lock screen, or within open applications… Read More


Text Heads are coming to biteSMS [Updated]

By Jeff Benjamin on Apr 28, 2013

A new feature is coming to what is arguably the best text messaging app for iOS. If you listened to our previous episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak, then you already have a good idea what it is. On the podcast, I speculated about what big new feature could be coming to biteSMS after its developer hinted about a brand new addition. My guess was Text Heads.

Today, we can confirm that, indeed, Facebook inspired “Text Heads” are coming to biteSMS. After a few hints, the confirmation came straight from the horse’s mouth. Read More


How to get Chat Heads on iOS right now with MessageBox

By Jeff Benjamin on Apr 26, 2013

Normally speaking, mainstream outlets like The Verge don’t run posts on topics like jailbreaking or jailbreak tweaks, but one in a while they do. For instance, they will be happy to cover a tweak like Auxo, which transcends barriers of interests, even for those who’ve never jailbroken an iPhone.

Recently, another jailbreak tweak has graced the front page of The Verge: MessageBox. It’s the tweak, that as I’m sure you all know by now, allows you to enable Facebook’s new Chat Head feature system-wide. It, too, proved to be a very popular topic of interest in the tech community. What? Facebook’s Chat Head on iOS? And so soon?

If you’ve been around jailbreaking for any length of time, you probably weren’t surprised to see Chat Heads appear on iOS within such a short period of time. In fact, I outright predicted it in this tweet. It was even less surprising when I heard who was actually behind the tweak — Adam Bell. Adam is an excellent developer and designer, and he’s come up with some of the community’s most innovative releases.

Ever since MessageBox was first shown off, I’ve been in contact with Adam while he’s been knee-deep in code. For the record, MessageBox is still in beta, but the potential for greatness is undeniable. The demand is so great that a deluge of tweets, emails, and other forms of communication have landed on Bell’s digital doorstep. Now he’s decided to release a beta version of MessageBox as an answer to the demand.

What should you expect? I thought you’d never ask… Read More


How to bypass Facebook’s Chat Heads limit on iOS

By Cody Lee on Apr 23, 2013

Yesterday we showed you a couple of free, handy jailbreak tweaks that allow you to activate the new Chat Heads and sticker features in Facebook’s 6.0 app. And that’s great for the folks that didn’t have access to them, but what about everyone else?

Don’t worry, we have you covered too. For those of you who already have Chat Heads enabled in the Facebook app, there’s a new jailbreak tweak out called FB Unlimited Chat Heads that removes Facebook’s pesky 4-Chat Heads-or-less limitation… Read More


How to enable Chat Heads and Stickers in the Facebook app

By Cody Lee on Apr 22, 2013

Last week, Facebook released version 6.0 of its app for the iPhone and iPad. The update included two highly anticipated new features, Chat Heads and stickers, which the social network showed off at its ‘Home’ media event earlier this month.

Unfortunately, the two features are on a staggered rollout that Facebook said should be done “over the next few weeks,” so not everyone has them yet. But never fear. As usual, the jailbreak community has come up with an easy way around this… Read More


Bono: Apple’s Jony Ive is Obi-Wan of design

By Ed Sutherland on Apr 19, 2013

Time Magazine’s list of the 100 most interesting people for 2013 is packed with profiles of technology leaders. Apple design guru Jony Ive is among those listed, described as a Star Wars’ Obi-Wan leading a team of Jedi employees.

The thread of Apple’s innovation runs through other profiles, including Samsung’s CEO, who is viewed by a former executive of the iPhone maker as carrying on the tradition of Steve Jobs… Read More


Facebook updates iOS SDK with native Share Dialog

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 19, 2013

The social networking giant Facebook yesterday at the Mobile Developer Conference in New York City updated its software development kit (SDK) for iOS developers with a new native Share Dialog that also supports photos, akin to the iOS 6 Share Sheet feature.

It lets iOS programmers write apps which enable users to share content to Facebook without leaving the app. Previously, sharing to Facebook in non-Facebook apps used to bring up a web page.

Facebook also rebuilt the Login Dialogs across mobile and web claiming a 20 percent speed increase and introduced other changes to the SDK… Read More


And just like that, Chat Heads are a reality on iOS

By Jeff Benjamin on Apr 17, 2013

As we predicted, Chat Heads are coming to a jailbroken iPhone near you. Stride developer, Adam Bell, is currently hard at work on implementing Facebook’s Chat Head feature system-wide on iOS, and he’s made some great progress.

First posted on the Verge, Bell’s Chat Head integration with iOS looks to be coming along much faster than many anticipated. Take a look at a hands-on video inside. Read More


Here’s what Chat Heads could look like on a jailbroken iPhone

By Jeff Benjamin on Apr 16, 2013

This is admittedly, a very rough demo, but it does give us a rough idea as to how Chat Heads might look on iOS. I’d say it’s only a matter of time before a jailbreak developer implements Facebook’s Chat Heads in some way, shape, or form throughout iOS.

What do you think? Perhaps it could be an extension of biteSMS, or maybe it could be a standalone feature? Whatever the case may be, I believe that the only variable here is time. Read More


Facebook 6.0 arrives with Chat Heads, new iPad UI, revamped News Feed, stickers

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 16, 2013

As promised, the new Facebook version 6.0 update has just dropped on the App Store, bringing out a number of new features such as Chat Heads borrowed from Facebook Home for Android, a redesigned user interface on the iPad focused on the new News Feed which was announced in March, stickers in chat windows and more.

Get downloading and read the following one-line disclaimer from Facebook before you jump straight to the comments:

“Chat Heads and stickers will be available to everyone over the next few weeks”.

There, it’s a staggered roll-out, you’ve been warned… Read More

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