Apple praises ‘Becoming Steve Jobs’ biography, calls it ‘better than anything else we’ve seen’

By Jake Smith on Mar 23, 2015

Apple is throwing itself behind the latest biography to tell the life of late co-founder Steve Jobs, ahead of its release on Tuesday. “Becoming Steve Jobs” by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli has elicited a response from Apple’s often-quiet press team, as to why it chose to provide interview access for the completion of the book. Read More


Apple’s Eddy Cue details Apple Pay on Apple Watch at NBA game

By Jake Smith on Mar 6, 2015

Apple’s software boss Eddy Cue, an avid Golden State Warriors fan, was on-hand at Oracle arena in Oakland on Saturday to help with the official rollout of Apple Pay at the team store, the second such to support the mobile payment technology.

While we expect many details for the Apple Watch to be revealed on Monday, Mashable reports Cue, who was wearing a stainless steel Apple Watch, offered details on how Apple Pay will work with the wearable. Read More


Eddy Cue demos Apple Pay for local news program

By Cody Lee on Nov 18, 2014

During a Monday night segment of the Tech Report on local LA news station KTLA, Eddy Cue took host Rich DeMuro on a “shopping spree” to demonstrate how easy it is to use Apple Pay for purchases. The pair visited a number of places, including Panera Bread, Bloomingdale’s and the Disney Store.

Using his gold iPhone 6 Plus, Apple’s SVP of Internet software and services, pre-ordered food from Panera Bread using the restaurant’s app, and paid for it via Apple Pay. He then went to Bloomingdale’s to buy sunglasses, the Disney Store for a few toys, and of course they ended up at an Apple Store. Read More


Apple says U2 ‘Songs of Innocence’ album has been downloaded 26 million times

By Cody Lee on Oct 9, 2014

The controversial U2 album ‘Songs of Innocence’ has been downloaded nearly 30 million times since Apple announced it would be available to iTunes users for free last month. In a statement to Billboard on Thursday, senior VP Eddy Cue said that the album had racked up 26 million ‘complete downloads’ since its September 9 debut.

Cue adds that over 81 million Apple customers have experienced Songs of Innocence within the last month—a number that includes Beats Music, iTunes, and iTunes Radio streams. “To help put this into perspective,” Cue says, “prior to this, a total of 14 million customers had purchased music from U2 since iTunes opened in 2003.” Read More


Apple’s Cook and Cue spotted at Sun Valley media conference, check out the photos

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 9, 2014

Allen & Company’s annual Sun Valley retreat is kicking off today and a host of media, entertainment and technology executives are now arriving at the Idaho resort.

Among the guests: Apple CEO Tim Cook and Eddy Cue, a Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services who also happens to handle Apple’s relations with Hollywood studios and record labels.

The two men were photographed wondering around the resort. An attempt by one journalist to find out whether the executives are in attendance to cut media deals could not yield a satisfactory response… Read More


Tim Cook and Eddy Cue visit Apple’s new Austin campus

By Cody Lee on Jun 5, 2014

In late 2012, Apple began work on a major 39-acre campus in Austin, Texas. According to its development agreement, the grounds will house more than 1 million square feet of office space for various operations including human resources, finance and the like.

After completing phase one of the construction earlier this year, the campus held its opening celebration today. CEO Tim Cook was on hand for the event, offering up a recap of WWDC announcements and teasing that “exciting” new products are on the way… Read More


Watch the full Eddy Cue and Jimmy Iovine interview at Code Conference

By Christian Zibreg on May 30, 2014

Having originally anticipated sending its online services and software engineering chiefs, Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi, to speak at’s Recode Conference, Apple’s changed its mind after announcing the $3 billion Beats buy and has opted to dispatch Beats co-founder and music mogul Jimmy Iovine instead of Craig.

My colleague Cody has published several articles covering the two men’s appearance at the conference. Based on a couple video snippets Recode published earlier this week, we’ve heard that Apple’s best product pipeline in 25 years is coming later in 2014, learned about the latest iTunes stats and gotten amused by Eddy Cue’s opinion on the current state of TV (in short, it “sucks”).

The interview is now available for streaming straight from Recode and I’ve included the full video for your viewing pleasure right after the break… Read More


iTunes surpasses 35 billion songs sold, iTunes Radio hits 40 million listeners

By Cody Lee on May 29, 2014

Speaking at last night’s inaugural Code Conference, Apple SVP of Internet services Eddy Cue and Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine shared some numbers on their respective music services following yesterday’s major acquisition.

Iovine talked Beats Music, and Cue of course talked iTunes, which have each hit major milestones within the last week. Beats has surpassed the quarter million subscriber mark, and iTunes hit 35 billion digital downloads sold… Read More


Eddy Cue: today’s TV experience sucks

By Cody Lee on May 29, 2014

Last night, Apple’s Eddy Cue (and Jimmy Iovine) joined Recode’s Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher on stage at the Code Conference to discuss a wide range of topics. The focus was obviously on the recently announced Beats acquisition, but as you can imagine, other interesting stuff came up as well.

One of the more noteworthy bits came after Cue was questioned on the long-rumored Apple TV update. Mossberg said it’s clear Apple has been wanting to do a big TV project for a long time, and Tim Cook has even alluded to it on a few occasions, but we haven’t seen anything yet. Here’s Cue’s response… Read More


Eddy Cue: Apple’s best product pipeline in 25 years coming later this year

By Cody Lee on May 29, 2014

‘Has Apple lost its ability to innovate?’ has become a common theme among critics in recent years, who note that the company hasn’t released a groundbreaking new product since the iPad in 2010. And going halfway through 2014 without mention of a new gadget hasn’t helped its cause.

But according to Apple’s SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue, that’s about to change. The executive sat down with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at the Code Conference last night to talk about the recent high-profile Beats acquisition, and set major expectations for the fall… Read More


Top Apple execs Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi speaking at Code Conference

By Jake Smith on Apr 28, 2014

Top Apple executives Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi will headline the second night of Recode’s Code Conference in May, joining an already high profile lineup including General Motors CEO Mary Barra, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Hollywood mogul Ryan Seacrest.

Apple executives rarely make an appearance at events outside of those officially held by Apple, however, Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, formerly of the D Conference, obviously have a secret to doing it. The two have interviewed Apple co-founder Steve Jobs several times, including once alongside Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, and most recently interviewed CEO Tim Cook.  Read More


Eddy Cue calls out inaccuracy in new post-Jobs Apple book

By Cody Lee on Mar 19, 2014

Early reviews are out for former WSJ writer Yukari Kane’s new book on post-Jobs Apple: ‘Haunted Empire’ ($14.99 in the iBooks Store), and they aren’t good. Many readers believe that Kane fails to make her obvious preconceived point that Apple is doomed, and doesn’t even appear to try.

Even Tim Cook had something to say about the book, telling CNBC yesterday that “this nonsense belongs with some of the other books I’ve read about Apple.” And today, another executive has spoken out. SVP Eddy Cue says that the epic ‘pen’ story Kane tells in her book never happened… Read More


Eddy Cue talks iTunes Festival in SXSW interview

By Cody Lee on Mar 12, 2014

Apple’s iTunes Festival kicked off last night at the Moody Theater in Austin, TX. The 5-day concert is the company’s first in the United States, and is headlining South by Southwest—a set of film, tech and music festivals—this week.

As we noted this morning, Apple’s SVP of Internet software and services Eddy Cue was on hand for last night’s show, and reporter Jim Dalrymple was able to sit down with him. The two talked about iTunes Festival, SXSW and more… Read More


Eddy Cue and Phil Schiller on hand for Apple’s SXSW iTunes Festival

By Cody Lee on Mar 12, 2014

Apple’s SXSW iTunes Festival kicked off last night at the Moody Theater in Austin, Texas. The 5-day concert is the first that the company has hosted in the United States, and will feature performances by a number of high-profile musicians.

London Grammar kicked off the Festival last night, followed by the Imagine Dragons and Coldplay. And a couple of Apple execs were on hand for the show, including SVP of Internet Software Eddy Cue and SVP of marketing Philip Schiller… Read More


Eddy Cue and other Apple execs granted $19 million in restricted stock bonuses

By Cody Lee on Mar 6, 2014

According to some recent SEC filings, Eddy Cue, Phil Schiller and other Apple executives have been awarded restricted stock bonuses that will vest over the next 3 years. The bonuses consist of more than 30,000 shares, worth in upwards of $19 million at today’s prices.

Restricted stock units, or RSUs, are typically given as an incentive to stay with a company. Additionally, since they convert into shares of stock upon vesting, they encourage execs to put their ‘best foot forward’ as their value directly correlates to the firm’s performance… Read More


Video of Eddy Cue as he accepts Steve Jobs’ Bay Area Business HOF award

By Cody Lee on Nov 12, 2013

Apple’s VP of Internet software and services Eddy Cue tweeted out a link to a YouTube video last night, with the caption “an honor, a privilege and truly from my heart to Steve.” The video was of Cue giving a speech at a banquet.

More specifically, Cue was accepting an award on Steve Jobs’ behalf. He was [posthumously] inducted into the Bay Area Business Hall of Fame last Thursday, and the clip shows a montage of keynotes, interviews and other gems… Read More


Eddy Cue talks iTunes Festival and iTunes Radio in EW interview

By Cody Lee on Oct 2, 2013

September was a big month for Apple and its iTunes team. In addition to running its iTunes Festival—a 30-day long concert with some 60 performances, the company also launched a new streaming music service called iTunes Radio.

And yesterday, the folks over at Entertainment Weekly had the chance to sit down and talk with the man behind it all: Apple’s SVP of software and services Eddy Cue. We’ve posted a few choice excerpts from the interview after the fold… Read More


Apple launches internal website to showcase iTunes content by employees

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 25, 2013

Since Apple’s inception, Steve Jobs very intentionally positioned his baby as the underdog, one that builds the ultimate tools for the creative types. These days, Apple is powerfully corporate and anything but the underdog of the pre-2000 era. One thing hasn’t changed: the tools Apple builds nowadays are still aimed at creatives, with a heavy focus on prosumers.

It takes talented engineers to come up with such sticky devices and Apple happens to hire some of the brightest minds in the industry.

And guess what?

Like us regular fans, Apple’s employees rely on company products to create interesting videos, compose music, write electronic books and so forth so Apple though it’d be cool to highlight their work via a private website… Read More


Apple’s content king Eddy Cue also attending 2013 Sun Valley retreat

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 10, 2013

The Sun Valley tech and media conference is kicking off today. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook arrived to Idaho-based Sun Valley Resort earlier today and was unexpectedly accompanied by Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue.

More than 300 executives from technology and media companies are slated to attend the annual conference, which runs through Friday and is hosted and wholly independently funded by private investment firm Allen & Company.

Cook was in attendance of last year’s retreat, but this time around he’s brought Cue with him, perhaps to kick the show up one more notch and cut lucrative new content deals… Read More


Eddy Cue talks Steve Jobs, page curls and iBooks launch at e-book hearing

By Cody Lee on Jun 17, 2013

Eddy Cue once again took the stand today in Apple’s ongoing antitrust case with the Department of Justice. The company’s SVP of Internet software and services took the stand on Friday to talk about Steve Jobs’ involvement in Apple’s iBooks project. And this morning, he offered up a few more details.

Cue spoke more candidly on the witness stand today, providing several interesting tidbits about Jobs’ participation in Apple’s iBooks launch back in 2010. Apparently, the then-CEO had a big hand in the project, doing everything from designing minor UI details to choosing which book to offer for free… Read More

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