Verizon to soon begin throttling select unlimited LTE customers

By Cody Lee on Jul 25, 2014

Back in 2011, Verizon began throttling data output for the top 5% of its 3G customers on unlimited data plans. The carrier had just picked up the iPhone, and was in the process of rolling out its LTE network, so it needed a low-cost way to save bandwidth.

Fast forward to today, and Verizon issued a press release announcing a similar policy for LTE customers. Starting in October, the company plans to start “optimizing its network,” which is a nice way of saying it’s going to start throttling high-volume users… Read More


Mobile hit ‘Candy Crush’ made more money than all Nintendo games last quarter

By Cody Lee on May 31, 2014

Critics have been saying for years that Nintendo should get into the mobile gaming business. It’s not just that the company’s hardware business is slipping, or that it’s losing money, but mobile games happens to be a very hot space right now.

Case in point is this recent report from research firm Newzoo, which ranks public companies by game revenue. According to the firm’s data, hit mobile title Candy Crush generated more money last quarter than all Nintendo titles combined… Read More


Google surpasses Apple as world’s most valuable brand in latest study

By Cody Lee on May 21, 2014

It seems like every couple of weeks, a new study comes out telling us who the most valuable brand in the world is based on various metrics. The winner changes from time to time, but I’d guess more times than not in recent years, it’s been Apple.

That’s not that case, however in the latest study. Marketing research firm Millward Brown is out with its annual BrandZ study this morning, and after sitting at the top for 3 years in a row, the iPad-maker has been usurped by Google for the #1 spot… Read More


Apple now number two online retailer behind Amazon

By Cody Lee on May 6, 2014

According to data from e-commerce research firm Internet Retailer, Apple is now the number two online retailer in the world. Amazon, of course, still has a large lead in the number one spot, but the Cupertino firm recently surpassed Staples to take over second place.

The jump in position is due to a couple of factors. For one, Staples saw flat online sales of $10.4 billion over the past year, representing just a 1% increase over 2012. And two, Internet Retailer is accounting for both hardware and digital content sales for the first time… Read More


T-Mobile tweaks Simple Choice plans with more data, international texting

By Cody Lee on Mar 9, 2014

T-Mobile announced this weekend that it would be making some changes to its existing Simple Choice plans. All of the plan options will now include more data and unlimited international texting from the US, in addition to unlimited domestic talk, text and data.

Pricing tiers still start at $50 per month, except now you get a full 1GB of LTE data at this price, instead of just 500MB. And it goes on from there. You now get 3GB of unthrottled LTE data for $60 per month, instead of 2.5GB, and you get  5GB for $70 per month… Read More


AT&T launches new family plans with ‘best-ever’ prices

By Cody Lee on Feb 1, 2014

In an effort to fend off T-Mobile’s ‘Un-carrier’ attack, and stay competitive with Verizon, AT&T announced a new set of family plans this afternoon. The plans include unlimited talk and text and then a bucket of 10GB of data that can be shared by all of the accompanying devices.

But the big news here is the pricing. AT&T is saying that these new plans come with the best-ever prices, and at first glance, they do look appealing. For instance, the entry-level option costs just $130 per month with unlimited talk, text and then 10GB of data for 2 smartphones… Read More


iPhone 5s owners guzzling up 20 percent more data than iPhone 5 users

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 23, 2014

A new research report from JDSU has revealed that owners of the iPhone 5s are gobbling up 20 percent more data compared to people who own an iPhone 5. This means that for every five megabytes (or gigabytes) of cellular data consumed by an iPhone 5 owner, an additional megabyte (or gigabyte) gets guzzled up by an iPhone 5s owner.

In fact, looking at the list of top ten devices that downloaded most data in 2013, Apple’s iOS gadgets took six slots. I’m guessing Tim Cook is smiling as we speak for this survey is another sign of Apple’s devices getting far more actual use compared to Android-driven handsets, Android’s lead in terms of sheer volume notwithstanding… Read More


AT&T announces new sponsored data service for mobile devices

By Cody Lee on Jan 6, 2014

Today at CES, AT&T announced an interesting new service called Sponsored Data. The goal of the new service is essentially to offer a way for companies to pick up the tab for 4G data usage whenever specific products or services are being used.

How does it work? Well the carrier says that if the service is in effect, users will see a “sponsored” symbol in the status bar on the screen of their device. And this will indicate that all data charges are being redirected to the sponsoring company… Read More


T-Mobile to carry cellular models of new iPads with free 200MB plan

By Cody Lee on Oct 22, 2013

Wow, just when you thought T-Mobile couldn’t get any crazier, it goes and does something like this. As CEO John Leger hinted last week, the [un-]carrier has finally landed Apple’s iPad, but there’s a big twist.

Apparently, T-Mobile will be offering an entry-level data package with 200 MB free of charge alongside the tablet. And of course, higher-limit packages will be available too, starting at $30/month for 2.5 GB… Read More


AT&T to stop offering traditional per-device plans to new customers

By Cody Lee on Oct 11, 2013

AT&T announced this afternoon that it will be ‘streamlining’ the plans that it offers to its new customers later this month. That’s essentially corporate jargon for ‘getting rid of,’ and in this case it refers to per-device data plans.

Starting October 25, the carrier will no longer offer traditional monthly voice and data plans to new customers. Instead they will have to choose from one of the newer mobile share plans, which come with various levels of data… Read More


T-Mobile launches 2G data roaming in 100+ countries at no extra charge

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 10, 2013

Adamant to change the way the world uses their phones, Deutsche Telekom-owned U.S. wireless carrier, T-Mobile USA, on Thursday announced that it will make available cellular data service in over a hundred countries around the world, at no extra charge. It’s no secret the industry’s been charging huge fees for data roaming. “What’s most surprising is that no one’s called them out,” T-Mobile’s boss remarked unapologetically.

Indeed, the telco’s deal represents a significant departure from the exorbitant roaming fees wireless carriers typically impose and is a positive step toward providing global data coverage on fair and reasonable terms. The only drawback: only T-Mobile’s slow 2G data service is included in the promotion… Read More


Verizon will honor weekend upgrade orders with unlimited data

By Cody Lee on Oct 1, 2013

Over the weekend, a number of Verizon customers reported that they were able to upgrade to the iPhone 5s (and other handsets) without losing their grandfathered unlimited data plan—something the carrier put a stop to last summer.

As we expected, this was the result of a software glitch, and Verizon fixed it first thing Monday morning. But here’s something we didn’t see coming: the company says it will honor the orders and let customers keep their unlimited plans… Read More


Some Verizon customers reportedly able to upgrade without losing unlimited data

By Cody Lee on Sep 29, 2013

Last summer, Verizon put an end to grandfathered unlimited data plans by forcing customers to move to one of their new Share Everything plans when they upgraded their smartphone at the subsidized price.

But within the last few days, several VZW customers have reported that they were able to upgrade to one of the new iPhone models either online or at a third-party retailer without losing their unlimited data… Read More


Verizon introduces new 500MB shareable data plan

By Cody Lee on Aug 2, 2013

The actions of major US wireless carriers are fairly easy to predict—particularly with AT&T and Verizon. If one does something, you can bet the other is going to follow suit, and vice versa. Just recently it happened with the device upgrade plans, and now this.

Hot on the heels of AT&T announcing its new 300MB share plan, Verizon has introduced a similar option for its customers. Starting this month, Big Red subscribers will be able to snag a new 500MB shared data plan for their smartphone, for $40 per month… Read More


AT&T introduces new 300MB and 2GB data plans

By Cody Lee on Jul 22, 2013

AT&T has introduced two new Mobile Share plans this morning, rounding out its family of Mobile Share rate options it first introduced in the summer of last year. The offerings are designed to allow users to share monthly data allotments across multiple devices.

Previously, the plans started at 1GB of data per month and then jumped straight to 4GB. But today, AT&T announced that it would be adding 300MB and 2GB plans to the mix, giving users that don’t require much data a wider selection of options to choose from… Read More


Sprint introduces new unlimited plans with lifetime guarantee

By Cody Lee on Jul 12, 2013

It’s been a busy week for the folks over at Sprint. Not only did the carrier rebrand itself as the Sprint Corporation, and complete its buyout deal with SoftBank, but today it announced two new rate plans that include unlimited talk, text and data.

While the unlimited data itself is notable—few carriers still offer this—the real highlight of the plans is the lifetime guarantee. That’s right, in a world where the rules seem to change every other year, Sprint is promising unlimited everything, foreverRead More


Apple posts open letter regarding PRISM accusations and customer privacy

By Cody Lee on Jun 17, 2013

Apple has just issued a statement regarding its customer privacy policy, following accusations that it is involved in a US government-run PRISM program that offers up user data without warrant. It’s already commented on the situation, but it obviously felt it needed to be more clear.

Tonight the company posted an open letter to its website entitled ‘Apple’s Commitment to Customer Privacy.’ The letter reiterates that Apple knew nothing about the so-called PRISM program, and offers insight into its relationship with the government and what it means for users… Read More


Cricket lowers unlimited iPhone plan to $50

By Cody Lee on Apr 22, 2013

Cricket, a subsidiary of Leap Wireless, started offering the iPhone last year. Initially, it was the only prepaid carrier offering the popular smartphone, but it has since been joined by Straight Talk and other low-cost competitors.

So it’s no surprise that the wireless provider announced today that it’s revamping its iPhone plans, bringing them more inline with its Android plans and the competition. The service now starts at $50 for unlimited everything… Read More


AT&T launches 30/40/50GB shared data tiers

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 18, 2013

The U.S. wireless carrier AT&T this morning introduced its data-hungry subscribers to some powerful new tiers.

Going beyond AT&T’s existing options topping out at twenty gigs, the new options are now available to add thirty, forty or fifty gigabytes of cellular data to your shared plan of choice. Beware, however – these come at high prices.

The $30GB a month tier will set you back an unsettling $300 a month, with the 40GB and 50GB tiers commanding an alarming $400 a month and a whopping $500 a month, respectively. These prices include unlimited calling and texting. Should you need only data, AT&T will happily sell you data-only tiers for your tablet and laptop, with the top 50GB plan running $335 a month… Read More


AT&T now offers travelers 1GB of free data across UK’s 16,000 Wi-Fi spots

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 19, 2013

U.S. carrier AT&T today expanded its 4G LTE coverage in several markets and now word has reaches us that the company has signed an interesting roaming deal with The Cloud to offer travelers free access to 16,000 Wi-Fi spots in the United Kingdom. The Cloud is a BSkyB-owned Wi-Fi hotspot provider and the agreement entails up to one gigabyte of free roaming data.

RIM has always bested the iPhone and other handset vendors with reasonable service terms that typically include free or inexpensive messaging and data for BlackBerry users traveling abroad. While Apple’s dealings with the world’s carriers don’t included these benefits, it’s nice that one of the most important carriers globally is now appeasing to its customers with a fair roaming deal… Read More

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