Here’s a budget iPhone concept with a 3.5-inch display

By Cody Lee on Jan 16, 2013

Apple is expected to make a few changes to its mobile lineup this year. For the iPad, it’s expected to revamp the 9.7-inch model making it thinner and lighter, with smaller bezels. On the iPhone side, it’s expected to release a new budget model.

As with all new product rumors, artists are using their skills and creativity to create mockups of what these things could possibly look like. We showed you some earlier today of the next-gen iPad, and now we have some of the rumored ‘iPhone mini.’ Read More


New Game Center concept looks sharp without the textures

By Cody Lee on Jan 15, 2013

During its big executive shuffle last fall, Apple put expert designer Jony Ive in charge of all HI (Human Interface). And since then, there has been non-stop speculation regarding what kind of changes might be made to the ever-aging iOS.

And a lot of folks are wondering what the operating system would look like without all of the skeuomorphism — the leather, etc. textures. Well designer Adrian Maciburko might be on the right track with his “Crystal Interface” concept… Read More


A new concept from the designer of Auxo improves Do Not Disturb

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 14, 2013

I think it’s safe to say that the Auxo jailbreak tweak was a resounding success. As you may remember, it initially started out as a concept posted on The Verge forums. Its designer, Sentry, hooked up with a more than capable developer, and eventually the pair made the concept into a successfully reality.

Well it appears that Sentry is back, this time with a new concept aimed around improving the functionality of Apple’s built in Do Not Disturb feature. While Apple may not think that it needs improvement, judging from the advertisement spot it just released showcasing the feature, Sentry believes that he can improve Do Not Disturb by meshing it with Notification Center. Read More


Gorgeous iPhone 6 concept based on new iPod nano design

By Cody Lee on Jan 5, 2013

Though Apple is believed to have sold in upwards of 50 million iPhones last quarter, there are still many critics out there that believe both the handset, and the software it runs, are getting a bit long in the tooth.

This is why we continue to see concepts for new iPhones and iOS features with refreshed designs. In fact, a new one popped up yesterday that gives the smartphone an all new look à la the 7th gen iPod nano…

Read More


Upcoming tweak puts customizable app shortcuts to your iOS lock screen

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 1, 2013

The iPhone’s lock screen has got to be the source of endless inspiration for jailbreak developers and conceptual artists who are constantly coming up with new ways to broaden functionality of your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. UI designer @Sentry_NC of the Auxo fame thought long and hard about juicing up the iPhone’s lock screen and came up with this concept showing how the iOS lock screen pulley grabber could be for more than just the camera app.

What’s best, we heard that jailbreak developer Rudolf Lichtner is already working on turning his idea into a reality. As always, our own Jeff Benjamin will be monitoring the progress of this tweak and sharing his hands-on impressions as soon as the finished code hits Cydia… Read More


This is inevitable: the iPhone, 5 years into the future

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 26, 2012

I love my iPhone for what it does and even more so for what it might be capable of doing the next year and the year after – and beyond. Heck, a whole cottage industry of mockups and concept renders has sprung up around forthcoming iPhones.

If you ask Aatma Studios, a future iPhone will have a holographic keyboard (Fox News shamefully thought the concept was real!). Another guy, a student, dreamt up a Vibrative Virtual Keyboard that lets you “type” on flat surfaces. Taking their design cues, YouTube user “FranSnk3d” last week posted this nice clip.

I know it is too easily admissible, but so would had been the original iPhone if someone had laid out the concept for you years prior to the January 2007 introduction. Let’s also not forget pico projection is here and that holographs have come quite a long way.

Indeed, who’s to say this won’t be a future iPhone five or so years from today? Read More


Conceivable concept tidies up the Notification Center mess

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 10, 2012

Notification Center, a feature Apple borrowed from the jailbreak community, continues to be artists’ favorite playground, if numerous concepts are anything to go by. I’m especially liking a new concept by Alex Saretzky, a designer who is proposing a better use of the screen real estate in Apple’s implementation of the Notification Center.

The redesigned feature helps convey more information compared to Apple’s version of the Notification Center. Specifically, Alex says Apple should drop the linen background (we’re looking at you, Jony Ive) and re-think some of the design decision that clash with its own Human Interface Guidelines… Read More


Check out this cool Lockscreen concept

By Cody Lee on Dec 5, 2012

As successful as iOS has been, and continues to be, for Apple, there’s no question that it’s getting a bit long in the tooth. After all, a majority of the operating system looks just like it did when the iPhone first debuted back in 2007.

And that’s why we see so many concepts for iOS. Because there’s several ways Apple could improve its mobile platform, from smarter notifications, to broader widgets. And that’s proven once again with this new Lockscreen design… Read More


Conceptual renders imagine iTV interface

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 26, 2012

A member of The Verge forums posted a series of intriguing images depicting an à la carte heaven where the Apple TV box serves entertainment from pretty much any source imaginable, be it DLNA devices on the local network, your cable or satellite provider web sources like iTunes and YouTube – even premium channels like HBO and Fox. Regardless of the source, the concept calls for a unified interface bringing together all the different media sources in one central place, with voice-activated search, electronic program guides and other perks… Read More


Concept: how Jony Ive should redesign iOS alerts

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 24, 2012

With Scott Forstall’s departure, watchers and users alike are keeping their eyes peeled for Jony Ive-ification of Apple’s mobile operating system. It is no secret that iOS is showing its age in several key aspects, especially compared against Android. The concept of alerts, despite advancements such as Notification Center, is still too obtrusive and leaves a lot to be desired.

That’s why I approve a new solution proposed by an Apple fan who has envisioned friendlier and actionable iOS alerts… Read More


Someone do this iPhone Smart Cover and take my money

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 15, 2012

Wish someone made this. Apple makes the Smart Cover for the full-size iPad and the iPad mini so why not for the iPhone 5? Designer Adrien Olczak, the brains behind this intriguing concept, rightfully points out that someone should “do this and take my money”. His idea is unlikely to become a reality in this form, even if it cries for Kickstarter.

Oh wait, an iPhone Smart Cover already exists!

Now, I don’t know about you but I really dislike screen protectors because they’re bad for multitouch performance more often than not. And as head-turning as designs of regular covers are, they’re tough to remove and hide the handset’s beautiful design, which is actually my main gripe with the sleeve industry in general… Read More


Meet iSiri, the best iWatch concept to date

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 8, 2012

The radical iSiri gadget idea by designer Federico Ciccarese may be the ultimate iWatch concept conceived to date. Falling somewhere in between this eerie-looking Matrix-ified gadget and another conceptual time piece with a FaceTime camera on it, iSiri seems so obvious and inevitable. If only Apple didn’t replace the rectangular iPod nano with a tall one… Read More


Student creates invisible virtual keyboard for iPhones

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 8, 2012

A lot of ordinary people upon seeing Aatma Studios’s concept of an iPhone with a holographic keyboard thought Apple was working on one (Fox News certainly fell for it). Florian Kräutli, a computing student at Goldsmiths, University of London, had a better idea.

Instead of a laser-projected virtual keyboard, he uses the iPhone’s sensitive accelerometer sensor to measure the strength and frequency of microscopic vibrations that occur when “typing” on a surrounding surface area. Enter Vibrative Virtual Keyboard… Read More


Concept video shows widgets the way Apple should implement them

By Sébastien Page on Nov 1, 2012

If you’ve had an Android device in your hands before, you’ve likely noticed they usually come with widgets for just about anything. As a matter of fact, when I reviewed the Nexus 7 a few months ago, I noted that widgets were definitely one of the strong points of the tablet. Of course, jailbreakers are no strangers to widgets: Dashboard X is an example of how widgets can be implemented in a very tasteful way on iOS.

Visual and UI designer Max Rudberg recently took it upon himself to imagine another way widgets could work on iOS. The result is quite amazing, and in all honesty, I believe Apple should really take note of Rudberg’s concept. Have a look for yourself… Read More


iOS 6 GUI now available for download

By Cody Lee on Oct 13, 2012

Heads up all of you designers and concept artists. The entire GUI (graphical user interface) for iOS 6 has just been uploaded to the web.

That’s right, all of the buttons, menus, icons and anything else you can think of graphic-wise in iOS are now available for download…

Read More


Check out this concept for a more useful iOS app switcher

By Cody Lee on Oct 9, 2012

Since Apple introduced multitasking in iOS 4, the app switcher has remained relatively the same. The jailbreak community, of course, has found dozens of uses for the pop-up app menu, but Apple, for the most part, has left it untouched.

With that in mind, you can understand why mockups that offer a new take on the app switcher create so much commotion. And such is the case with a concept that recently surfaced called “Rethinking the App Switcher for the iPhone 5…” Read More


Here are some gorgeous iPad mini mockups

By Cody Lee on Oct 4, 2012

Now that the iPhone 5 launch has come and gone, the rumor mill’s attention has turned to the iPad mini. Apple is widely expected to unveil a smaller version of its popular tablet sometime within the next month.

There’s been a lot of talk over what the slate will look like, with the most recent chatter stemming from a leaked black rear shell that reportedly belongs to the tablet. And as usual, this has inspired some mockups… Read More


Photos of alleged iPad mini dummy unit

By Cody Lee on Sep 18, 2012

Now that the iPhone 5 announcement has come and gone, the rumor mill has turned its sights back to the iPad mini. Yesterday, we heard the tablet is already in mass production. And today, this.

There’s a new set of photos floating around the web this morning of a purported iPad mini dummy unit. And the non-working model is believed to be indicative of what the tablet will look like… Read More


Fail: Fox 5 News reports the iPhone 5 has laser keyboard

By Cody Lee on Sep 18, 2012

If you’ve ever seen your local news station report about Apple products, or other tech-related topics, you know it isn’t always the best coverage. Let’s just say, technology isn’t really their strength.

That was once again confirmed last night, as Fox 5 News in New York inaccurately reported on the iPhone 5 and its features, claiming Apple’s new handset has a “laser keyboard and holographic images…” Read More


Concept video shows how Spotlight in iOS should work

By Cody Lee on Sep 17, 2012

Apple added the Spotlight search tool to iOS back in 2009, with version 3.0. The page, which can be accessed by swiping to the left of the Home screen, allows you to search through the content on your device.

While it’s a nice idea, the feature itself has long been criticized for its limited functionality. Compared to its counterpart in Mac OS X, Spotlight for iOS is pretty hindered. Perhaps this is how it should work… Read More

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