New concepts depict the iPad mini 2 in gold and blue

By Cody Lee on Oct 2, 2013

Last week, a couple of photos popped up on the web of an alleged next-gen iPad mini with a gold shell. If legit, the leak would seemingly confirm reports that the new tablet will be offered in the same 3 colors as the iPhone 5s.

But as usual, the underground photos didn’t do a very good job of showing off the device in its entirety—in fact, you can only see the bottom. But never fear, Martin Hajek has drawn up some concepts to give us all a closer look…
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Patent struggles may keep this MagSafe-like headphone adapter from being made

By Cody Lee on Aug 25, 2013

I’ve always thought Apple’s magnetic MagSafe power connector was an ingenious piece of tech. In fact, I was hoping to see them include it in the iPhone 5 and other iOS products. But obviously, that wish never materialized.

Designer Jon Patterson is still trying to make it happen, though, with the Pogo, a MagSafe-like magnetic connector for your iPhone. He’s only using it for headphones right now, but he says it’ll likely work for power cords too… Read More


Gorgeous new iWatch concept features flexible display, runs iOS 7

By Cody Lee on Aug 20, 2013

Since we first started hearing reports that Apple was working on a smartwatch, designers have been churning out concepts left and right showing what their visions are for the device. And we’ve seen some good ones too, see here and here.

But this new one from Federico Ciccarese, of Ciccarese Design, might be the best yet. Designed with a flexible touchscreen display, it looks more like a futuristic, high-end fashion accessory than it does a smartwatch, and it even runs iOS 7Read More


What a 12.9-inch iPad looks like next to an iPad 4, MacBook Air

By Cody Lee on Aug 9, 2013

Earlier this year, a report from a Korean news site claimed that Apple was looking at the possibility of launching a 12.9-inch iPad in early 2014. We called the story ‘crazy,’ as among other things, it called for the monstrous tablet to be named the ‘iPad maxi.’

Surprisingly, though, late last month the Wall Street Journal corroborated the report, saying it had it on good authority that Apple was really working on such a device. And on the off chance that it ever makes it to market, here’s what it could look like… Read More


Samsung’s concept makes the case for wearables

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 9, 2013

Young Sohn, who started at Samsung in August 2012 as President and Chief Strategy Officer, showed this intriguing concept video at MobileBeat 2013, VentureBeat’s sixth annual flagship conference on the future of mobile. In it, the Galaxy maker lays out its vision for wearable computing that calls for new kinds of bendable displays.

The video focuses on a scene depicting a woman using her smartphone of the future outfitted with health sensors to share health data with her doctor. According to Bloomberg, Apple’s rumored iWatch includes a pedometer for counting steps and sensors for monitoring health-related data, such as heart rates… Read More


Concept vid makes the case for a 1080p 5.7-inch iPhone

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 21, 2013

While Tim Cook patiently keeps on insisting that Apple isn’t interested in making an iPhablet, that’s not stopping analysts, media, watchersbloggers – and even Apple’s supply chain partners – from speculating. The latest example: just last week, Reuters ran a report claiming Apple is considering launching 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch iPhone models in six different colors next year.

The 5.7-inch form factor didn’t come out of blue: presumably, it’s the right size for a 1080p Apple phablet. Figuring as much, UK’s T3 magazine has put together an interesting concept video making a good case for a 1080p iPhone… Read More


New tweak based on Sentry’s ‘fan out app grouping’ concept coming soon

By Cody Lee on Jun 15, 2013

The news cycle was completely dominated by iOS 7 this week. As most of you know, Apple took the wraps off of its next generation mobile operating system on Monday during its WWDC keynote. And good or bad, people can’t stop talking about it.

But that doesn’t mean things have quieted down on the jailbreak front—it’s just the opposite. Caughtinflux, an iOS developer and one half of the group A3Tweaks, announced this week that him and Sentry have a new jailbreak tweak in the works.

And it looks awesome… Read More


Impressive iPhone concept shows iOS 7 running on a 4.3-inch edge-to-edge display

By Cody Lee on Jun 14, 2013

Now that Apple has unveiled iOS 7, and we know what its next generation software is going to look like, it’s time to start thinking about its next-generation handset. No, I’m not talking about the iPhone 5S that’s expected this year. I’m talking about after that.

Well if you ask the folks over at ADR Studio, they think it’s going to sport a 4.3-inch edge-to-edge display and a fingerprint scanner. The design team has put together an impressive iPhone 6 concept that mixes their creativity with ongoing iPhone rumors… Read More


Interactive iPhone 5S concept lets you play with Jony Ive-sanctioned flat iOS 7

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 6, 2013

With WWDC 2013 almost upon us (five days left), the future of iOS and OS X is all but revealed. Of course, we can’t tell for sure what’s in store until Tim Cook takes the stage next Monday, but that’s not stopping creative minds from churning out new concepts on a daily basis.

As we’ve gotten a bit fed up with static images, we were pleased to stumble upon a cool-looking iPhone 5S concept that incorporates a Jony Ive-fied flattened iOS 7 mockups.

What sets this one apart is interactivity. This concept is basically a web app that lets you interact with the handset and check out the revamped stock iOS apps. Per usual, you should take it with a grain of salt as it’s based on what the rumor mill thinks it’s learned thus far about Apple’s major redesign… Read More


New iPhone 6 concept has a 4.8-inch edge-to-edge display and 3D camera

By Cody Lee on May 28, 2013

With this year’s iPhone release expected to look and act very similar to its predecessor, concept designers have already set their sights on the next version of the handset. Earlier this month we saw mockups for a waterproof iPhone 6 that could charge wirelessly.

And today we’ve got another one for you. This one comes from the folks over at ConceptiPhone, the same team behind yesterday’s iOS 7 concept, and it features a sleek new contoured design, a 3-dimensional iSight camera, and an edge-to-edge display… Read More


New iOS 7 concept features panoramic wallpaper, quick reply and more

By Cody Lee on May 27, 2013

With WWDC now just a few weeks away, and more details about iOS 7 coming light, anticipation for Apple’s next-gen mobile operating system is  almost through the roof. Everyone wants to know what the company has planned for the future of its platform.

Well if these two designers get their way, iOS 7 will include a number of new features like support for panoramic wallpapers and quick reply for messages. Here’s a new iOS 7 concept from Christian Lue of ChanluChannel and Ran Avni of ConceptsiPhone… Read More


Concept imagines iWatch maps

By Christian Zibreg on May 24, 2013

Renowned 3D artist Martin Hajek today shared a new batch of interesting conceptual renderings that strive to envision how Apple’s rumored iWatch might seemingly lend itself to maps, which have long been the killer app category on mobile devices.

Indeed, with power-savvy Bluetooth Smart technology and iOS allegedly powering the device, a smartwatch from the people that brought you the iPhone could theoretically retrieve a user’s geographical location by tapping the iPhone’s GPS sensor, simply acting as a second screen for turn-by-turn directions… Read More


Water-resistant iPhone 6 concept envisions wireless charging, notification LEDs and more

By Christian Zibreg on May 21, 2013

Here’s another next-generation iPhone concept, one that envisions a number of features unlikely to make their way into the handset. That of course didn’t prevent designers Uygar Kaya and Ran Avni from dreaming up the ultimate water and dust-resistant smartphone with notification LEDs, a full HD 1,920-by-1,080 widescreen display, 13-megapixel camera, touch-sensitive volume rocker, wireless charging and front-facing stereo speakers – all encases in an ultra-slim aluminum shell… Read More


New Apple Television concept surfaces

By Jeff Benjamin on May 17, 2013

Will Apple’s long rumored television set ever see the light of day? Who knows. But Sam Beckett’s new concept video shows off some of the awesome things that might be possible with a full sized Apple TV. It shows off scheduling recordings, swiping between channels, and of course, Siri integration. The best thing about it all? It’s fully controlled using an iPad mini… Read More


Another concept imagines iOS 7 running on next-gen iPhone

By Christian Zibreg on May 16, 2013

Following recent budget iPhone concept by Martin Hajek (itself based on nice iOS 7 mockups by 3D artist Dámaso Benítez), German blog yesterday shared a similar rendition by Jürgen Ulbrich. Like many 3D artists before him, Dámaso is striving to envision what iOS 7 running on the next iPhone might look like. I’m liking his work a lot and have included a few images and a nice video mockup right after the break… Read More


Martin Hajek’s new concept pictures budget iPhone running revamped iOS 7

By Christian Zibreg on May 14, 2013

The renderings use Hajek’s past budget iPhone concepts as the basis for the hardware. As for the software, he incorporated a round of nice concepts by 3D artist Dámaso Benítez, picturing a flattened iOS 7 user interface that Apple’s design head Jony Ive and his team are widely believed to be working on.

His mockups, Hajek explains on his personal blog, serve to illustrate “how Apple might introduce the new, cheap iPhone.” More awesomeness can be found right past the fold… Read More


New iOS 7 concept depicts Zen-like simplicity

By Christian Zibreg on May 10, 2013

Another day, another iOS 7 concept. In an attempt to depict what Jony Ive-ified, flattened user interface in iOS 7 might look like, digital agency Simply Zesty created this elaborate concept.

The video focuses on a clean look UI and pictures Lock screen widgets, a revamped Notification Center as well as a beautiful new Windows Phone ‘Metro’-fied stock apps like Calendar, Music, Siri and Camera.

I love the cleaner Notification Center with animated widgets. If that’s the future of iOS 7, then I’m very much looking forward to it… Read More


Your fresh batch of attractive iWatch renders

By Christian Zibreg on May 6, 2013

I’m a big fan of 3D artist Martin Hajek and his work. In case you’re unfamiliar with Hajek, he’s the brains behind the often gorgeous renderings of rumored Apple products and is renowned for his 3D modeling skills, as evident in his exquisite renderings. Back in March, Hajek created a more traditional concept of the rumored iWatch for the MacUser magazine.

He’s back at it again, having created a fresh batch of alleged Apple smartphone mockups for the April 2013 issue of the magazine… Read More


New iOS 7 concept features flat UI, Dashboard and more

By Cody Lee on May 4, 2013

There’s been no shortage of iOS 7 mockups over the past few months, as folks try to guess what Apple’s next generation mobile OS will look like. And recent reports that Jony Ive is leading a massive UI overhaul has given designers even more fodder.

But one concept in particular, by Mohamed Kerroudj, seems to be getting a little more attention than others. We showed you two videos from the series last month, and this weekend he’s uploaded a third one that involves a new Dashboard feature… Read More


Concept video shows what iOS 7 could look like without skeuomorphism

By Lory Gil on Apr 24, 2013

In October of 2012, Apple’s senior vice president of iOS software, Scott Forstall, was relieved of his duties. Some have speculated that, under the watchful eye of  lead designer Jonathan Ive, iOS will lose the skeuomorphic design that both former CEO Steve Jobs and Forstall championed. Instead, Apple’s mobile operating system might take on a sleeker, minimalistic theme as Ive asserts his industrial design aesthetic.

Today, Brazillian fellow Rafael Justino published a trailer for the concept design he believes iOS 7 could adopt at the hands of Ive. Check out his entire concept video below… Read More

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