Check Out This Awesome iPhone-Compatible iWatch Concept

By Cody Lee on Jan 28, 2012

Digital wrist-wear has come a long way since calculator watches. Now there are products like the I’m Watch and multiple wearable cases that turn the iPod Shuffle into a high-tech ticker.

But if none of the current offerings are doing it for you, maybe this one will. The iWatch 2 is an iOS-compatible wristwatch that has enough features to make James Bond himself jealous… Read More


Multitasking Concept for the iPad Shows that iOS Still Doesn’t Have it Right

By Oliver Haslam on Sep 14, 2011

After we spent years begging Apple to finally add multitasking to iOS, the boffins in Cupertino relented, bringing the joys of multiple running apps to our iPhones and iPads. Well, sort of.

Apple’s implementation has many-a-geek arguing over whether it really is multitasking. Once you get past that little hiccup, it works surprisingly well. But could it be better?

The launch of iOS multitasking hasn’t stopped the creative types from showing us how they think multiple apps should be handled, and a new video caught our eye today, and we’re rather impressed… Read More


iPod Touch 3G Concept

By Guest Author on Jul 11, 2011

Over the past week or so, there have been rumors floating around about a 3G-Enabled iPod Touch coming later this fall. If this were happen, you would be able to use 3G data on your iPod Touch, for Facetime, iMessages, etc. You would also be able to use a VoIP app, such as Skype or Viber, to call people from your iPod Touch.

We took this concept to Photoshop, and we came up with the iPod Touch 3G. It looks exactly like the current iPod Touch, but has a black strip on the back. It also says “3G” in the menu bar. Along with that, it also features an integrated SIM card, as the next iPhone is rumored to have… Read More


iOS Notification Concept Based on the iPad 2 Smart Cover

By Alex Heath on Mar 11, 2011

It’s no secret that Apple’s system for notifications in iOS sucks. Many other mobile operating systems, like Google’s Android, use a more unobtrusive method for delivering new notifications.

Apple is definitely working on making the notification system in iOS better, but until then, we can only gawk at interesting concepts of what a complete iOS notification redesign would like like. The latest and greatest concept uses the iPad 2’s new Smart Cover

Read More

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