Sprint completes Clearwire deal

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 9, 2013

After acquiring a controlling stake in the U.S. mobile and fixed wireless broadband communications services provider Clearwire in October 2012, wireless carrier Sprint the following month announced it would buy out the minority of Clearwire shareholders for $2.2 billion. Sprint, the nation’s third-largest telco, this morning has officially confirmed the completion of the transaction, meaning it now has a 100 percent ownership stake in the Bellevue, Washington-headquartered Clearwire… Read More


FreedomPop confirms LTE iPad clip, launches in H2 2013

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 7, 2013

Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom-backed FreedomPop startup made waves with its Freedom Hub Burst no-contract wireless appliance that serves one gigabyte of free 4G data each month to up to 10 wireless or wired devices simultaneously.

Monday, Forbes reported that FreedomPop could unveil an iPad sleeve with 4G data via Sprint’s LTE network. A new report out today sheds more light on the matter: a FreedomPop LTE clip compatible with iPads is indeed due in the second half of this year. We’ve got more tidbits right after the break… Read More


Sprint confirms plans to acquire 100 percent stake in Clearwire for $2.2 billion

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 17, 2012

Confirming last week’s rumor, carrier Sprint Nextel Monday morning announced plans to buy out the minority of shareholders of Clearwire in a transaction valued at approximately $2.2 billion. The acquisition will give Sprint, which in October acquired a controlling stake, a 100 percent ownership stake in the Bellevue, Washington-headquartered provider of mobile and fixed wireless broadband communications services. The deal also bodes well for Japan’s Softbank, which in October bought a 70 percent stake in Sprint. Softbank has also been eyeing Clearwire since then and with this transaction it will basically control Clearwire through Sprint… Read More


FreedomPop tempts with no-commit 1GB of free home Internet each month. Interested?

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 15, 2012

The way things are now, fourth-generation cellular networks already match – and often top – data speeds offered by your home’s typical DSL broadband connection. So why not just replace your broadband line with a wireless 4G router?

Enter FreedomPop, a startup backed by Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom, whose new device dubbed the Freedom Hub Burst ups the ante by giving away one gigabyte of 4G data free of charge, each month. Those needing more data will pay fair prices.

Plus, it’s a no-contract device and it supports up to ten wireless or Ethernet devices simultaneously, which should cut it for a typical Apple-branded home comprised of a few Mac or Windows PCs, iPhones, iPads and iPods… Read More


Sprint in active talks to acquire the remaining 49 percent of Clearwire

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 11, 2012

Despite a strong opposition from AT&T, the nation’s third-largest carrier Sprint Nextel mid-October announced its intent to control Clearwire, where it had a 48 percent stake, by gain control of its board via agreements with Clearwire’s investors. A few days later, Sprint bought out one of Clearwire’s shareholders to increase its 48 percent stake to a controlling 50.8 percent stake. And now, according to the Wall Street Journal, the wireless carrier is moving to acquire the remaining 49 percent of Clearwire it doesn’t own yet… Read More


AT&T voices concern over Sprint’s Clearwire deal

By Cody Lee on Oct 18, 2012

About this time last year, AT&T’s plans to buyout T-Mobile were crumbling. Thanks to strong opposition from its competitors — namely Sprint, and the US government, the carrier was forced to withdraw its merger application from the FCC.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that AT&T is being vocal about the recently announced Softbank-Sprint-Clearwire deal. The carrier says it’s worrisome that a foreign carrier will have control over such a large chunk of US airwaves… Read More


Sprint has acquired control of Clearwire

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 18, 2012

It was reported that  the nation’s third-largest telco Sprint Nextel is looking to buy a controlling stake in Clearwire without an acquisition. Sure enough, Sprint instead opted to buy out one of Clearwire’s other shareholders to increase its 48 percent stake to a controlling 50.8 percent stake. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Sprint acknowledged as much in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday… Read More