How to patch the iOS SSL bug without updating to iOS 7.0.6

By Jeff Benjamin on Feb 23, 2014

Renowned iOS developer Ryan Petrich has released a patch on his personal beta repo to fix the SSL issue present in iOS firmware below iOS 7.0.6. On Friday, Apple unexpectedly dropped the new iOS 7.0.6 firmware to fix the egregious security hole, which is detailed in this post.

Such a serious security flaw is bad for jailbreakers, because it means needing to update your device, and having to perform the jailbreak process all over again. Evasi0n7 1.0.6 was released to jailbreak iOS 7.0.6, but it’s still hassle to have to back everything up, restore to iOS 7.0.6, and re-jailbreak. Due to the serious nature of the security hole, we’ve been encouraging folks to update, which is understandably a huge hassle for many.

But Ryan Petrich has come through to save the day, releasing a fix for the SSL issue that allows users to remain on current firmware. Ryan’s SSLPatch release makes it so that you don’t have to immediately update to iOS 7.0.6 in order to protect yourself from the serious flaw. Check inside for more details. Read More


iOS 7.0.6 update patched a major SSL bug, OS X still vulnerable

By Cody Lee on Feb 22, 2014

When we told you that Apple had released iOS 7.0.6 to the public yesterday, all we really knew about the update was that it fixed an SSL connection verification issue. We didn’t know it at the time, but it turns out that this was actually a major security flaw in iOS 7.

In a support document, Apple noted that the patch repaired a specific vulnerability that could allow an attacker with a “privileged network position” to capture or modify data protected by SSL/TLS. In other words, iOS was vulnerable to a ‘man-in-the-middle attack.’ Read More


iOS 7 bug discovered that allows disabling of ‘Find My iPhone’ without password

By Cody Lee on Feb 6, 2014

A major flaw has been discovered in iOS 7 that seemingly allows users to disable the important ‘Find My iPhone’ feature on a device without typing in the typically-required password. Turning off the feature on a stolen device makes it invisible to Apple’s location service.

And what’s worse is, the flaw isn’t difficult to exploit. The bug can be reproduced on any device [that we've seen] running iOS 7.0.4 by following a few simple steps that involve making changes in the iCloud section of the Settings app and entering in a dummy password… Read More


Apple offers bandaid solution to ‘no new mail’ bug in Mail on OS X Mavericks

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 3, 2014

Apple has offered up an interesting remedy to a persisting bug plaguing the OS X 10.9 Mavericks Mail application which manifests itself by preventing the app from receiving any new messages until it is quit and reopened. Apple’s workaround solution is a primitive one, albeit effective.

As Mail needs to reestablish a connection to the troublesome mail server (which typically means Gmail), Apple advises quitting and reopening Mail.

As a result, this forces Mail to re-establish a connection. An alternative solution entails a manual process that reinitializes an affected mailbox without having to restart the program… Read More


Problems with Notification Center not properly showing Today view? Try this fix

By Sébastien Page on Jan 25, 2014

Jailbreaking has so many benefits that we often forget the drawbacks of it all. When you jailbreak your device, you basically put yourself at risk of breaking little things here and there. That’s exactly what is happening with the recently released evasi0n7 jailbreak for iOS 7. On the surface, everything is ok, but when you start digging, you might notice that a few elements aren’t working the way they should.

One problem that I and many others have experienced is an issue with Notification Center not showing the Today view information properly. In some cases, it won’t show any weather or calendar data. If you’ve been affected by this issue, read on for a short tutorial on how to fix it… Read More


Apple says it has fix coming for random crashes in iOS 7

By Cody Lee on Jan 22, 2014

If you’ve ever listened to an episode of iDB’s Let’s Talk iOS podcast, you know that many of us struggle with how buggy iOS 7 is. We’ve noted on multiple occasions that some of us see our iPhones and iPads crash more than once per day, which is pathetic.

But there may be light at the end of this dark tunnel. Mashable has received an official comment from an Apple spokesperson that Apple is aware of a problem, which the site refers to as the “white/black screen of death,” and it has a fix coming a future update… Read More


Evasi0n 7 1.0.2 released, fixes iPad 2 Wi-Fi boot loop issue

By Jeff Benjamin on Dec 30, 2013

Evasi0n 7 1.0.2 has just been released for OS X and Windows with a fix for the Wi-Fi reboot loop that’s plagued iPad 2 Wi-Fi users. The release, which is the third release of the jailbreak tool, is available for download right now.

Many iPad 2 Wi-Fi users have complained about the endless reboot loop at the Apple logo that results after using Evasi0n 7 to jailbreak their device. The problem gained notoriety on Twitter and on the JailbreakQA website. Read More


Apple releases iTunes 11.1.3 with performance improvements

By Cody Lee on Nov 5, 2013

Apple has released an update for iTunes this afternoon, bringing the software to version 11.1.3. Don’t get too excited though, it appears to just be a maintenance release with a handful of improvements.

Those improvements include a fix for a known issue where the equalizer may not work as expected, as well as enhanced performance when switching views in large iTunes libraries and other bug fixes… Read More


iOS still struggling with Daylight Saving Times as some users are affected with yet another bug [update]

By Sébastien Page on Oct 27, 2013

iOS is no stranger to Daylight Saving Times bugs. It could actually be considered a recurring things as we’ve seen several occurrences of Apple’s operating system not properly adjusting to time changes in the past, most notably back in 2010 and twice in 2011.

After all this time, you’d think Apple would have figured out how to properly adjust such a basic feature, but apparently they haven’t. Some French users are reporting today that although the time has adjusted correctly to the country’s DST change, there is still a little bug visible in the Calendar app… Read More


Yet another Lock screen vulnerability, this time on iOS 7.0.2

By Jeff Benjamin on Sep 27, 2013

Once again, another Lock screen vulnerability has reared its ugly head, this one right on the heels of Apple’s 7.0.2 update to fix another vulnerability.

Dany Lisiansky has posted the steps on a YouTube video he recently uploaded, and we’ve verified that the steps, albeit a bit involved, do work.

If there’s one bright spot about this latest vulnerability, it is that it doesn’t expose anything outside of the Phone app to would be snoopers, and you can nix the bug by disabling Siri access from the Lock screen. Still, Apple’s security team can’t be happy about this. Read More


Security researcher used iAd Workbench exploit to hack Apple’s dev center

By Cody Lee on Jul 23, 2013

Last Thursday, an intruder attempted to secure personal information from Apple’s developer website. The company immediately took the dev center offline, and at the time of this writing it’s still down, in order to rebuild its systems in a way that this won’t happen again.

But just exactly how did it happen? Well according to Turkish security researcher Ibrahim Balic, who is claiming responsibility for the outage, he was able to infiltrate Apple’s servers thanks to an exploit he discovered in the recently released iAd Workbench software… Read More


Saurik posts exploit and fix for ‘Master Key’ Android vulnerability

By Cody Lee on Jul 21, 2013

Jay Freeman, also known as Saurik, is well known by iOS users for his work in the jailbreak community. Not only does he run Cydia, the definitive jailbreak store, but he also develops tweaks and handles a number of other aspects.

But Saurik is also making a name for himself among Android users as well. Back in May, he released a working form of his Cydia substrate for Google’s platform, and this weekend he’s posted a fix for a major security vulnerability… Read More


Old iPhone bug continues to drop last word from some iMessages

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 26, 2013

As if the now regular outages weren’t enough, an old and utterly bizarre bug continues to plague Apple’s iMessage service, one that deletes the last word of certain texts and iMessages.

The issue actually raised its ugly head last December, but blew up recently as many disgruntled users took to Twitter to complain about the hiccup. The problem appears to manifest itself with certain phrases and certain words only.

Exhibit A: sending someone “I could be the next Obama” followed by a trailing space could result in “Obama” being hidden from the received message. Instead of “Obama”, the recipient gets a big blank space where “Obama” should be. Likewise, sending “The best prize is a surprise” could similarly result in “surprise” being dropped on the recipient’s side… Read More


Chpwn and other developers hit with iMessage DoS attack

By Cody Lee on Mar 30, 2013

Over the past few days, several well-known iOS and jailbreak developers have reported that they’ve been hit with an iMessage DoS, or denial of service, attack. The attacks feature a series of spam messages that end up crashing the iMessage app.

The list of affected developers include Sn0wBreeze creator iH8sn0w, Zephyr creator Chpwn, and others. And the perpetrator has been tracked to a Twitter account involved in selling things like provisioned UDIDs and Siri proxy servers… Read More


How to stop Chrome from crashing after recent update

By Cody Lee on Mar 5, 2013

Google updated its iOS web browser yesterday to build 25.0.1364.86. The update brought about a handful of new features and improvements, including the option to share web pages via Messages and a tweaked Omnibox.

Unfortunately, the update also appears to have included a bug that, for a lot jailbreak users, causes Chrome to crash almost instantly after launch. But never fear, we’ve come across a way to fix this issue in just a few short steps… Read More


Apple releases iOS 6.1.2 to address Exchange calendar bug

By Cody Lee on Feb 19, 2013

In line with previous reports, Apple has released iOS 6.1.2 this morning to fix the Exchange calendar issue that has garnered so much attention in the past few weeks. The bug significantly increases network usage, which affects device performance and battery life.

As you can see in the screenshot above of the firmware’s release notes, the patch for the Exchange problem appears to be the only change in the new software. But still, we recommend that jailbreakers refrain from updating until it’s been deemed safe by the community… Read More


iOS 6.1.2 coming soon to fix Exchange, Lock screen vulnerabilities

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 15, 2013

Official fixes for both the battery-draining Exchange bug and the potentially dangerous Lock screen vulnerability that lets anyone bypass your passcode are likely to arrive as part of iOS 6.1.2, a maintenance update that should be released for public consumption before month’s end, according to a German blog with a somewhat accurate record of Apple reporting… Read More


New iOS 6 bug lets institutional users install unapproved apps

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 15, 2013

Bug-ridden iOS is back in the news. In addition to Exchange woes and the Lock screen vulnerability discovered in iOS 6.1, both of which should be fixed with the iOS 6.1.2 software update said to arrive before next Wednesday, a new issue has been discovered which allows institutional iOS 6 users to bypass the “Don’t Allow Changes” account restriction and install unapproved apps by changing the iTunes account linked to the iOS device. Apple has reportedly acknowledged the glitch, but wouldn’t commit to fixing it in the next iOS software update… Read More


Apple responds to the iOS 6.1 Lock screen glitch, says a fix is underway

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 14, 2013

Earlier this morning iDB warned you of a newly discovered security flaw in the recently released iOS 6.1 software. It’s not the end of the world, but it isn’t dismissible either as intruders can easily gain access to your iPhone and potentially compromise your data using a simple trick.

In a nutshell, in order to exploit the vulnerability one simply has to make and immediately cancel an emergency call on the Lock screen and then hold down the Sleep/Wake button twice. But worry not, privacy buffs, says Apple. The Cupertino company is aware of the issue, a solution is being worked on and a fix will be pushed in a future iOS software update. There, feeling better now? Read More


Apple says fix for iOS 6.1 Exchange bug is on the way

By Cody Lee on Feb 14, 2013

Last week, we reported that a number of users were complaining of poor device performance and battery life after updating to iOS 6.1. Apple fixed part of the problem, releasing an update for 4S users who were experiencing 3G connectivity issues.

But for many, a nasty Exchange bug still remains, causing iOS 6.1 devices to continuously loop when syncing a recurring calendar meeting invitation, thus crippling battery life and performance. The good news, though, is that a fix is on the way… Read More

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