p0sixspwn updated with fixes for iMessage, LTE and Apple TV 2 support

By Cody Lee on Dec 31, 2013

For those that missed it this morning, p0sixspwn was updated to fix a few major bugs from the previous release. The untethered jailbreak, released for devices on iOS 6.1.3-6.1.5 by winocm and iH8Sn0w, should no longer create issues with iMessage or LTE.

Interestingly enough, the update also adds support for the Apple TV 2 (still no Apple TV 3). So while I don’t think you can use it to directly jailbreak the set-top box, it shouldn’t be too long before a utility like Seas0nPass takes advantage of the new capability…  Read More


Sky Sports channel with daily passes now available to UK’s Apple TV owners

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 17, 2013

If you live in the United Kingdom and own Apple’s $99 Apple TV, turn on your media-streaming box and look for a newly-added content source, the Sky Sports channel from Now TV. There’s a total of six different Sky Sports channels to choose from, including F1 racing, Barclays Premier League football matches, cricket and more.

And cable cutters, check this out – you can purchase rather pricey daily passes from within the app, without the need for a cable subscription, thanks to Now TV and Sky Sports both sharing the same parent company, British Sky Broadcasting Group plc (BSkyB)… Read More


New concept reimagines Apple TV interface with iOS 7-like design, Siri and more

By Cody Lee on Dec 15, 2013

Now that Apple has rebuilt iOS for its iPhone and iPad, the question is: will the new design make the leap to the Apple TV? Apple continues to refer to the set-top box as ‘a hobby,’ as it has quietly added several new apps and features to its software.

So let’s just say that, for the sake of argument, Apple is planning to bring iOS 7’s UI design to a future version of the Apple TV software. What would it look like? Well according to designer Andrew Ambrosino, it would look a little something like this… Read More


Apple TV picks up ABC, Bloomberg, Crackle and KOR TV channels

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 11, 2013

After adding Yahoo Screen and PBS channels last month, Major League Soccer and Disney Junior channels in September as well as Vevo, Weather Channel, Disney, Smithsonian and a bunch of other content sources earlier this year, Apple’s again expanded on the device’s content sources.

The $99 media-streaming box is now even more useful with four additional channels from ABC, financial organization Bloomberg, Sony’s streaming movie and TV show service Crackle and Korea-based on-demand video service KOR TV, all now accessible from the Apple TV‘s Home menu… Read More


Time Warner Cable app could finally land on Apple TV this week

By Cody Lee on Dec 9, 2013

Time Warner Cable’s Rob Marcus announced this morning that the company plans to add another platform to the list of those that can access the TWC TV app this week. The app enables TWC subscribers to stream live channels and watch videos on demand.

Now, he didn’t say which platform it is exactly, but given that the app is already available on Roku, Xbox 360, and various smart TVs and mobile devices, there aren’t many options left. And this of course has led to speculation that it’s finally coming to Apple TVRead More


AllCast Android app streams content to Apple TV, Roku and other set-top streaming boxes

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 2, 2013

I’m loving my Apple TV and AirPlay, an Apple media technology which streams content from the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac devices to television sets through the company’s $99 set-top box.

Unfortunately, AirPlay is a proprietary technology that only works with Apple hardware. Don’t you just wish the industry finally settled on a single cross-platform streaming media standard?

That’s the issue a new application for Android devices is attempting to tackle. Created by CyanogenMod developer Koushik Dutta, the AllCast app lets you stream online (Dropbox, Google Drive and so forth) or locally-stored content to your Apple TV, Roku and a number of other set-top boxes and DLNA-compatible devices such as the PlayStation 3 console.

Currently in beta, the software works surprisingly well and I’ve included a video to show it to you right after the break… Read More


Yahoo Screen and PBS channels added to Apple TV

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 19, 2013

Yahoo in September released its Screen iOS app. Billed as a remote control for web video with true AirPlay multitasking, the iPhone and iPad application acts as a one-stop shop for a bunch of web video sources, including licensed programming from Viacom and other Yahoo partners.

Today, Yahoo announced the arrival of Yahoo Screen for Apple TV. Provided as a new channel on your set-top box’s main menu, Yahoo Screen lets Apple TV owners watch live news and events, stream such premium third-party shows as Saturday Night Live, The Colbert Report, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and content from MLB, UFC, The Onion, Martha Stewart, as well as enjoy Yahoo’s original programming, all from the comfort of their couch… Read More


Apple posts new Apple TV software beta with iPad mirroring improvements

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 18, 2013

Apple has just released the first beta of what would become the major iOS 7.1 software update containing a bunch of fixes and tweaks, including the updated Yahoo logo, performance improvements, a new HDR Auto feature in the Camera app and more. To go along with the software, the Cupertino company also posted an accompanying Apple TV beta software which contains an interesting iPad content mirroring feature. Jump past the fold for the full reveal… Read More


Why you won’t see Netflix’s new design on your Apple TV

By Cody Lee on Nov 13, 2013

Netflix caused quite a bit of commotion last night when it unveiled its all-new user interface that it’s been testing for the past several months. The new design facilitates easier content discovery and unifies the user experience across platforms.

The updated UI will begin rolling out to smart TVs, Roku boxes, PlayStation consoles and Blu-Ray players today. But there are some devices that won’t be getting the makeover, which Netflix executives are calling the service’s largest to date… Read More


Kuo: A7-driven Apple TV in 2014, iTV in 2015-2016

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 12, 2013

Citing supply chain sources, DisplaySearch yesterday shattered analyst Gene Munster’s ‘Apple-televison-set-due-this-Christmas’ pipe dream to pieces by claiming Apple has put the iTV project on the back burner as it focuses on wearable projects, a new priority for Tim Cook & Co. And guess what reliable analyst restrains himself from making wild Munster-like iTV predictions?

That’s right, Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities.

Thus, it goes without saying that Kuo’s note to clients in which he analyzes Apple’s television plans hasn’t gone unnoticed with us. In short, he’s suggesting that with the technological pieces all in place now Apple is about to introduce significant improvements to the existing $99 Apple TV set-top box.

Bonus: I also get to deconstruct some of the outrageously inaccurate predictions by crazypants Apple analysts Gene Munster! Read More


Curved-glass full-on Apple television concept

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 11, 2013

A report by DisplaySearch may have dashed hopes for an imminent Apple television introduction as Apple turns its attention to wearables, but there’s no stopping prolific 3D artist Martin Hajek from imagining what a full-on television set with the Apple logo could/should look like, all over again.

Taking cues from Bloomberg’s report which calls for curved-glass iPhones in 2014, Hajek is now seemingly torn between a flat and curved-glass iTV variant. I know which one I’d take in a heartbeat, but how about you? Read More


Netflix begins testing 4K videos, plans to launch in 2014

By Cody Lee on Nov 4, 2013

During a recent quarterly earnings call, Netflix’s Reed Hastings spoke about his ambitious plans for the company’s future. The CEO hopes the streaming service will be “one of the big suppliers” of 4K (or Ultra HD) video by next year.

And this weekend it began testing the waters. GigaOM noticed that Netflix recently added a handful of 4K HD videos to its catalog. It’s mostly test footage—people riding bicycles, etc.—but it gives you a good idea of what to expect… Read More


Apple TV software updated to 6.0.1

By Cody Lee on Oct 24, 2013

Apple has posted a new version of its Apple TV software this afternoon, bringing the firmware to 6.0.1. The release follows a number of app updates this week, including those for its iLife and iWork suites.

On Tuesday, Apple added a new channel to its set-top box called iMovie Theater, which is a companion app for the latest versions of iMovie that enables clip-sharing. But as for today’s Apple TV update… Read More


Apple quietly brings new iMovie Theater channel to Apple TV

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 22, 2013

As part of today’s iPad keynote, Apple has unveiled long-expected updates to iLife and iWork apps, with the iMovie for the iPhone and iPad containing a new feature called iMovie Theater. What this does is sync all of your iMovie projects, movies and trailers across your devices through the power of iCloud.

If you own an Apple TV, you should now start seeing the new iMovie Theater icon on your main menu… Read More


Apple to live stream today’s iPad event

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 22, 2013

It looks like Apple will provide a live stream of today’s iPad event after all as Apple TV owners report that the Apple Events channel has been updated on their $99 set-top box to reflect Apple’s invitation graphics.

“Watch the special event held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco, CA,” the event listing reads.

Additionally, the company will be live-streaming the show to iOS devices and Macs through the new October 2013 event section on its Apple Events web pageRead More


New report claims Apple launching 55″ and 65″ 4K TV sets in 2014

By Cody Lee on Oct 22, 2013

Apple may not be ready to introduce its TV set at today’s iPad event, but the project does appear to be nearing completion. This according to comments made by Advanced Research’s Masahiko Ishino, in a recent interview with Bloomberg.

Citing anonymous sources, the Tokyo-based analyst tells the news outlet that the Cupertino company is preparing to begin selling ultra-high definition televisions next year. The TV will come in 55″ and 65″ flavors, with a frameless design… Read More


MG Siegler: major Apple TV hardware has been ‘delayed a bit’

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 21, 2013

MG Siegler, a well-known (and certainly well-connected) TechCrunch columnist, blogger, Google Ventures partner and Apple pundit, has gotten us pretty excited by tweeting a month ago that a new Apple TV hardware might be on tap for tomorrow’s iPad event.

Although the $99 set-top box is ripe for refresh – the current third-generation 1080p model was introduced 593 days ago – we have literally seen no components leaking out of Apple’s supply chain to suggest an imminent update, which had prompted us to take the columnist’s claim with a few pinches of salt.

Changing his tune, he now claims a major hardware revamp “has been delayed a bit,” which however doesn’t mean we won’t see an Apple TV update tomorrow… Read More


Amazon listing suggests possibility of imminent Apple TV hardware refresh

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 18, 2013

The Apple blogosphere is rampant with news that the online retail giant Amazon somehow “confirmed” a new Apple TV hardware in a listing on its German website. Cooler heads caution northing could be further from the truth. What Amazon did is it changed availability date for the $99 Apple set-top box on Amazon.de to October 23. While this does not “confirm” or “prove” anything, the date is nonetheless interesting given Apple is set to reveal its next-generation iPad lineup next Tuesday, October 22.

Let the speculation begin… Read More


Amazon said to be launching Apple TV competitor before the holidays

By Cody Lee on Oct 4, 2013

Amazon is readying an Apple TV competitor, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. The set-top box will offer access to the company’s Instant Video and other streaming services.

Reportedly codenamed “Cinnamon,” the device is said to be very similar in design and functionality to a Roku box. And Amazon is believed to be looking to launch it sometime before the holidays… Read More


Apple hires cable executive to work on ‘something big’

By Cody Lee on Oct 1, 2013

Apple has hired cable industry veteran, and former CableLabs executive, Jean-François Mulé for a new engineering director position, according to a new report from Multichannel News. He was the company’s SVP of Technology Development.

According to his LinkedIn page, Mulé has been working at Apple since late last month. And in his job description he notes that he is “challenged, inspired and part of something big.” So what’s he working on? Let’s take a look at his background… Read More

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