Apple Store logos revamped with green leaves for Earth Day

By Cody Lee on Apr 21, 2014

Apple has apparently begun revamping some of its Apple Store logos with green leaves tonight, in honor of Earth Day. The annual event, which falls on April 22nd, is used to promote environmental protection and the overall improvement of the health of the environment, via demonstrations, organized events, and more.

The move shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as we already knew Apple was planning some kind of celebration for Earth Day at select retail locations. We also saw a major PR push from the company yesterday regarding its environmental efforts, including new hardware recycling options and a video with Tim Cook… Read More


Retina iPad mini refurbs now available

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 17, 2014

Apple’s iPad mini with Retina display is great until the reality hits you in your face with a lofty price tag of four hundred bucks for the entry-level model with just sixteen gigabytes of storage and no cellular connectivity. From time to time, Apple makes good-as-new gear such as iPads and MacBooks available for purchase at reduced prices via the refurbished section of its Online Apple Store.

And now, for the first time the company’s iPad mini with Retina display is available refurbished, too, starting at $419 for for the Wi-Fi model with 32 gigabytes of storage. That’s sixteen percent off for a cool $80 savings over the list price. The 64GB Wi-Fi refurb costs $509, or $90 less versus standard pricing for brand new models… Read More


Apple’s incoming SVP of Retail can leave Burberry this month, but may stay until June for bonus

By Jake Smith on Apr 16, 2014

Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s incoming SVP of Retail, may not be in her new position as quickly as once thought.

The Guardian first noted that Ahrendts can leave her gig as the CEO of Burberry during April, but may stay for a bit longer to collect an £8 million share bonus that will be awarded from the fashion giant in June. Read More


Apple’s iPhone trade-in program extends to Germany

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 7, 2014

Apple’s own iPhone trade-in program is now available across company-owned online and brick-and-mortar retail outlets in Germany. Now available via the Online Apple Store and through Apple’s free Apple Store application for the iPhone and iPad, the initiative allows German shoppers to trade-in their existing device in good condition and receive a gift card worth up to €230, or about 315 in US dollars.

Like in the United States, German customers can then redeem the amount on the gift card against a new iPhone purchase to help bring down the upfront cost of the hardware. Your existing devices get disposed of in an environmentally friendly way instead of ending up in landfills… Read More


Apple launches cheaper 8GB iPhone 5c

By Cody Lee on Mar 18, 2014

As expected, Apple has launched an 8GB version of its iPhone 5c this morning. The handset popped up on UK carrier O2′s website a few moments ago, priced at £50 on contract. That’s a little over $80 in USD, and between £50 and £100 cheaper than the 16GB model.

Apart from the smaller storage bin, the new iPhone 5c is identical in every way to the handset that Apple introduced back in October. It still has a 4-inch Retina display, the powerful A6 processor, and an 8-megapixel camera. And yes, it’s still unapologetically plastic… Read More


Both Apple Store apps updated with various improvements

By Cody Lee on Mar 14, 2014

Apple has pushed a pair of tiny updates to its two Apple Store clients (iPhone and iPad versions are separate downloads) this afternoon. The updates bring the two apps to version 2.9.2 and 1.1.1 respectively, and include various improvements.

On the iPhone side, Apple has improved notifications for folks using the app in retail stores—users can now view notifications from within the app and on the Lock screen. And as for the iPad, Apple has added the ability to gift card purchases… Read More


Apple Store app is giving away free music

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 6, 2014

As an incentive meant to drive customers to buy their iPhones straight from one of Apple’s retail stores in the United States rather than from carriers and other retailers, Apple last August started offering free digital content through its Apple Store shopping app, a free download for the iPhone and iPad.

After offering Electronic Arts’ excellent take on the classic Tetris game last month, the iPhone maker has now updated its free content promo by replacing the block-dropping game with a few “exciting new tracks helping to define this year’s musical landscape”.

Here’s how to claim your free music now… Read More


Tim Cook, Turkish president to attend opening of Apple’s Istanbul store on April 4

By Cody Lee on Mar 5, 2014

Earlier this year, Tim Cook traveled to Turkey to meet with the country’s president, to reportedly discuss the opening of a retail store in Istanbul, research and development and other matters. The store opening is of particular significance, as it would be Apple’s first in the region.

Well it looks like the talks were successful. According to Turkish Apple blog ElmaDergisi, Apple is set to open a retail store in Istanbul’s Zorlu Center on April 4. And as proof of the gravity of the event, both Cook and Turkish president Abdullah Gül are expected to be in attendance… Read More


Apple launches iPhone trade-in program in France

By Cody Lee on Mar 4, 2014

In August of last year, Apple introduced an official trade-in program for iPhones. The deal gives customers an affordable way to upgrade to a new handset by getting store credit based on the value of their current, working iPhone—up to $300 depending on model and condition.

Initially, Apple only accepted trade-ins in-store in the United States, but it has since expanded the program to the UK and India. And yesterday, an Apple spokesperson confirmed that the company has rolled out the popular trade-in offering to a third country this week: France… Read More


Apple expanding its iPhone trade-in program to Canada soon

By Cody Lee on Feb 23, 2014

In August of last year, Apple introduced an official trade-in program for iPhones. The deal gives customers an affordable way to upgrade to a new iPhone by getting a store credit based on the value of their current, working iPhone—up to $300 depending on model and condition.

Initially Apple only accepted trade-ins in-store in the US, but it has since expanded the program to the UK and India, and apparently it’s landing in Canada soon. According to a new report, Apple Store employees in the country will begin their trade-in training this upcoming week… Read More


Apple’s first Latin America retail outlet opens in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 17, 2014

Brazil is the most expensive place to buy an iPhone 5s: the entry-level 16GB model is selling for 2,799 Brazilian reals, or about $1,175, compared to $649 in the United States. But that didn’t stop large crowds from gathering for the opening of the company’s first retail outlet in the region.

The new store, located in the popular Village Mall in Barra de Tijuaca, Rio de Janeiro’s popular suburb, has attracted about 1,700 people Sunday, according to media reports. Apple’s official presence in the region conveniently comes in advance of the FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympics… Read More


Apple Store app offering Tetris for free, grab it now

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 14, 2014

This week’s Free App of the Week on the App Store is Max Axe, an over-the-top endless runner where you kill beasts by drawing with your finger to throw axes. If this sounds a little underwhelming, the official Apple Store app in its ongoing promotion is now giving away Electronic Arts’ excellent take on the classic Tetris game. Having played countless Tetris versions over the years, Twintris for the Amiga 500 was by far the most fun I’ve ever had smashing simple geometric shapes down to clear the lines.

Electronics Arts’ modernized mobile Tetris edition is the closest thing to Twintris. It’s a highly recommended download so fire up the Apple Store app and claim your free copy now, here’s how… Read More


Guy impersonates Apple Store employee, tells shoppers to go Android

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 3, 2014

A new prank is making rounds on the web as comedian and YouTuber Tyler Fischer impersonates an Apple Store employee at four different locations in New York City, telling unsuspecting customers to switch to Android because the iPhone is too pricey.

He can be also seen convincing customers that new iPhones are coming tomorrow and that the iPad has “400 megapixels” – megapixels, not megabytes – of RAM and “300 Skype units”Read More


How to add an Apple retail-like demo video to your iOS device

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 30, 2014

Three weeks ago, reader Sean Webber sent us a tip about enabling the kiosk mode on the iPhone using an extremely simple method. If you’ve ever been inside an Apple retail store and looked at the iPhones or iPads that have been sitting idle for a while, you know what I’m talking about.

Although we don’t have access to the videos that Apple uses, we can still enable the kiosk mode using our own properly named and stored video. Check inside as I show you how to enable iOS’ kiosk mode on your device. Read More


Apple promotes Top Valentine’s Gifts, says iPad is the way to your valentine’s heart

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 28, 2014

It’s end of January which can only mean one thing: retailers are gearing up for the upcoming Valentine’s Day and Apple is no exception. Now available on the Online Apple Store and through the Apple Store shopping app for the iPhone and iPad (free in the App Store), the new ‘Top Valentine’s Gifts’ section has just launched sporting an Apple-currated selection of both its own products and third-party accessories for your significant other… Read More


Apple Stores now replacing damaged iPhone 5c screens

By Cody Lee on Jan 21, 2014

As promised in a report earlier this month, Apple has begun repairing iPhone 5c screens in-store this week. 5c owners with cracked or otherwise damaged displays can now take their handsets into their local Apple stores and have them repaired quickly for a flat fee.

Apple has been doing this since last year for the iPhone 5, but just recently updated the hardware and training necessary to work with the newer models. The move is the company’s latest effort to cut down on device repair and—perhaps most of all—replacement costs… Read More


Apple Stores to start repairing iPhone 5c screens next week

By Cody Lee on Jan 17, 2014

Apple will begin conducting in-store screen repairs for the iPhone 5c next week, according to a report from 9to5Mac. The site says that under the new practice, the company will be able to repair most displays ‘within the hour.’

This means that Apple Stores will no longer have to replace an entire device due to a cracked screen. And the initiative will not only help Apple save money on repairs, but it’ll also save users from having to setup new devices… Read More


Mac Pro shipping estimates slip to February 2014 hours after release

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 19, 2013

Wow, that was fast – just hours after its radical new pro desktop, the Mac Pro, went on sale this morning, shipping estimates on the Online Apple Store have slipped to as far back as February 2014. Apple’s new pro desktop is being assembled in Austin, Texas, where its cylindrically-shapped enclosure is also being manufactured.

Apple originally quoted shipping estimates of “by December 30″ for stock configurations, but now all stock and build-to-order configurations show a new estimate of February 2014… Read More


A mixed experience with iBeacon at the Apple Store

By Sébastien Page on Dec 6, 2013

Following this morning’s report about the deployment of Apple’s iBeacon technology to its 254 US retail stores, I decided to go to my local Apple Store and give it a try for myself. After agreeing to enable in-store notifications within the Apple Store app, I then drove to the Carlsbad Apple Store.

I didn’t expect to be blown away by this new app/store feature, but I did expect it to work and offer a certain level of relevancy. The results were very mixed, to say the least… Read More


Apple launches iBeacons in retail stores with In-Store Notifications via Apple Store app

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 6, 2013

Apple has begun rolling out iBeacons in its retail stores, with first iBeacon transmitters being deployed in its 24-hour Fifth Avenue store in New York City. Apple has also rolled out a server-side update allowing its free Apple Store app for the iPhone and iPad to let shoppers elect to receive In-Store Notifications about products and orders, including information such as a customer’s upgrade availability and trade-in options.

Approving In-Store Notifications within the Apple Store app requires enabling Bluetooth and the iOS Background App Refresh feature, which allows the system to locate your device and issue product-related information as you check out products inside the store… Read More

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