Apple Music

This tweak displays song ratings throughout the Music app

If you use the stock Music app to listen to your favorite songs on your iPhone or iPad, then you owe it to yourself to use your jailbreak to enhance the app the best you can.

A free jailbreak tweak called I See Stars III by Pat Sluth improves the Music app by displaying media ratings in the playlist tables, otherwise known as song lists.

Jay-Z pulls albums from Spotify and Apple Music [update: everything back to normal]

Rapper and entertainment mogul Shawn Carter, known to most as Jay-Z, has removed his albums from Apple Music and Spotify. As noted by MacRumors, all of his solo albums quietly disappeared from the two apps overnight.

It’s not yet known if the decision was Carter’s call, given that he owns the struggling music service Tidal, or a directive of wireless carrier Sprint, who recently purchased 33% of the company. Either way, the move is about exclusivity.

Update: Jay-Z’s music is back on Apple Music. We are not sure what happened.

How to have the Music app only show songs stored on your device

Thanks to the introduction of goodies like the iCloud Music Library and more recently Apple Music, your Music app on iPhone and iPad has not only turned from a luscious red color into a plain icon, but has also become decidedly more convoluted.

The main change since the coming of the cloud-based additions to the Music app? Songs no longer have to be stored locally on your device in order to be visible and playable. In case you haven’t yet found the trick hiding in plain sight to only play the songs downloaded to your device (and prevent exorbitant data charges), let’s fill you in now!

Apple Music 2.0 for Android brings iOS 10 style interface, integrated lyrics & more

Apple today pushed a major update to the Apple Music client for Android. Available on Google’s Play Store for free, the app has been bumped from version 1.2.1 to 2.0 and now features a refreshed user interface that mimics iOS 10 styling that should bring greater clarity and simplicity.

Aside from the facelift, the software comes with half a dozen new features including the consolidated For You, Library, Browse and Radio sections, a Now Playing screen with integrated lyrics, and more.