Apple Music 2.0 for Android brings iOS 10 style interface, integrated lyrics & more

Apple today pushed a major update to the Apple Music client for Android. Available on Google’s Play Store for free, the app has been bumped from version 1.2.1 to 2.0 and now features a refreshed user interface that mimics iOS 10 styling that should bring greater clarity and simplicity.

Aside from the facelift, the software comes with half a dozen new features including the consolidated For You, Library, Browse and Radio sections, a Now Playing screen with integrated lyrics, and more.

Google previews Android O, check out the top new features ahead of iOS 11’s June beta

If you think Apple’s innovation in the smartphone OS space has stalled, wait until you see the next major revision to Google’s Android operating system.

Today, the search giant released a developer-only preview of Android O (it’s the working title). While it won’t release for public consumption before the fall, developers can download Android O and begin testing it right away. Android O adds many of the same features Apple customers have enjoyed for more than six months with iOS 10, or even longer.

These include things such as richer notifications, picture-in-picture modes, wide color gamuts in apps, limits on what apps can do in the background to improve battery life and more. Here’s our preview of Android O’s enhancements and new capabilities available to customers and developers.