Analyst believes iWatch will be much more than an iPhone companion

By Cody Lee on Oct 11, 2013

Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White issued an interesting research note late yesterday, offering up insight on Apple’s future product plans. White claims that after meeting with a component supplier, he has a much better idea of what to expect out of Cupertino.

On the iPhone front, the analyst echoes his colleagues, saying that he is ‘very confident’ that 2014 will be the year of the larger iPhone—and for what it’s worth, he’s saying 5-inches. But his most interesting comments are in regards to the oft-rumored iWatch projectRead More


iPhones and iPads remain the top pick among US teenagers

By Ed Sutherland on Oct 9, 2013

Despite Samsung’s attempt to label the iPhone as past its prime, Apple remains the top pick among US teenagers. More than half of American teens own an iPhone with nearly three quarter of young people choosing an iPad when it comes to tablets.

When it comes to purchasing decisions, popularity of cheaper Android devices have barely moved the needle, if at all. The figures from Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster bode well for Apple and its continued growth among the key consumer demographic now driving technology purchases… Read More


After meeting with Apple suppliers, analyst predicts 4.8-inch iPhone 6

By Cody Lee on Oct 7, 2013

Though we’re just a few weeks removed from the iPhone 5s launch, rumors of Apple’s next-generation handset are already starting to pile up. At least thus far they’ve been fairly consistent: the display is going to get a size bump.

And that’s what Jeffries analyst Peter Misek is predicting too, after returning from a meeting last week with Apple’s Asian suppliers. Misek issued a note to investors this afternoon calling for an ‘iPhone 6’ with a 4.8-inch display… Read More


Apple could pocket $1 billion in iWatch profits during first year of availability

By Ed Sutherland on Oct 7, 2013

Despite there being no product nor confirmation from Apple that it will offer one, a high-profile Apple analyst is estimating the iPhone maker could sell between five and ten million iWatch units in the first year. According to Piper Jaffray Gene Munster’s survey of 799 U.S. consumers, some twelve percent of U.S. iPhone owners said they might pay $350 on Apple’s watch, if it materializes.

The survey follows Samsung’s attempt to beat Apple to the smartphone punch, introducing its $299 Galaxy Gear in advertisements. For Apple, the iWatch lives only in patents filed and registered trademarks. Munster, of the ‘Apple TV is just around the corner’ fame, follows another analyst who believes the iWatch could be an even bigger hit… Read More


New report calls for 8MP camera in both iPad 5 and iPad mini 2

By Cody Lee on Oct 2, 2013

Get ready, it looks like iPad-wielding picture-takers are about to multiply. According to a new report, Apple is going to beef up the iSight cameras in both its fifth generation iPad and second generation iPad mini this year.

Highly regarded analyst Ming-Chi Kuo sent out a note to investors this afternoon, claiming that the two tablets—which are expected to be unveiled later this month—will feature 8-megapixel shooters with larger apertures… Read More


iPhone 5s/5c estimated to cost $199/$173 to build

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 24, 2013

Following iFixIt’s ritual teardown of Apple’s new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c and a detailed chip analysis of the former by Chipworks, research firm IHS Suppli ran their spreadsheets to guesstimate just how much Apple may be paying for the parts.

According to a research note, the pricier top-of-the-line iPhone 5s commands a bill of material of $199.

Its polycarbonate plastic brother costs less to build, with part costs pegged at $173. The full breakdown is right after the break… Read More


Apple stock takes a hit after Wall Street hammers iPhone 5c ‘iPhlop’

By Ed Sutherland on Sep 12, 2013

Wall Street is a curious bunch. Apple shares dropped by five percent Wednesday morning after analysts piled on with disappointment over the iPhone 5c.

Expecting an inexpensive smartphone costing $400 without a contract, Apple instead unveiled a device priced at $549 unsubsidized.

The departure from the expected script caused some industry observers to downgrade Apple’s shares, citing worries the iPhone maker may have shot itself in the foot when it comes to inexpensive Android alternatives selling in places like China… Read More


Rumor: Apple to release A7X-based iPad and iPad mini this year, lower-cost A6 mini in 2014

By Cody Lee on Sep 5, 2013

The oft-accurate Apple analyst has spoken again. KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo came down off of his proverbial mountain last night and sent out a letter to investors with some predictions regarding Apple’s iPad plans for the end of this year, and the beginning of next.

Kuo, who as we’ve said before has a solid track record in predicting Apple’s product plans, says that he believes we’ll see two new tablets from the company this year: a fifth-generation iPad and a second-generation iPad mini. And both of them will have an A7X chipset… Read More


Activist investor Carl Icahn could push Apple to buy Nuance

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 2, 2013

A lot of watchers hit the panic button after the billionaire investor Carl Icahn announced taking a “large position” in Apple (think north of $1 billion), which more often than not acts as a Wall Street code-word for impending board/CEO changes and hostile takeovers. But these people needn’t worry if an article by the New York Post is anything to go by.

As it turns out, Icahn may be simply looking to leverage his newly acquired influence to force Apple into buying Nuance Communications, whose technology powers Siri’s speech recognition. Icahn just recently has conveniently increased his stake in Nuance and now owns 16.4 percent of the company.

Coincidentally or not, the investor said that both Apple and Nuance in his view are currently undervalued… Read More


Survey: iPhone 5C could give Apple lead in China

By Ed Sutherland on Aug 20, 2013

One Wall Street analyst has some comforting words for Apple fans watching the iPhone in China submerged under the waves of cheap Android smartphones: wait until the iPhone 5C arrives. Apple’s highly-expected budget handset dubbed the iPhone 5C could pole-vault the Apple brand into first place, overcoming Samsung and other Google-powered devices.

The key to giving the iPhone the lead in China: the right price and wide availability. A Morgan Stanley survey of Chinese smartphone consumers suggests an iPhone costing about $486 and offered by China Mobile could give Apple’s marketshare a double-digit boost… Read More


Analyst: iPhone 5C to phase out iPhone 5, due on China Mobile in Q3

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 19, 2013

KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo has built a reputation of the most reliable Apple analyst out there who has accurately predicted a number of Apple product updates (sans the timetable).

He’s out with a new report for clients Monday morning, sharing interesting observations regarding Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5C, also known as the budget iPhone.

The biggest takeaway: the iPhone 5C will be priced between $400 and $500, which makes it a mid-tier handset rather than cheap, and is expected to be released to China Mobile’s 700+ million subscribers in Fall, potentially accounting for penetration of TDD-LTE to 25 percent in iPhone 5S and 35 percent in iPhone 5C shipments… Read More


Revered analyst calls for iPhone 5S with gold colorway,128GB option

By Cody Lee on Aug 15, 2013

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has sent out a note to investors this evening, updating his previous predictions for Apple’s next smartphone. Kuo’s track record with Apple product predictions is good, so what he says carries a fair amount of weight.

In the note, Kuo says he is expecting the iPhone 5S to feature the new A7 chip, 1GB of RAM, and a sapphire-covered Home button with a built-in fingerprint sensor—pretty standard stuff. But he also expects a gold colorway and a 128GB storage option… Read More


There’s more to Apple’s rumored budget iPhone than just the price

By Ed Sutherland on Aug 15, 2013

Are you ready for a break from the usual headlines concerning Apple’s likely introduction of a low-cost iPhone? The perception of low-cost smartphones as some technological game of limbo between the iPhone maker and Google’s Android is all wrong, says one analyst. Those thinking Apple needs to join the race to the bottom misunderstand that hardware price is not the overriding factor for every consumer shopping for a handset… Read More


Joint iPhone 5S, 5C launch could be the most successful in Apple’s history

By Cody Lee on Aug 13, 2013

If you’re still scratching your head trying to figure out why high profile investor Carl Icahn just made a [rumored] $1 billion investment in Apple, consider this: the stock is down more than $200 from where it was a year ago, despite any major missteps, and the company is about to have another big fall.

How big? Well rumor has it that Apple is going to unveil two new handsets during its big media event next month. There’s the iPhone 5S, the successor to the current iPhone, and the ‘iPhone 5C,’ an all-new low-cost model. And analysts believe that the two will make for Apple’s biggest product launch ever… Read More


Analyst: iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor limited to user authentication, secure payments due in 2014

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 13, 2013

The upcoming iPhone 5S revision, likely slated for an announcement at Apple’s upcoming September 10 media event, is widely expected to include the fingerprint scanning feature based on Apple’s 2012 acquisition of smart sensor experts AuthenTec.

Now, there’s been a lot of uncertainty as to what software features the smart sensor might support.

According to a research note issued late yesterday to clients, an analyst predicted the feature would be initially used to authenticate users in place of the iOS slide-to-unlock feature because rumored secure payments which are dependent on the smart sensor won’t be ready in time for the iPhone 5S introduction… Read More


Without iPhone exclusive, China Unicom now turns to low-cost handsets

By Ed Sutherland on Aug 9, 2013

There is a surge of demand for low-cost smartphones in China. Latest to ride the wave: local carrier China Unicom, which lost its exclusive deal to sell iPhones in 2012.

Apparently, the shift toward inexpensive phones is paying off, the company reporting a 55 percent jump in profits for the first half of 2013.

While there is still room for high-end smartphones, vast growth is seen selling inexpensive handsets to emerging markets, such as China and India. Apple could unveil a plastic iPhone aimed at first-time smartphone owners and still make “decent profitability” one analyst said Thursday… Read More


For this analyst, Apple needs both low-cost iPhone and iPhablet to stay ahead of curve

By Ed Sutherland on Jul 26, 2013

Although Apple managed to surprise investors with better-than-expected iPhone sales, some observers see a more daunting future for the flagship Apple smartphone.

Apple’s global smartphone marketshare may have fallen by some estimates to as low as fourteen percent amid increasing pressure from rivals seeking higher margins and more sales.

Strategy Analytics describes the iPhone being “trapped in a pincer movement” between Android cheapos and high-end monster phones with five-inch screens. In other words, as iPhone competitors that churn out inexpensive handsets increasingly march toward the mid-range in hopes of gaining more profit, Apple’s high-end rivals are now moving toward the middle, seeking increased sales… Read More


Analyst: iPad 5/iPhone 5S/budget model in September, no Retina iPad mini in 2013

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 22, 2013

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is fast becoming the de facto most reliable Apple watcher. Expanding on his April note which advised investors to brace themselves for a delayed iDevice roll-out over manufacturing “challenges,” his just-updated shipments timetable now offers more in way of detail.

Long story short, the analyst is expecting the iPhone 5S in late-September, but in limited quantity, with the oft-rumored plastic iPhone (he’s calling it an ‘iPhone Lite’) becoming available even sooner than the iPhone 5S in early-September because its chassis is easier to make than the two-tone iPhone 5S design.

Early September will also bring us an updated iPad 5, he said, but there will be no iPad mini successor this year due to engineering issues. As for the Mac family, Kuo sees a mid-September launch of a Haswell-enabled Retina MacBook Pro, with a Haswell-driven iMac up for a late-August introduction. The full breakdown is right after the break… Read More


Chip-making venture could cost Apple $7 billion

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 15, 2013

A story published this past weekend by a website called SemiAccurate has renewed speculation of Apple’s supposed interest in producing the engine for iDevices at a plant of its own, as opposed to simply designing silicon blueprints in-house and commissioning others to build the chips, as has been the case since 2010.

So if Apple really bought into a fab, as the exclusive story alleges, the non-trivial move would span years to complete while costing billions of dollars.

Worse, Apple would expose itself to unforeseen difficulties not limited to yield issues: running a sophisticated chip-making factory requires a disciplined approach to attracting and retaining highly-trained engineers, one analyst cautioned Monday… Read More


Analyst says mass production of iPhone 5S to start this month

By Cody Lee on Jul 15, 2013

According to Peter Misek, Apple will begin mass production of its next flagship smartphone, believed to be the iPhone 5S, later this month. The Jefferies analyst issued a note to investors this morning saying that the handset will launch in late September or early October.

Misek’s report comes hot on the heels of a story from Chinese Business News claiming that Foxconn has restarted mass-hiring assembly line workers in the Chinese mainland to prepare for 5S production. It too said Apple was preparing for an early to mid-fall introduction… Read More

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