Twelve South’s ActionSleeve puts Apple Watch in a better spot for some sporting activities

By Anthony Bouchard on Jan 17, 2017

Twelve South recently released their new Apple Watch-oriented armband called the ActionSleeve, which relocates the Apple Watch to the upper arm for certain activities, such as rigorous sports, where the wrist isn’t the ideal place to have it.

In this review, we’ll talk about the ActionSleeve’s build quality, comfort, and usability, as well as where you can get your own. Read More


Tip: quickly share your Activity rings, workouts or achievements as standalone screenshots

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 16, 2017

Our in-depth tutorial explains the process of sharing your Activity data with friends, family or even a personal trainer.

But there are times when you may simply want to brag about meeting your daily goal by sharing just your Activity rings or the workout you just finished or an achievement you won rather than go through the whole process of setting up Activity sharing.

In this brief tutorial, you’ll learn how to quickly share your workout, achievement or Activity rings as a standalone image. Read More


New fitness-focused Apple Watch ad challenges you to close your Activity rings

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 14, 2017

Apple’s official YouTube channel was refreshed Saturday with a new advertisement for Apple Watch Series 2, challenging viewers to close their Activity rings by moving more, having some exercise and standing up every 50 minutes for a bit. The firm also shared three new ads for AirPods today, highlighting such features as Siri integration, seamless Bluetooth pairing on Apple gadgets via the W1 chip and more. Read More


How to use Activity sharing

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 13, 2017

Apple’s Activity app on iPhone and Apple Watch includes a social feature that encourages some friendly competition by pitting your own fitness data against folks who are willing to share it with you. This lets you see if you can beat a friend in closing all three Activity rings, permit your trainer to keep an eye on your daily progress and so forth.

This how-to lays out all there’s to know about sharing Activity data, including getting progress update from friends, engaging in smack talk, viewing shared Activity rings, removing a friend from shared Activity or muting their notifications for the day and more. Read More


How to mute progress updates from your friends and hide your own data in Activity sharing

By Steffen Reich on Jan 5, 2017

Activity sharing is a tried and tested way to boost your app engagement by pitting your own fitness data against others that are willing to share theirs. Fitbit and Nike knew for a while of the extra motivation released when someone else monitors your activity, Apple knows full well since iOS 10 and watchOS 3. Agreeing to share and relay your activity on Apple Watch can hence be an inspirational thing, but it also results in a considerable increase of wrist-buzzing every day.

The following tutorial on no account is an insider’s tip, however if you have committed to sharing your activity and your patience with the daily activity updates from your friend is starting to wear thin, remember that there is an option to mute those notifications. The tutorial, or reminder (depending on your level of knowledge), also demonstrates how to hide your own activity from that friend, in case you don’t want them to know about your newest calories crushing workout just yet.

Read More


Apple Watch pinging wearers of new Activity achievement launching tomorrow

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 27, 2016

Apple recently challenged Apple Watch wearers in the United States to bag a special Thanksgiving Day fitness achievement and now it’s doing the same with a brand new achievement launching tomorrow in the Activity app. As MacRumors notes, the notification is currently being pushed to Apple Watch owners.

It informs users of a new achievement, aptly titled Ring in The New Year, that challenges them to close all three Activity rings each day for an entire week in January in order to earn the new virtual medal. Read More


Gamify your stand goals with Standland for iPhone and Apple Watch

By Steffen Reich on Dec 19, 2016

Filling all three activity rings at the close of day has become a proper ritual and incentive for many Apple Watch owners. Out of the three, the one most likely to botch your hard-earned, months long streak is going to be the blue circle gauging standing times per day. The reasons for it are manyfold, but it often comes down to the simple fact that you cannot pencil in a time slot before or after work to quickly fill up the blue one, as it is contrived to be an achievement realized over the course of 12 hours per day.

Standland, an app for iPhone and Apple Watch users, has identified that pitfall of Apple’s activity tracker and plays on it nicely, offering more control, analytics and motivation to get users standing up at least once per hour. Japan’s iPhone App of the Year 2016 achieves this by serving up a creative blend of pet collection (resemblant of the old tamagotchi days) and fitness curation. Standland can track your standing hours right from your wrist or the inside of your pocket (for iPhone-only users) and has recently been updated for the festive season that is upon us. Follow our review below to find out about the role of in-app purchases and whether or not the stripped-down version of Standland is worth your time. Read More


Apple challenges U.S. Apple Watch owners to bag a special Thanksgiving Day Activity achievement

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 21, 2016

Apple has issued a special challenge to U.S.-based owners of the Apple Watch on Monday, inviting them to walk, run or wheelchair a workout distance of at least 3.1 miles, or 5 kilometers, this Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, November 24. Those who successfully complete the challenge shall be awarded a special Thanksgiving-themed Activity achievement.

And to let you brag about your completed challenge and earned achievement, Apple will also unlock a special iMessage sticker which you can send to friends via Messages. Read More


How to look back at your weekly Move goals progress in the Activity app

By Steffen Reich on Oct 27, 2016

Apple Watch users will know the drill: your watch has made a habit of giving you a discrete nudge at the end of each week, commending or scolding you on your summarized weekly chores. This is followed by a polite prompt to set your new daily Move goal based on your previous week’s achievements. If you are anything like me, your fervor is likely to fluctuate within reason, often times hinging on whether or not you managed to surpass last week’s yardstick.

After this week to week ritual has turned into a routine, you’d be hard-pressed to fully recall your personal Move goals journey, be it your calories goal set four weeks ago or way back at the beginning of the year. Users fully devoted to fitness tracking might however appreciate that insight in order to, for example, monitor the progress made in personal ambition or simply to reminisce about their original Move goal settings and see how far they have come.

The following tutorial showcases how a simple swipe in your Activity app can deliver just that. It is a gesture so marginal that many users might be completely oblivious to it.

Read More


How to change your daily Move Goal units from Calories to Kilojoules

By Steffen Reich on Oct 26, 2016

Apple’s stock metrics for distance, size and weight are well known to vary from region to region. They are decided upon and essentially anchored in the system settings the moment you start your iPhone or Watch for the first time and select your region. For the Western world, it largely boils down to the Imperial system cultivated in the US or UK versus the Metric system used in Australia or large parts of Europe. Granted this is old news, however it is more noteworthy that our iPhones and Watches also come out the box thinking differently about the process of burning body weight.

Depending on your region, your devices’ Activity and Health apps are programmed to measure daily and weekly Move goals, but also Workouts in either Calories (CAL) or Kilojoules (KJ). Considering this is often times a personal preference based on how you count your nutritional intake, the following tutorial will remind you of a speedy way to adjust this key setting right from your wrist. Read More


Health Data Importer makes moving your Health data from one iPhone to another a breeze

By Sébastien Page on Oct 13, 2016

When developer Dan Loewenherz got his new iPhone 7 last month, he looked for a way to migrate his old iPhone’s Health data into his new one. He eventually stumbled on a post I wrote about how to export and import your Health data last year, but he was surprised the process wasn’t easier. So he decided to develop his own app. Enters Health Data Importer. Read More


How to transfer only Activity and Health app information to a new iPhone

By Jim Gresham on Sep 20, 2016

Each year when a new iPhone lands on my doorstep, I am excited to carefully unpack the new device and get everything installed. Like you, I prefer to think of loading up a new iPhone as one of the best digital experiences. It is like taking a new car for its first run on the highway. To ensure the best experience, those among us with strong opinions always start from a fresh iPhone and never restore from a previous backup. By starting from scratch, you guarantee no faulty details work their way into an otherwise fresh system.

However, with the advent of Apple Watch and encrypted Health and Activity data, the only way to transfer those precious Activity rings is via an encrypted backup. If there was just some way, to only restore the Activity and Health data…  Read More


Activity Sharing brings social challenges to Apple Watch

By Cody Lee on Jun 13, 2016

After demonstrating several new Apple Watch features, Apple VP Kevin Lynch invited Director of Fitness and Health technologies Jay Blahnik to come up on stage and talk about some new fitness features. Perhaps most notable is a new feature in the Activity app called Activity Sharing.

As the name suggests, Activity Sharing brings social challenges to the Apple Watch, allowing users to easily send fitness achievements and stats to friends and family, fostering competition. This is something that has helped Fitbit grow and popularity and is a welcome addition to the Watch. Read More


Misfit Shine 2 unveiled with improved activity and sleep tracking, longer Bluetooth range and more

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 21, 2015

Misfit, the maker of sleek wearable devices, yesterday unveiled a second-generation Shine activity and fitness tracker and sleep monitor.

The Shine 2, as it’s called, improves upon the original Misfit, which debuted more than two years ago, with more accurate fitness and sleep tracking capabilities.

The accessory sports enhanced touch responsiveness with capacitive sensing technology, longer Bluetooth range, inactivity alerts, multicolor LEDs built into the face of the device and much more. Read More


How to mute Activity reminders on Apple Watch for the rest of your day

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 9, 2015

Among the small things Apple’s added to watchOS 2 is a new switch allowing you to mute Activity reminders for the rest of your day.

To be clear, hourly alerts to stand up and move a little, as well as other coaching reminders on your Apple Watch, can help a great deal when it comes to meeting your personal fitness goals.

But not everyone is a fitness buff.

If you yourself aren’t exactly an active person, you might find Activity alerts a bit distracting, if not downright annoying. But worry not, you can suspend coaching alerts for the rest of your day with just a few taps. Let me show you how. Read More


How to only transfer Activity and Health app data to a new iPhone

By Jim Gresham on Sep 26, 2015

Transitioning to a new iPhone is made simple by iCloud backups, iTunes, and a few clicks or taps. Apple ensures it is easy to move from a fully loaded and setup device to a completely fresh iPhone with the same information, using their backup options. Most laypeople, almost always choose to restore new iPhones from their backups; however, more technically inclined concerned people tend to start with a fresh iPhone and do not restore from backup to prevent carrying over any unwanted information.

Earlier this week Christian highlighted two methods for upgrading to a new device and retaining your Activity and Health data. Method #1: use a third-party app to import your Health data, but it lacks Activity logs. Method #2: backing up your old device to iCloud or iTunes and restoring from backup, as I’ve described above.

But, what if you want both your Activity and Health data, but a fresh setup too? Step inside to learn how to install both, yet only, your previous device’s Activity and Health data on your new iPhone.  Read More


How to import your old Health and Activity data into your new iPhone

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 23, 2015

Moving over your existing Health and Activity data from your old iPhone to a new one can be a tricky business unless you know exactly what you’re doing. The problem stems from the fact that Health and Activity data is not stored in regular iTunes backups, which are unencrypted by default, unless you remember to turn on encryption manually. It’s a security precaution to prevent malicious users with access to your computer to mine your sensitive medical data from unencrypted iTunes backups.

The approach also poses a major challenge to folks who log their fitness and health data in Apple’s Health and Activity apps. Surely you don’t want to start from scratch and lose all the Health and Activity data that you’e amassed in the past year or so.

As it turns out, there is a way—actually, two ways—to preserve your complete Health and Activity data logs when you switch to a new iPhone. Read More


How to only show the days you completed dedicated workouts with Activity app

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 18, 2015

Folks who track their workouts with the Apple Watch or a third-party fitness accessory tend to analyze their logged history in the iPhone’s Activity app in order to gain a valuable insight into when they have—and more importantly, have not—met their personal goals.

Realizing you’re consistently failing to hit your set workout goal on weekends, for example, is the first step toward changing your routine, working out more and leading a healthier life overall.

Though largely unchanged from its iOS 8 counterpart, Activity on iOS 9 has gained a useful, somewhat hidden toggle for switching between displaying Move, Exercise and Stand rings and highlighting the days you completed dedicated workouts. Read More


Misfit and Speedo partner up for a new lap counting tracker for swimmers

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 18, 2015

Misfit, the maker of wearable activity trackers, and swimwear company Speedo today announced they partnered up to create a new Shine activity tracker designed to count swim laps, because step counting is so 2014.

The all-new ‘Speedo Shine’ is basically a special version of the company’s ‘Shine’ fitness tracking wearable which caters to swimmers. Waterproofed to 50 meters, the device uses proprietary lap counting algorithms with “industry-leading accuracy” and launches on September 1 exclusively through Apple Stores. Read More


Misfit launches $20 Flash Link activity tracker, new Link iOS app and more

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 16, 2015

Misfit, a wearable products company, on Thursday announced its most affordable activity tracker yet, the $20 Flash Link, and a brand new Link app that can turn the new activity tracker into a multi-function smart button.

“We’re focused on making products everyone can use. Flash Link is not just a more affordable wearable, it’s a more powerful one,” said Tim Golnik, Misfit’s Vice President of Product and Design.

The good news doesn’t stop here as the firm’s discounted its Shine and Flash accessories which now cost $70 and $30, respectively, down from their respective prices of $100 and $50. Read More

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