This smart charger lets you stay powered up on the road

Featuring two fast-charging USB-C outlets and an output of 30W, this charger is ideal for the ardent road-tripper who doesn’t want to face the consequences of dead electronics. Rapid Charge Technology means that your devices will juice up efficiently, and you’ll even be able to monitor your car battery so you can replace it before it dies.

Power up four devices at once with this massive battery

This portable powerhouse features a whopping 20,000mAh capacity and lets you charge up to four devices simultaneously via the included cable. There’s Smart Charge technology that automatically adjusts the charging speed to suit your specific device, and you’ll be able to monitor your charging progress thanks to an LED indicator.

Automate your AC with this eco-friendly controller

The Sensibo is compatible with any remote-controlled air conditioner or heat pump, and lets you use your smartphone as a controller. You’ll be able to ensure your AC ascribes to a wide variety of preset temperature settings throughout the day, all while feeling a little less guilty about wasting energy during the hot summer months.

This Bluetooth speaker doubles as a hidden camera

Although guests and burglars alike will assume that this fantastic-sounding speaker is merely a speaker, it’s actually home to a discreet WiFi camera that can keep tabs on your living space when you’re not around. You even have the option of turning on the motion detection feature and saving footage to a microSD card if you’re away for long periods of time.