Apple TV features new single core A5 processor

By Jake Smith on Mar 7, 2012

While the third-generation Apple TV was rumored to have a dual-core A5X processor, the new media streaming device was announced with a different processor this afternoon. The new Apple TV, which features 1080p playback, actually packs an A5 processor underneath.

However despite what you might think, this isn’t the A5 processor that Apple has included in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4SRead More


Another Theory on Why Siri is Limited to the iPhone 4S

By Cody Lee on Feb 6, 2012

When Apple announced that its new Siri assistant would only be available on the iPhone 4S last October, it caused quite a commotion in the iOS community. It meant that millions of iOS users, even those who recently purchased new devices, would have to go without the feature.

We’ve heard a couple of theories on why Apple chose to make Siri 4S-only, including the need for a solid selling point for its new handset, and the fact that it’s still in beta. But according to a recent CNET report, it’s all about the processor… Read More


How to Help the People Who Make Jailbreaking Possible

By Cody Lee on Jan 24, 2012

On Friday, the first ever iPhone 4S-compatible jailbreaking utility, Absinthe, was released to the public. And although it bears the Chronic Dev Team’s moniker, a lot of folks contributed to the app’s development including pod2g, Saurik, MuscleNerd, and others.

Recent Cydia data shows that more than 1 million people jailbroke their A5 devices over the weekend, thanks to the work of the above-mentioned hackers. Can you imagine if they would have charged $1 to download and use their software? They’d all be rich! Read More


How to Jailbreak the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 on Linux

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 23, 2012

Now that the Linux version of Absinthe has been released, all major platforms have access to the jailbreak tools needed to jailbreak their iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

We’ve already covered how to jailbreak on OS X and Windows in depth, but we didn’t want to leave our Linux readers out in the cold.

Since there is no iTunes for Linux, things can be slightly more tricky, but it’s still extremely easy to apply the Absinthe untethered jailbreak on Linux. Read More


Cydia Was Installed on 953,232 Devices Over the Weekend

By Cody Lee on Jan 23, 2012

Earlier today, we told you that the Chronic Dev Team was reporting that Absinthe, the first iPhone 4S-compatible jailbreaking utility, was downloaded more than 1 million times last Friday. That’s huge.

And the Dev Team seems to back up that theory with a new blog post entitled “Welcome new A5 jailbreakers!” The post breaks down how many people installed Cydia over the weekend, and on what devices… Read More


Absinthe For Windows Now Available for Download

By Cody Lee on Jan 21, 2012

Absinthe – the graphical user interface jailbreak tool is now available for Windows machines. Previously only available for the Mac, the jailbreak tool makes it extremely easy to jailbreak your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 in a matter of minutes.

Windows users have had another option to hold them over in the meantime; the iPhone Dev Team released a command line utility that worked well, but could prove to be daunting for some users. Thankfully that is no longer an issue. Check inside for more information and download locations for Absinthe for Windows… Read More


Dev Team Releases CLI Jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2

By Cody Lee on Jan 20, 2012

As promised, the infamous Dev Team has just released its CLI jailbreak which is compatible with both the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2. It’s still for Mac users only, but it does provide an alternative to the Absinthe app.

We must warn you though that this isn’t your typical jailbreak software. CLI stands for Command Line Interface, meaning using it isn’t as easy as clicking the “jailbreak” button. It’s definitely not for the feint of heart… Read More


Absinthe Updated to 0.1.2-2 to Fix Overload Issues

By Cody Lee on Jan 20, 2012

As most of you know by now, the A5 jailbreak was finally released this morning via Chronic Dev Team’s Absinthe app. While we haven’t had any issues ourselves with the software, some folks have been experiencing problems.

The reason for that is that the dedicated website, which is used in the jailbreaking process, is constantly crashing under the millions of users trying to jailbreak. So the Chronic Dev Team has released an update to fix that… Read More


iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Untethered Jailbreak Released

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 20, 2012

It’s here! The iPhone 4S and iPad 2 untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1 was just released after months of anticipation, and months of hard work by pod2g and the rest of the leaders in the jailbreak community.

A huge thanks is owed to the dream team of hackers including pod2g, p0sixninja, MuscleNerd, planetbeing, Saurik, and no-doubt countless others.

Take a look inside for more details surrounding this groundbreaking moment… Read More


Dev Team Releases Important A5 Jailbreak Details

By Cody Lee on Jan 20, 2012

We know. We’re as eager for the A5 jailbreak to drop as you guys are. Probably more. But even though we’ve been saying it for weeks now, we think we’re extremely close to a public release.

And The Dev Team confirms that in its new blog post entitled “Corona A5 jailbreak nearly ready to pop!” The post provides some important information regarding the highly-anticipated exploit… Read More


iPhone 4S Jailbreak Progress Report: Testing and Polishing Phase

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 19, 2012

More updates from the jailbreak world this evening; as if the anticipation could possibly get any higher.

The app that contains the exploits used for the iPhone 4S jailbreak is essentially finished and the final touches are being placed on what we can only assume will be the latest version of GreenPois0n.

Earlier this evening, @planetbeing tweeted that fellow Chronic Dev Team member Nikias Bassen, better known as @pimskeks, has finished the majority of the app that will contain the heavily anticipated iPhone 4S and iPad 2 A5 exploit. Read More


iPhone 4S Jailbreak: “Not Much Longer Now”

By Sébastien Page on Jan 19, 2012

We know. We’ve been telling you the same thing for the last three weeks now, but it seems that this iPhone 4S and iPad 2 jailbreak is right around the corner, as Chronic Dev Team frontman P0sixNinja just tweeted that it shouldn’t take much longer now.

Of course, we’ve heard that before. Several times. But something tells me, this time it’s for good… Read More


Planetbeing Posts Picture of Jailbroken iPad 2

By Cody Lee on Jan 17, 2012

By now, most of you are familiar with the jailbreak application known as IntelliScreenX. The utility, which only works on devices running iOS 5.0+, was introduced by Intelliborn in mid-October last year.

Well, planetbeing, who is a member of the so-called dream team of hackers working on the A5 jailbreak, just tweeted a photo of IntelliScreenX running on his iPad 2 (shown above)… Read More


This is a Jailbroken iPhone 4S

By Cody Lee on Jan 15, 2012

A few days ago we told you that pod2g and his fellow hackers were getting close to completing an untethered jailbreak for A5 devices. This includes both the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S.

While we still don’t have an exact release date, pod2g did give us something to wet our appetites. The hacker has just posted a video to his blog of an untethered jailbreak running on Apple’s latest handset… Read More


pod2g Says A5 Jailbreak is Just a Matter of Days Away

By Cody Lee on Jan 12, 2012

If you haven’t figured it out by now, this whole A5 jailbreak thing is kind of a big deal. The entire jailbreak community has its eyes on pod2g and the rest of the “Dream Team” as they finish up their work on the highly anticipated exploit.

iPhone 4S users are now going on three months without a jailbreak, and iPad 2 owners who upgraded to iOS 5 last summer are going on 7. But it looks like we won’t have to wait much longer, as pod2g says the A5 jailbreak is just days away… Read More


iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Jailbreak One Step Closer to Completion

By iDB Staff on Jan 11, 2012

We know, we know, the wait is killing us, but all we have to relieve the tension is a few tweets from the “Dream Team” of iOS hackers working on the jailbreak for A5 devices, namely the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2.

The latest update is a tweet from planetbeing revealing that the A5 jailbreak is out of the sandbox, which means we should see the jailbreak released very soon… Read More


Hacker “Dream Team” Makes Significant Progress on iPhone 4S Jailbreak

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 10, 2012

The dream team of p0sixninja, MuscleNerd, planetbeing, and pod2g have made more progress on the iPhone 4S untether, according to a tweet from pod2g this morning. pod2g also extended out special thanks to saurik for his major contributions to the long-awaited project.

It looks like the team has overcome one of the last major hurdles in preparing the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 untethered jailbreak for public distribution… Read More


pod2g Enlists 3 Legendary Hackers to Help With the A5 Untethered Jailbreak

By Alex Heath on Jan 6, 2012

pod2g has been working feverishly to give us an untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. While the untether for A4-based iOS devices and older on iOS 5.0.1 has already been released, the A5 untether has yet to see the light of day.

Now, pod2g has listed 3 legendary jailbreak hackers, planetbeing, MuscleNerd, and p0sixninja, to help him with the A5 jailbreak for iOS 5: Read More


How to Permanently Preserve Your iOS 5.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 5, 2012

If you’ve been paying attention to the jailbreak scene lately, then you’ve heard the warnings about preparing for Apple’s next counter move against jailbreakers. The question is this: have you heeded it?

It’s imperative that you update to iOS 5.0.1 now and save your SHSH blobs across all devices, including the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. That way, you can always downgrade to iOS 5.0.1 later, which means you will always have access to an untethered jailbreak.

We’ll show you how to create a firmware file for your A4 devices that can always be jailbroken. We’ll also tell you what to do to preserve the jailbreakability of your A5 devices as well. If you haven’t done this yet, now is the time to act… Read More


iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Untethered Jailbreak to Be Released Next Week

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 3, 2012

Great news for potential iPhone 4S and iPad 2 jailbreakers. Infamous hacker pod2g confirmed a few minutes ago that significant progress has been made on the jailbreak, and we should except it in a week if all goes well.

As you already are aware of, the untethered jailbreak for A4 devices, iPod touch, iPhone 4, etc. was released last week to much fanfare.

Now the only thing left to do is release an A5 (iPad 2, and iPhone 4S) jailbreak for the full enchilada… Read More