Watch part 2 of the Dream Team’s HITB talk

By Cody Lee on Jun 23, 2012

Yesterday, we showed you part one of the Dream Team’s talk at this year’s Hack In The Box conference. The section covered the exploits that were used in Corona, and other A4 jailbreak¬†details.

Part two of the talk went live today, and in our opinion it’s much more interesting. In it, the Team discusses the A5 jailbreak, and throws in a nice little ‘one more thing’ announcement at the end… Read More


Watch the Dream Team talk about Corona and more at HITB

By Cody Lee on Jun 22, 2012

The “Dream Team,” as most of you know, is made up of p0sixninja, Pod2g, MuscleNerd, and a handful of other hackers. The group is responsible for the last 2 major jailbreak releases.

The Team was on hand to talk about those jailbreaks, at this year’s Hack In The Box Conference in Amsterdam. They discussed a wide range of topics, including Absinthe and CoronaRead More


Apple credits “2012 iOS Jailbreak Dream Team” for kernel exploit

By Cody Lee on Mar 12, 2012

For those of you wondering whether or not Apple keeps close tabs on the jailbreak community, well, you can stop wondering. The company directly refers to jailbreakers on its new iOS 5.1 security content page.

As most of you know, Apple patched the exploits used in both the Corona and Absinthe jailbreak tools in the software update. And apparently, it’s aware of exactly who is responsible for creating them… Read More


Jailbreak Dream Team to present at Hack In The Box conference in May

By Jake Smith on Feb 18, 2012

The Dream Team, consisting of p0sixninja, MuscleNerd, planetbeing, and pod2g, were the key developers among others¬†who worked to release the A5 ‘Absinthe’ jailbreak last month. All of these developers work hard to find exploits in Apple’s devices to give us the necessary goods.

According to a tweet from p0sixninja, the Dream Team will be presenting at the Hack In The Box security conference, to be recognized for their jailbreaking efforts… Read More