Some Info on iPhone OS 3.0

Well it seems iPod Touch Fans has some info on iPhone OS 3.0. First of all a bit ago, a member of the site found something interesting in the current 2.2.1 firmware:

I thought this is something to be brought to attention. Apple must have something up their sleeves.

iPhone OS 3.0 Coming Soon

This is not a rumor and it has been verified. Venture Beat reports that in their March 17th event, Apple will not be showing off any new hardware, but it will be previewing iPhone firmware 3.0. In other words, we can expect to have firmware 3.0 released to the public sometimes around June or July. And if we get new software, chances are we’ll get new hardware as well…

Boy Genius Report has been tipped that firmware 3.0 will allow MMS and tethering via BlueThooth and USB. What about this good old copy/paste? That’s a mystery so far…