You shouldn’t shower with your Apple Watch

By Jeff Benjamin on Apr 28, 2015

Despite the videos that may suggest otherwise, it’s not a good idea to shower with your Apple Watch. How can I say this for sure? I tried it out for myself.

Showering produces high pressure jets of water (relatively speaking)‚ and the high pressure can cause water to venture into places on the Apple Watch that it should not.

Although the Apple Watch is IPX7 certified, which means that it is water resistant and can stand up to hand washing, sweat, and rain, it doesn’t mean that you can just do whatever you want with the watch as long as it fits within the technical definition of IPX7 certification. Read More


Apple Watch pushes iOS 8 adoption rate to 81%

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 28, 2015

After experiencing a slowdown following a record-smashing Christmas quarter, the rate of iOS 8 adoption is notably picking up speed again.

According to the official App Store Distribution dashboard, publicly available on Apple’s portal for developers, about 81 percent of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices in the wild are now running iOS 8.0 and later. Jut two weeks ago, the pace of iOS 8 adoption stood at 79 percent of active devices.

A notable uptick could be explained by the Apple Watch, which requires the iPhone 5 and later running iOS 8.2 and later. For those wondering, Apple measures active devices by monitoring iPhones, iPads and iPods that access the App Store. Read More


Unsurprisingly, Apple says ‘no’ to custom faces, fart apps and time-telling Watch apps

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 28, 2015

Apple on Tuesday updated the official App Store Review Guidelines, officially taking a stance against third-party applications for the Apple Watch whose sole purpose is to tell the time, as first discovered by developer David Smith.

A newly added clause of the agreement guiding third-party development now explicitly states that Watch applications which simply tell the time will be flatly rejected.

“Watch Apps whose primary function is telling time will be rejected,” reads the document. Moreover, the same principles appear to apply to custom watch faces and flatulence apps.

It’s worth mentioning that these rules have been enforced since the onset as there has never been a single time-telling Apple Watch app, or a fart app, (or a custom face for that matter) available on the App Store. Read More


Last chance to get 40% off the iFixit Pro tech toolkit bundle

By iDB Deals on Apr 28, 2015

Today’s your last chance to get one of our most popular offers from iDownloadBlog Deals: ending at midnight PT tonight, you can get 40% off the iFixit Pro tech toolkit bundle. It’s an awesome comprehensive bundle that will allow you to crack open and fix your devices, saving a ton of money on repairs or replacements. Plus, its from the most trusted name in tech tear-downs, so you know it’s high quality. Get it today before it’s gone. Read More


Display expert explains why Apple Watch sapphire crystal degrades image quality

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 28, 2015

After putting the stainless steel Apple Watch through a barrage of excruciating screen benchmarks, display expert Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate Technologies has determined that its sapphire protection actually degrades image quality.

But it’s not Apple’s fault, really. Even though sapphire is the second-hardest transparent material after diamond, the substance suffers from a higher reflectance versus a less expensive ion-strengthened glass utilized on the entry-level aluminum Apple Watch Sport as well as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices. Read More


How to sync podcasts with Apple Watch

By Sébastien Page on Apr 28, 2015

While you can sync music from your iPhone library to your Apple Watch, there is currently no way to sync podcasts, which is something Apple will likely address in a future update. In the meanwhile, podcast listeners must still be tethered to their iPhones to enjoy podcasts on the go with the help of Overcast, which apparently is the only podcast app with support for Apple Watch at this time. But again, it’s not really a solution as you have to have your iPhone nearby to listen to podcasts via Overcast on Apple Watch.

However, there is a workaround that allows you to sync podcasts with Apple Watch. Like all workarounds, it’s not very straightforward, and to be honest, a bit cumbersome, but if you want to listen to podcasts on your Apple Watch without an iPhone, this is currently your only option. In this post, we’ll show you how to sync podcasts with your Apple Watch. Read More


Diamond-testing Apple Watch sapphire screen

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 28, 2015

After quite literally subjecting the Apple Watch Sport’s Ion-X glass to the knife in a  recent scratch test video, YouTuber ‘Unbox Therapy’ is back with another cool test.

This time around, he’s evaluating the Apple Watch’s sapphire-coated screen with a diamond tester and comparing it to the Apple Watch Sport, LG’s G Watch R, the iPhone 6 and a high-end analog watch by Tissot, which uses sapphire for protection.

He came away fairly impressed with Apple’s sapphire, concluding it does match those of classic sapphire watches. Sapphire, for those wondering, is the second-hardest transparent substance after diamond. Have a look at the video and tell us what you think in the comment section. Read More


Dropbox launches web commenting system, coming soon to mobile

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 28, 2015

Red-hot cloud-storage startup Dropbox on Tuesday announced a new commenting system which permits anyone to provide some context and give helpful feedback on that shared presentation, photo, movie or other upload of yours.

The new feature is now accessible by everyone after Dropbox for Business early access users have been trying out commenting for the past month.

The ability to comment on shared files includes such perks as Twitter-like @mentions, reply notifications and more. The feature is currently available in Dropbox’s web interface and should be accessible from mobile apps “soon”. Read More


How to take a screenshot on Apple Watch

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 28, 2015

If you blog about any of the more than 3,500 third-party applications that are currently available for the Apple Watch, or just want to capture a software bug or show off how you’ve customized your watch faces, there’s no need to photography the Watch screen with your iPhone.

Like Macs, iPhones, iPads and iPods, the Apple Watch features a built-in screenshot-taking capability. In this brief tutorial, I’m going to show you how to take a screenshot of anything that’s currently displayed on your Apple Watch screen. Read More


How to adjust your Apple Watch screen brightness

By Jeff Benjamin on Apr 28, 2015

If you find your Apple Watch screen to be too bright or too dim, you may want to try adjusting the device’s brightness settings. You can actually change the brightness for the Apple Watch AMOLED screen directly from the Apple Watch or from the Apple Watch companion app on the paired iPhone. There isn’t a huge range of adjustability when it comes to screen brightness, but it’s still worth establishing a screen brightness setting that works for you. Read More


How to adjust or mute sounds on Apple Watch

By Jeff Benjamin on Apr 27, 2015

Like any electronic device, sometimes you just want to silence any sound emitting from them, and the Apple Watch is no exception in this matter. Fortunately, Apple has included lots of options for dealing with sound. You can manage sound and mute settings from the Apple Watch Settings app, from glances, and more. In this latest Apple Watch walkthrough, we show you manage volume and how to mute sounds on your device. Read More


How to force close an Apple Watch app

By Jeff Benjamin on Apr 27, 2015

Although it’s not as obvious and as straightforward as it is on the iPhone, it’s still possible to force close an app on the Apple Watch. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t need to force close apps, but every now and then, an app can get wacky to the point where a force close is necessary. In this post, we’ll show you how easy it is to force close any Apple Watch app at any time.

Read More


Why I recommend the 42mm Apple Watch over the 38mm version

By Jeff Benjamin on Apr 27, 2015

Apple Watch Sport collection vs Apple Watch Sport, Milanese Loop vs Leather loop. There are lots and lots of choices when it comes to configuring an Apple Watch. There are even two sizes to choose from—38mm and 42mm.

Choice is good, and there’s certainly a lot of decisions to make when it comes to Apple Watch configuration. But when it comes to size, I would recommend the 42mm. Unless you have really small fingers, and a really small wrist, I think that you should at least try on the 42mm version to test it out.

Why am I so high on the 42mm Apple Watch? It’s because I’ve tried them both. At first I didn’t think that the difference would be that big of a deal, but after going hands on with both, I’m leaning more heavily towards recommending the larger version Read More


App Recap: notable discounts, updates and releases for April 27

By Cody Lee on Apr 27, 2015

The App Recap is iDB’s daily roundup of notable news from the wonderful world of iOS software. Below you’ll find a list of discounts, updates and new releases we think are worth checking out. Today’s selections include deal on some great games like Alto’s Adventure and Worms 3. Read More


Apple planning to rollout Apple Watch to more countries in June

By Cody Lee on Apr 27, 2015

During Apple’s fiscal second quarter conference call on Monday, Tim Cook conceded that the demand for Apple Watch has been much greater than supply, but the company is working hard to remedy that.

“I think we’re in a good position,” he said. “And sometime in late June we currently anticipate being in a position where we could begin to sell the Apple Watch in additional countries. That’s our current plan.” Read More


Best Buy app now accepting Apple Pay, coming to retail stores later this year

By Cody Lee on Apr 27, 2015

Best Buy announced today that it will begin supporting Apple Pay within its mobile app, effective immediately, and within its stores later this year. This is a major partnership for Apple, as it’s the first one with a member of MCX—the Walmart led consortium of retailers that are backing payment app ‘CurrentC.’

A Best Buy spokeswoman told Recode that “we remain invested in MCX,” but she would not comment on when CurrentC will be available to the public and if the electronics retailer would accept it at launch. “We are actively monitoring their pilots,” she said. “It’s too early to declare whether we will take it at launch.” Read More


How to lock and unlock Apple Watch

By Jeff Benjamin on Apr 27, 2015

On initial Apple Watch setup, you’ll be asked to establish a passcode, and I recommend doing this. Not only will a passcode allow you to use Apple Pay with Apple Watch, but it will help secure other sensitive data on your device.

You’ll quickly come to realize that passcode usage on the Apple Watch, while similar to the iPhone in some respects, is quite different. Because the Apple Watch is worn on your wrist and is an accessory to the iPhone, some things had to be altered to make it all work cohesively. Read More


15 interesting points from Apple’s Q2 2015 earnings call

By Cody Lee on Apr 27, 2015

Apple announced its financial results for its fiscal second quarter of 2015 this afternoon, and the numbers are impressive. The company sold 61.2 million iPhones and earned $58 billion in revenue, breaking March quarter records and beating Wall Street expectations.

We just finished up the conference call, where Tim Cook and other executives team discussed Apple’s performance over the three-month period, and offered up some insights into its future. And as usual, we’ve rounded up the 15 most interesting points from the call below. Read More


How to wake your Apple Watch

By Jeff Benjamin on Apr 27, 2015

The hardware contained within the Apple Watch makes it possible for it to know when you’ve raised your wrist and when you’ve lowered your wrist. This, in turn, allows the Apple Watch to intelligently wake and go to sleep depending on your wrist orientation.

To wake your Apple Watch, just raise your wrist or tap on the display. When you lower your wrist, Apple Watch will detect it and automatically go to sleep. But it goes a littler deeper than that. Here are four ways to wake your Apple Watch, and three ways to put your Apple Watch to sleep. Read More


Apple’s Q2 2015 earnings: 61.2M iPhones, 12.62M iPads, $58.01B revenue

By Cody Lee on Apr 27, 2015

Apple has posted its [fiscal] second quarter earnings report for 2015 this afternoon, and they are impressive. The Cupertino company beat Wall Street estimates, recording $58.01 billion in revenue on the back of strong iPhone sales.

More than 61 million iPhones were purchased during the usually-slow, post-holiday second quarter. That’s over 4 million above analyst estimates, and it looks like the handset did particularly well in China—up 72% year-over-year. Read More

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