Apple debuts new leather and silicon cases for iPhone 6

By Cody Lee on Sep 9, 2014

As it did last year, Apple debuted new cases alongside its new iPhone models today. They come in both silicon and leather, various colors, and two sizes to fit either the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 or the larger 5.5-inch iPhone Plus.

The leather cases are very similar to the ones we saw for the iPhone 5s last year. Apple says they use ‘premium’ leather, for a ‘luxurious’ feel, and each case is lined with microfiber to prevent scratching and keep things snug. Read More


Apple releases iTunes 11.4 with support for iOS 8 syncing

By Cody Lee on Sep 9, 2014

Apple this afternoon released iTunes 11.4 for Mac OS X users. The update is small in size, but significant in terms of functionality, as it brings about support for syncing music, movies and other iTunes content to iOS devices that have upgraded to iOS 8.

The news follows the seeding of iOS 8 GM to developers earlier today, which will be the software’s final release before it goes public later this month. That update was also fairly minor, offering up just a handful of tweaks for icons and other UI elements. Read More


Tim Cook speaks with ABC News about Apple Watch, Steve Jobs

By Cody Lee on Sep 9, 2014

Following today’s “historic” media event, Apple CEO Tim Cook sat down with ABC News’ David Muir for an exclusive interview. The full interview will air on tonight’s episode of ‘World News Tonight,’ but ABC has just posted a teaser clip of the conversation.

In the clip, which we’ve posted below, Cook talks to Muir about the significance of this morning’s event. The keynote took place at the same venue where Steve Jobs unveiled the original Mac in 1984, Muir wanted to know if that was on Cook’s mind at all today. Read More


Apple launches redesigned website, kills off iPod Classic

By Cody Lee on Sep 9, 2014

Following all of its major product announcements this morning, Apple launched a redesigned version of its website. now features flatter UI elements and large crisp images, bringing its design language more in line with that of iOS and the upcoming OS X Yosemite.

You might be happy to know that the update also brings about an all-new mobile interface. Previously, Apple’s website showed a full desktop view on mobile devices, making it a bit difficult to navigate for some, but it is now formatted to look great on your iPhone and iPad. Read More


The technology behind the Apple Watch

By Jeff Benjamin on Sep 9, 2014

It’s safe to say that no one knew anything about the Apple Watch until it was revealed on stage at Cupertino’s Flint Center, just a few hours ago. With that in mind, expectations were varied, and it was hard to guess what type of tech Apple would be putting into its diminutive device.

Sure, we heard rumblings about some of the various sensors that might be included in the watch, and some of it was common sense more than anything. But ultimately, what was just unveiled by Tim Cook and company came as a surprise to us all.

We’ve already broken down many of the personalization options and design principals, but the technology behind the Apple Watch is especially fascinating. Inside, we’ll talk about some of the most prominent technological feats to make its way to Apple’s inaugural wearable device. Read More


Apple Watch promo videos

By Sébastien Page on Sep 9, 2014

Apple has just published the Apple Watch promo videos to its YouTube channel. And because the Apple Watch won’t be available until next year, that’s pretty much as close as you’ll get to one until then. Watch, enjoy, and share what you think about it all in the comments section. Read More


An overview of Apple Watch apps and software

By Cody Lee on Sep 9, 2014

We’re still trying to sift through all of the information Apple dropped on us this morning regarding its new smartwatch, and I have to admit, it’s been tough. There is just so much to this device, and so much it can do, it’s tough to figure out where to begin picking out points of interest to pass along to our readers.

But we knew for sure that we wanted to highlight some of the software features and apps Apple showed off for its Watch today, such as Phone, Messaging, Siri and more. So we put together a brief overview, if you will, highlighting what we thought were some of the Watch applications and features worth noting. Read More


Video: Introducing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

By Sébastien Page on Sep 9, 2014

Apple just posted the intro video of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. If you haven’t seen it during the live event, now is your time to catch up on some alone time with Jony Ive, walking you though the magnificence of both devices. Read More


Apple Watch design: 3 collections, 6 finishes, 18 bands, 2 sizes, 11 faces

By Jeff Benjamin on Sep 9, 2014

The Apple Watch is as much about individuality and customizability as it is about technology. Tim Cook and company proudly showcased the many customization options available for the Apple Watch, and it is quite impressive.

Whereas other wearable have launched with perhaps a handful of self-identifying options, the Apple Watch features a gaggle of possible combinations. It’s quite possible that everyone in your circle could buy an Apple Watch, and all of them would look vastly different.

The Apple Watch comes in 3 collections, 6 different finishes, a plethora or bands, two sizes, and nearly a dozen faces. Its a mix and matcher’s dream, and certainly one of its biggest selling points. Check inside, as we break down all that the Apple Watch has to offer when it comes to personalization. Read More


iPhone 6 and 6 Plus get extended battery life

By Cody Lee on Sep 9, 2014

One of the big features many users were hoping to see in iPhone 6 was better battery life, and in some ways they got it. The iPhone 6 outlasts the iPhone 5s by 10 hours playing audio, one hour playing video and Wi-Fi browsing, and it performs much better over 3G. For the most part, however, everything else is the same. Read More


Apple seeds iOS 8 GM to developers

By Cody Lee on Sep 9, 2014

As expected, Apple has seeded the GM (or Golden Master) version of iOS 8 to developers today, ahead of its public September 17th release. Registered developers can grab the new beta from either the online dev portal as a standalone download. Read More


U2 closes Apple event, gives latest album away for free in iTunes

By Cody Lee on Sep 9, 2014

As rumored, Apple brought up U2 on stage to perform at the close of today’s event. Bono and the band played a single off of their new record “Songs of Innocence,” and following the set, Tim Cook announced that Apple will be giving a free copy of the album away to iTunes users over the next month. Read More


Apple Watch starts at $349, available early next year

By Cody Lee on Sep 9, 2014

Apple just answered perhaps the most-asked question in the tech world over the last two years by unveiling the ‘Apple Watch,’ and now there are just two questions left to ask: how much is it, and when can I get it? Tim Cook just announced that the Watch starts at $349, and will be available early next year. Read More


This is the Apple Watch, Apple’s first foray into wearables

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 9, 2014

In addition to the new iPhones, Apple’s finally taken the wraps off its highly-anticipated wearable device during the invite-only press event held Tuesday morning at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in its hometown of Cupertino, California.

They’re calling it the Apple Watch and it files as the first truly category-defining product released under Cook’s leadership after Steve Jobs’ passing. Read More


Apple introduces new mobile payment service “Apple Pay”

By Cody Lee on Sep 9, 2014

It turns out the rumors were true, Apple has been putting together a new mobile payment service, and it introduced it on stage today as “Apple Pay.” The service involves adding your credit cards to Passbook, and waiving your iPhone in front of what looks like an NFC reader to pay for goods and services in-store.

Apple says that security and privacy are very integral to Apple Pay. It doesn’t store your credit card numbers, nor does it transfer them to the merchant, and it doesn’t log what you buy or how much you pay for it. It simply creates a complex number for your card, and uses a one-time code for when you make payments. Read More

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