Developer demonstrates Picture in Picture mode on Apple TV

By Anthony Bouchard on Jan 31, 2016

One of the major new features Apple introduced in iOS 9 was the ability to take advantage of Picture in Picture mode on supported iPad models; a multitasking mode perfect for watching videos while tackling other tasks at the same time, such as web browsing, document writing, social networking, and more.

Oddly enough, the Apple TV, which is essentially a media entertainment system in itself, doesn’t come with a similar feature for users wanting to multitask more efficiently on their television sets.

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith has demonstrated Picture in Picture multitasking on the Apple TV 4 via a custom app he made for himself, showing that the hardware inside of the Apple TV on the latest firmware is capable of handing the feature, but it appears Apple has chosen not to include it (yet). Read More


Be more productive in Mail with these 3D Touch shortcuts

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 31, 2016

Apple’s Mail is a great place to start trying out iOS 9’s time-saving 3D Touch interactions on your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus. With 3D Touch, not only can you create a new email and jump to your inboxes right from the Home screen but manage your emails more efficiently with in-app Peek and Pop gestures.

In this tutorial, you will learn about all the ways Mail takes advantage of 3D Touch to make you more productive by letting you preview emails, contacts, web links, as well as embedded dates and times, airline codes, package tracking numbers and more. Read More


Ryan Petrich’s Treadmill tweak logs how much scrolling you do

By Anthony Bouchard on Jan 31, 2016

Have you ever wondered just how much scrolling you do on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad? Chances are, you do a whole lot more scrolling than you think.

If you’re rocking a jailbroken device, Ryan Petrich has just released a new free jailbreak tweak called Treadmill via his personal beta repository in Cydia that keeps track of how much scrolling you do, and can show you in real time just how much exercise you’re giving your fingers. Read More


The top stories of the week on iDB

By Sébastien Page on Jan 31, 2016

Like every Sunday, we get to take a look at some of the most popular posts that were published on iDB during the week that just ended. Whether it is a news item, a new jailbreak tweak, a tutorial, or an app review, we sum it all up in one convenient place for you.

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Daily Deals: Huawei Watch, Anker USB hub, Bluetooth headphones and more

By Cody Lee on Jan 30, 2016

Hello! Welcome to iDB’s new exploratory ‘Daily Deals’ post. Here you will find a roundup of some of our favorite deals of the day on tech and tech-related products such as smartphones, tablets, accessories, connected devices, and even video games and consoles.

This is an experiment of sorts, born out of our love for tech and discounts. So we’re going to do a little trial run, and see how it goes. If it turns out to be something readers are interested in, we’ll add more products from more websites, and make this a daily thing. Read More


Everything you need to know about the location services built into your Mac

By Anthony Bouchard on Jan 30, 2016

Not long ago, we took you through an overview of the location services settings that come with your iOS device and told you all about how you can increase your privacy by configuring your location services wisely.

It’s worth noting, however, that even your Mac uses your location for certain things; and with that in mind, you may want to look at your location services settings on your Mac to make sure you’re limiting what you need to limit and are only allowing location services for the things you actually use.

In this walk-through, we’ll explain the location services settings that come with OS X and tell you all about what might be using your location in the background. Read More


‘3D Touch Notifications’ lets you peek and pop your notifications with 3D Touch

By Anthony Bouchard on Jan 30, 2016

3D Touch is one of the flagship features of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, allowing users to press firmly on various interfaces throughout iOS to reveal hidden menus with shortcuts to commonly-performed actions.

Despite iOS already having a variety of 3D Touch peek and pop menus, the jailbreak community is continuing to engineer interesting new uses for 3D Touch, such as this recent scale concept tweak, and it doesn’t stop there. A new jailbreak tweak called 3D Touch Notifications from Cydia’s BigBoss repository is about to change the way you interact with notifications on the Lock screen and in Notification Center using 3D Touch. Read More


SpotAlarm tweak lets you play any Spotify track for an alarm

By Anthony Bouchard on Jan 30, 2016

Spotify users: if you’ve ever wanted to use your favorite song on Spotify as an alarm for when you wake up in the morning, and you happen to have a jailbroken device, then you’re in luck!

With SpotAlarm, a new jailbreak tweak available free of cost in Cydia’s BigBoss repository, you can set any one song from Spotify to play when your alarm goes off in the morning – or whenever else you may want to have an alarm go off. Read More


Inquire, Sloth, Synesthetic, and more apps to check out this weekend

By Anthony Bouchard on Jan 30, 2016

Although the Cydia Store has been quiet this week in terms of jailbreak tweak releases, the App Store is still bustling with all kinds of new apps and games that are just waiting for you to download and try out. With that in mind, take a gander as we share some apps with you that are worth taking a look at this weekend. Read More


Review: Spigen Style Ring

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 29, 2016

The Spigen Style Ring ($12.99 on Amazon) is an interesting accessory from Spigen, a company best known for producing smartphone cases. It’s a platform-agnostic accessory that attaches to any case or smartphone using an easily-removable, non-residue-leaving, adhesive gel pad.

Once the Style Ring is attached to your case or smartphone, you can use it to assist with grip or let it function as a kickstand. You can also use the Style Ring to mount your smartphone to your car’s dash using the included car mount adapter.

If you have problems gripping larger phones, then have a look and see what the Spigen Style Ring might do for you. Watch our video review for all the details. Read More


Daily Deals: Samsung Gear S2, iPhone screen protectors, battery packs and more

By Cody Lee on Jan 29, 2016

Hello! Welcome to iDB’s new exploratory ‘Daily Deals’ post. Here you will find a roundup of some of our favorite deals of the day on tech and tech-related products such as smartphones, tablets, accessories, connected devices, and even video games and consoles.

This is an experiment of sorts, born out of our love for tech and discounts. So we’re going to do a little trial run, and see how it goes. If it turns out to be something readers are interested in, we’ll add more products from more websites, and make this a daily thing. Read More


40+ ways to save storage space on iPhone and iPad

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 29, 2016

Is your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch stuffed to the gills with cruft, making it problematic for daily use? Are you running out of space? Have you already been greeted with a “Storage Almost Full – You can manage your storage in Settings” message? You’re not alone. Many of us have been there. Apps and games you download, content you create and media you consume on your device can all take up a ton of space, even if you own the most capacious iOS device now available in the marketplace.

And as if that weren’t enough, various caches, temporary files, logs and pretty much everything else in your ‘Other’ storage can be really difficult to manage.

That’s why we set out to create this master post with the hope of giving you sound tips for getting rid of all the cruft that has accumulated on your iOS device, so you can reclaim big chunks of storage space lost to unnecessary things you can do without. Read More


Apple has secret team working on virtual reality headset, report says

By Cody Lee on Jan 29, 2016

Apple has assembled a large team of virtual and augmented reality experts for a top secret project, reports the Financial Times. The team is said to be building prototypes of headsets that could one day compete against Oculus Rift or Microsoft’s Hololens.

Sources say the secret research unit is made up of hundreds of staff Apple has picked up in a series of carefully targeted acquisitions, as well poached employees from companies working on VR tech such as Microsoft and the darling camera start-up Lytro. Read More


Why you should avoid free VPNs

By Anthony Bouchard on Jan 29, 2016

VPNs are great tools for helping secure your internet access on an unsecured Wi-Fi network, such as those at McDonald’s, but did you know that not all VPNs are created equally?

By using a free VPN that you haven’t carefully read the terms and conditions of, you might be putting your privacy at more of a risk than it would have been just using the unsecured Wi-Fi network to browse the web in the first place. Read More


Apple said to consider developing original TV shows as talks over skinny iTunes bundle collapse

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 29, 2016

As part of a new strategy following failed talks with major networks regarding licensing their programming for a rumored over-the-top iTunes video service, Apple is reportedly considering developing own TV shows to offer exclusively to its iTunes customers, The Street reported Friday. The publication’s track record in predicting Apple’s moves isn’t great so take the story with a pinch of salt.

Citing two unnamed people with knowledge of the overtures, the report alleges that Apple is internally planning to announce exclusive content as part of a cable-like offering in September, as part of the iPhone 7 introduction. Read More


iTunes Radio now requires Apple Music subscription

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 29, 2016

Keeping true to its promise, ad-supported iTunes Radio, which launched in 2013, is no longer available for free and now requires an Apple Music subscription, leaving Beats 1 as the lone free-to-stream radio service on iTunes.

Starting today, non-subscribers who attempt to access iTunes Radio on iOS or via iTunes for Mac or Windows are greeted with a “Get on Our Wavelength” prompts, asking them to subscribe to Apple Music in order to continue enjoying Apple’s selection of streaming radio stations. Read More


Forget thinness – get rid of these bezels

By Timothy Reavis on Jan 29, 2016

It’s no secret that for quite sometime now, Apple has been on a seemingly never-ending quest for thinness. Each new iPhone, iPad, and Mac is almost always thinner and lighter than its predecessor, as millimeters and grams are shaved off with most every hardware iteration.

Some users have voiced their willingness to deal with a slightly thicker, heavier device for the sake of better battery life, feeling that Apple’s form-over-function attitude should be put on hold in favor of more screen-on time between charges.

Read More


How to display an analog clock in your Mac Menu Bar

By Anthony Bouchard on Jan 29, 2016

Your Mac comes out of the box showing the time in digital format on the right side of your Menu Bar, right next to the battery information and Spotlight search button, but did you know it’s possible to show an analog clock in the Menu Bar instead?

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to enable the analog clock in the Menu Bar on your Mac instead of a digital clock. Read More


Fast charging LithiumCard Wallet Battery is now 66% off

By iDB Deals on Jan 29, 2016

While the world becomes increasingly connected in the digital age, most of us are still beholden to sluggish, slow-drip device chargers and restrictive wall outlets. Thankfully, fast-charging power on the go is becoming increasingly affordable and efficient, as evidenced in the LithiumCard Wallet Battery, now just $29.99. Read More


Apple developing new long-range wireless charging tech for iPhone and iPad

By Cody Lee on Jan 28, 2016

Apple is exploring new wireless charging technology for future iOS devices, Bloomberg reported late Thursday. Citing sources familiar with the plans, the outlet says the company is working with partners in the US and Asia to develop wireless charging tech that works over longer distances than current solutions offer. Read More

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