Review: SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Controller

By Jeff Benjamin on Nov 30, 2015

If you want to do serious gaming on the Apple TV, then using a wireless Bluetooth controller isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. Yes, Apple controversially made it a requirement for all games on its platform to support the Siri Remote, but that’s not going to cut it for any game with an even mildly complex control scheme.

Games like Alto’s Adventure and Mr. Jump play perfectly fine, and are even suited for the Siri Remote, but in most cases, you’re definitely going to want a controller as an option.

Unfortunately, there is no Apple-branded controller to speak of, but Apple did co-design a controller with the help of SteelSeries. The result of that partnership is the SteelSeries Nimbus, and Apple is promoting this controller as the de facto standard alternative input device for the Apple TV.

All of that considered, while there are other 3rd-party Bluetooth controllers that work with the Apple TV, the most obvious choice is the SteelSeries Nimbus.

I purchased a Nimbus on day one, and have been playing with it for weeks. Is the $49.99 controller worth your time and hard-earned money? Is it really the best way to control games on the Apple TV? Read More


Google Docs and Play Books gain new features

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 30, 2015

Several of Google’s applications in the App Store—including Docs, Slides, Sheets, Play Books and YouTube—have gained new features or bug fixes in a barrage of updates this morning. The company’s productivity and Office replacement app, Docs, will now render your comments and suggestions in Print layout, show line spacing and strikethrough in Office’s Compatibility mode and let you control paragraph directionality for right-to-left languages. Read More


How to stop your Apple TV from going to sleep

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 30, 2015

Your Apple TV goes to sleep by default after an hour. You can also enter sleep mode at any time by long-pressing the Home button on the Siri Remote to bring up a menu with the Sleep option. But what about those times when you want it running uninterrupted?

If your company uses Apple TVs in the conference room, for instance, you will want to leave them running in Conference Room mode, without going to sleep. Or, you may want to leave Apple’s gorgeous Aerial screensaver running on your big screen TV until you manually put your Apple TV to sleep.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to prevent your Apple TV from going to sleep after a predetermined period of inactivity, select between the sleep-related options and more. Read More


How to delete your Twitter account

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 30, 2015

If you’ve had enough of Twitter and are planning on permanently deleting your Twitter account, iDownloadBlog has you covered.

For starters, know that you cannot delete a Twitter account outright. Instead, you must first deactivate your account, which basically puts it in a queue for permanent deletion from Twitter.

But unlike online services such as Whatsapp and Viber, Twitter’s deactivation process is unavailable on mobile devices and must be done by accessing Twitter’s web interface on a computer.

In this tutorial, we’ll take you step by step through deactivating your Twitter account, lay out what happens to your data and tell you about a few other things you should be aware of. Read More


Apple Music is coming to Sonos speakers on December 15

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 30, 2015

Apple Music streaming will be coming to Sonos speakers on December 15, the company announced on Twitter this morning. Eddy Cue, Apple’s Vice President of Internet Software and Services, said earlier this year that Apple Music support will launch before year-end. Read More


Apple seeds OS X El Capitan 10.11.2 beta 5 to developers and public beta testers

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 30, 2015

Apple today released a fifth beta of the forthcoming OS X El Capitan 10.11.2 software update. The new software carries a build number of 15C48a and is available through the Purchased tab in the Mac App Store app on Macs that have a prior El Capitan 10.11 beta installed or as a standalone download through Apple’s portal for developers Read More


Microsoft rolling out Cortana for iOS to beta testers

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 30, 2015

Following its announcement earlier in the month that Cortana for iOS would soon launch for a limited number of beta testers, Microsoft has now made good on that promise and started rolling out the beta software, TechCrunch reported this past weekend.

Cortana for iOS looks just like the Windows 10 Mobile and Android equivalents, and works in a very similar way, with a few exceptions stemming from Apple-imposed restrictions on third-party iOS app development. Read More


Auxo Legacy Edition gains support for iOS 9

By Jeff Benjamin on Nov 30, 2015

Good news for those of you who are fans of Auxo—Auxo Legacy Edition, the jailbreak tweak created via a collaboration of Ryan Petrich and Sentry, has been updated for iOS 9. As you might remember, Auxo LE was a release that was built in the image of the original version of Auxo, which was a legendary jailbreak tweak that brought a new multitasking interface to iOS.

No new features can be expected with this latest update, but if you’re running an iOS 9 jailbreak, you’ll be happy to hear that Auxo LE should play nice with your jailbroken iPhone. Read More


Fern: a brand new app launcher for jailbroken iPhones

By Jeff Benjamin on Nov 30, 2015

Fern is a nicely designed app launcher tweak for jailbroken iOS 8 and iOS 9 devices. It’s a relatively simple launcher that can be accessed via an assigned Activator gesture.

Included in the launcher are two views: App and Favorites, and each can be customized to varying degrees via the tweak’s preferences. If you’re looking for a well-designed jailbreak tweak for launching your favorite apps quickly, then Fern may be worth its $1.99 asking price. Read More


Ex Top Gear presenter shows off Amazon’s drone delivery system

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 30, 2015

Jeremy Clarkson, the former host and presenter of BBC’s Top Gear show, has been hired by Amazon to promote its products. In addition to a recent commercials aired in the United Kingdom which promotes Amazon’s Fire devices, Clarkson can be seen in the most recent Amazon video showing off the Prime Air, the online retail giant’s drone delivery system first announced back in December of 2013. Read More


How to use the Home button to activate breadcrumb links [jailbreak]

By Jeff Benjamin on Nov 30, 2015

Homemade Bread is an iOS 9 jailbreak tweak that makes the Home button breadcrumb-aware. This means that when an app forwards you to another app and there’s a “back to app” button in the upper left-hand corner, then a press of the Home button will go back to the previous app instead of closing the current app. The end result is a tweak that lets you use the Home button to activate iOS 9’s new breadcrumb links that appear in the status bar. Read More


Rumor: major MacBook Air redesign due in 2016, new 15″ model in tow

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 30, 2015

Apple’s MacBook Air notebook is rumored to receive a thorough redesign next year alongside a brand new fifteen-inch model introduction, according to a report Monday by Economic Daily News.

The thinner, faster machine is thought to be up for an official introduction at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in the summer of 2016.

If true, it will mark the first major facelift of Apple’s MacBook Air notebook since its debut eight years ago. Read More


EasyAppOrientation: screen orientation lock on a per app basis

By Jeff Benjamin on Nov 30, 2015

Have you ever wanted to lock the orientation of your iPhone’s screen in portrait mode for one app, but lock it in landscape mode for another app? Occasionally, I run into that exact dilemma, and it’s alway a little frustrating that I have to micromanage the lock orientation button found in Control Center when switching between the two apps in question.

A new jailbreak tweak is aiming to help eliminate this problem, as it will allow you to lock the orientation of your iPhone’s screen on a per-app basis. The tweak, which is appropriately titled EasyAppOrientation, is a free release that lives up to its billing. Read More


Ticket to Ride gets major update, new maps, better multiplayer, and more

By Lory Gil on Nov 30, 2015

Board game fans already know about Days of Wonder’s decade-old train ride adventure game. They probably already know that the company published a digital version of it in the App Store a few years ago.

Ticket to Ride recently received an update that brings with it new content for the first time in years. Additionally, the game is now cross-platform compatible with asynchronous multiplayer mode, so you can play multiple games at the same time. Read More


iDB Cyber Monday: save an additional 25% on select e-learning deals

By iDB Deals on Nov 30, 2015

Check out some of these Cyber Monday deals, with 25% off all e-learning deals with coupon code CYBERMONDAY25. Some exclusions do apply, but the price cuts are for a limited time as we head into holiday shopping season!
Read More


Display Recorder gets updated with improved iOS 9 compatibility

By Jeff Benjamin on Nov 29, 2015

Ryan Petrich has been on a roll as of late when it comes to updates to his most popular jailbreak releases. Not only has Activator received a monster update earlier today, but Display Recorder has received an update that makes it more compatible with iOS 9.

Display Recorder is a popular jailbreak app, because it allows you to capture your iPhone’s screen and showcase on screen taps so that viewers of the exported video will know where you’re tapping on screen. I’ve used Display Recorder for many years now, and in my opinion, it remains the best way to directly capture your iPhone’s screen on video. Read More


NCCards: customize Notification Center notifications

By Jeff Benjamin on Nov 29, 2015

NCCards is a recently released jailbreak tweak that ushers in a new interface for the notifications shown in Notification Center. The $2.99 tweak, now available on the BigBoss repo, brings new visual cues to notifications, but retains much of the functionality that iOS users are familiar with.

Testing out NCCards reveals a promising feature-set with a few notable miscues. Watch our video walkthrough to see the tweak in action. Read More


How to add hardware specs to the iOS Settings app [jailbreak]

By Jeff Benjamin on Nov 29, 2015

HardwareSpecs is a just-released jailbreak tweak that places a new Hardware Specs panel inside of the stock Settings app.

If you want to quickly gauge device hardware information, such as Product, Type, Model Number, Platform, Processor, Architecture, and much more, then HardwareSpecs is a jailbreak tweak that’s worthy of your time. Read More


Activator receives a huge new update for iOS 9 and the iPhone 6s

By Jeff Benjamin on Nov 29, 2015

Activator, the staple jailbreak tweak relied on by many as a standalone release, and by tweak developers as a complementary component, has been updated to version 1.9.7. The update brings a boatload of new changes, features, and fixes to the fore, including support for taptic engine actions, 3D Touch events, and more. Needless to say, if you have a jailbroken iPhone 6s, then this update is for you. Read More


Impending Instagram update will let you seamlessly manage multiple accounts

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 29, 2015

Mobile photography service Instagram is testing a new feature with a subset of its users that was designed to permit users to seamlessly manage multiple accounts and switch between them, without having to sign out of their current account, AndroidPolice said two days ago.

The feature is now being tested with some users who are enrolled in the company’s official Android beta testing program, and should come to the iOS app soon. Read More