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Stock up on these tough metal-braided Lightning cables for 50% off

It’s no secret that Apple’s charging cables are easily torn and frayed, leaving quite a bit to be desired. A more durable solution is available in Toughlink’s MFi-Certified Metal Braided Lightning Cables. For a limited time, you can take 50% off a two-pack of these durable cables, for a final total of $29.99.

Don’t miss out on this deal: two years of Private Internet Access VPN at 63% off

There are a few things in life you should never cut corners on, such as buying a car or new laptop. Choosing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is high on the list as well, as it’s the only mainstream way to keep your internet activity from prying eyes and greedy Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Protecting your digital privacy is more important than ever due to the recent Congressional decision to eliminate consumer protections keeping ISPs from collecting and selling our data without our consent.

But downloading a cheap, run-of-the-mill VPN can be equally or even more dangerous than putting your data in the hands of your ISP. We suggest investing in a top-rated VPN like Private Internet Access VPN with a reputation for taking privacy seriously. For a limited time, take 63% off two years of the VPN we rated as one of the best, for a final total of $59.95.

These 100% wire-free earbuds are affordable AirPods alternatives

If you’re not ready to spend $160 on AirPods for your iPhone, there are more and more viable (and more affordable) alternatives on the market. In our search for the clearest sound, the best fit and the most complete convenience overall, these Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 Sport Earbuds stood up the best to Apple’s product. For a limited time, you can take 36% off the retail price for a total of $94.99.

Turn your car’s CD player into the ultimate iPhone mount

Going hands-free in the car isn’t just a matter of common sense anymore. In fact, in most places, it’s the law. That’s what makes ExoMount CD Car Mount an important addition to your drive, offering a central, visible location for your phone while keeping your hands where they belong – on the wheel. For a limited time, take 33% off the retail price for a cost of $19.99.

Declutter your working space with this under-desk headphones mount (just $10)

It’s easy for your headphones to clutter up your workspace when you’re not using them, with loose cords and an unwieldy shape taking up too much area on your desk. The Anchor is the original under-desk headphone mount, keeping your headphones easy to access while keeping them out of the way when not in use. Store up to two sets of headphones in an easy, under-desk solution that takes up minimal space.

For a limited time, take 50% off the retail price of your Anchor headphone stand mount, for a total of just $9.99.

This charging cable is like MagSafe for your iPhone

Apple might have killed MagSafe, but it doesn’t mean it’s completely over for magnetically attached power connectors. Quite the contrary! Armor-X came up with their own spin on MagSafe and introduced magnetic charging cables.

Pick up your own Armor-X Magnetic Charging Cable at 50% off the retail price, for $19.99.

Get the official iFixit toolkit for $20

The evolution of tech continues to make our devices smaller and thinner, requiring specialized tools to tinker with the ever-important gadgets in our lives. The ultimate DIY toolkit has arrived in the form of the iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit, equipped with the tools necessary to tackle every repair from smartphones to home appliances, eyeglasses, and beyond.

You can pick up the iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit for $19.95 for a limited time.

PDF Expert for Mac is currently on sale at 50% off

Editing PDF documents just became a breeze. The popular Mac app, PDF Expert, has gotten an update, with version 2.2 delivering a redesigned, new and improved UI, with improved search functionality, editing capabilities, and more.

For a limited time, iDB readers can take 50% off the retail price of this top paid app in the Mac App Store for a final price of $29.99.

These wire-free earbuds are an affordable AirPod alternative

Turned off by the high price of AirPods? A cost-conscious alternative has arrived in 1Voice Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds 2.0, delivering a crisp and completely wireless audio experience at less than half the cost. For a limited time, you can pick up a pair of 1Voice Wireless Earbuds for just $59.99.