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Disk Drill PRO 3: take 70% off a lifetime of data recovery and loss prevention

by iDB Deals on Jan 12, 2017

We’ve all been through the panic and frustration of losing our data to system crashes, file corruption and beyond. When all hope seems lost, Disk Drill PRO 3 will recover your lost data in just a few clicks, saving over 200 types of files on your computer or even on external drives.

Over 10 million downloads have placed Disk Drill at the top of the list for file recovery options. For a limited time, you can take 70% off a lifetime license to Disk Drill PRO 3 for Mac and permanently protect yourself from data loss.

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Master iOS 10 with the 2017 Complete App Builder Bundle (87% off)

by iDB Deals on Jan 11, 2017

Your direct path to mastering iOS 10 has arrived. The 2017 iOS 10 Complete App Builder Bundle is a coding bootcamp designed to equip you with the tools and insight to work with iOS 10 at a professional level, building apps and games with ease.

For only $59.99, you’ll access over 250 hours of iOS 10 instruction, as well as an array of app templates and tools. You’ll learn how to work with CodeRunner, Armature and Apple’s approved programming language Swift 3, to build your own games, events schedulers and more. Read More


The 2016 13″ MacBook Pro Giveaway: enter now to win!

by iDB Deals on Dec 29, 2016

Just about everyone in the tech world is clamoring about the 2016 13″ MacBook Pro, Apple’s first major MacBook Pro redesign since its first introduction in 2012. With a substantial upgrade in hardware and performance, a new era is dawning in the evolution of the MacBook Pro – and you can win one of your own, absolutely free!

Enter now for your chance to skip the long lines, wait times and credit card grind when you win your very own 2016 13″ MacBook Pro – a $1,799 value!

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Get 66% off the award-winning Kerbal Space Program Simulator

by iDB Deals on Dec 22, 2016

Get in the pilot seat for one of the most celebrated simulation games of the decade. Create your own starship, recruit a team and explore the universe with Kerbal Space Program, which earned a 9/10 IGN rating.

For a limited time, you can grab this great Steam game offer at 66% off, for a final cost of $13.59.

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Save 90% on CloudApp, the premium tool to quickly capture, annotate, and share anything

by iDB Deals on Dec 21, 2016

In the age of multi-purpose apps, CloudApp stands out as a true leader in interactive convenience. This all-inclusive platform makes capturing, annotating and sharing media a breeze, with easy integration to unify and simplify your workflow.

Get the sharing tool trusted by 2 million professionals, with brand accolades ranging from Slack to HBO, Facebook to FourSquare, to The New York Times and beyond. A one-year subscription to CloudApp Storm is just $30.

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The iKlips DUO+ is a handy Lightning/USB flash drive

by iDB Deals on Dec 20, 2016

The world’s smartest flash drive has gotten an upgrade just in time for the holiday gift season. The iKlips DUO+ Dual Interface Flash Drive allows you to share files between iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC at high speeds, with advanced features easily accessible right from your smartphone.

For a limited time, you can pick up this lighting-fast space saver for just $69.99.

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Deal: get a subscription to Hotspot Shield Elite VPN for 67% off

by iDB Deals on Dec 7, 2016

At 400 million downloads and counting, the consensus is clear: Hotspot Shield Elite VPN is one of the most sophisticated VPN on the market. For a limited time, you can pick up a subscription to Hotspot Shield Elite VPN for 67% off — rated with 4.5/5 stars from over 22,000 ratings from the App Store.

Easy to install, Hotspot Shield Elite Plus uses advanced encryption technology to keep your browsing sessions secure, channeling your activity through a private VPN tunnel. Public Wi-fi is no longer a scary free-for-all on data access, with Hotspot Shield securing your data by cloud-based malware protection.

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The HyperDrive USB Hub will give you access to up to five ports on your new MacBook

by iDB Deals on Dec 6, 2016

The new MacBooks are leading the port revolution, and you can take innovation a step further with the HyperDrive USB Type-C 5-in-1 Hub to expand the number of ports available on your MacBook to five. For a limited time, you can take 20% off the retail cost for a total of just $39.95.

With HyperDrive’s 5-in-1 Hub, your USB Type-C port will expand to include access points for SDXC, a microSDXC, 2 USB 3.0, and an extra USB Type-C port, all on a single, simple bar. You’ll enjoy the convenience of full sync and transfer capabilities for flash drives, camera cords, microSD cards and more, all in a small and light hub which fits snugly on the side of your new MacBook.

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Cyber Monday deals on Mac apps and iOS development

by iDB Deals on Nov 28, 2016

Congratulations! You survived Black Friday. Isn’t it nice to take a temporary break from the festivities? Just when you thought the deals would end… no need to return to the chaotic shopping mall today. The internet is your oyster and with that, here are two Cyber Monday deals to check out:

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Black Friday means great deals on the things you need

by iDB Deals on Nov 25, 2016

Today is the day. The most thrilling shopping day of the year for some, and the most dreadful for others. Who stands in Black Friday lines anymore, it’s all about online deals. Before this crazy day ends, check out these two featured deals:

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One day only: add up to 256GB to your Macbook storage with the Nifty MiniDrive, now at its lowest price yet

by iDB Deals on Nov 21, 2016

Get rid of those clunky USB drives once and for all, and add up to 256 GB of extra space to your Macbook Air with the Nifty MiniDrive MicroSD Card Adapter.

In the run-up to Black Friday, we’re dropping the price even lower for one day only. The Nifty MiniDrive normally retails for $39.99 and was originally discounted to $36.99, but you can grab it now for just $32.99.

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One day only: we’re dropping the price on this beginner-friendly iOS 10 training to just $29

by iDB Deals on Nov 20, 2016

Ready to turn your big app ideas into reality? Develop captivating apps for Apple’s latest mobile operating system with the iOS 10 & Swift 3 Starter Bundle. Through over 82 hours of premium training, you’ll learn to build the kind of cutting-edge apps that people love — along with a full-fledged portfolio assembled by course’s end.

This bundle is valued at $654 and was previously discounted to $45, but for a limited time you can get it for just $29.

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Black Friday Mac Bundle: 9 top-rated apps available at 94% off today only

by iDB Deals on Nov 11, 2016

Black Friday edging ever closer, meaning big deals are afoot. We’re getting things started early with a pre-Black Friday sale event aimed at Mac lovers. Get the most tech bang for your buck with The Black Friday Mac Bundle 2.0, featuring nine top-rated apps to breathe new life into your Mac.

This high-end collection of apps will streamline your workflow for maximum productivity and convenience. It’s normally worth nearly $380 and ordinarily discounted to $29.99 in our store. But for one day only you can pick up this bundle for the low price of $19.99 – a discount of over 90 percent!

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Protect your webcam security with Camera Guard Pro for Mac

by iDB Deals on Nov 4, 2016

Even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been spotted covering his laptop camera with tape, which underscores the importance of privacy and security today. A great solution is Camera Guard Pro, designed to safeguard your Mac’s webcam and microphone security at all times.

For a limited time, you can pick up Camera Guard Pro at a 66% discount, for a total of just $9.99.

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Charge up both your iOS and Android devices with a single cable: the Just Mobile AluCable

by iDB Deals on Nov 3, 2016

The frustrations of platform-specific chargers are unavoidable, as we’re forced to buy USB and Lightning cables for our various Apple or Android devices. The Just Mobile AluCable Duo for iOS & Android Devices offers an ideal solution, delivering both your micro-USB and Lightning charging needs with speed and efficiency.

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This sleek Martian Notifier Smartwatch is easy on the wallet (76% off)

by iDB Deals on Oct 26, 2016

Why spend hundreds on a quality smartwatch, when the Martian Notifier Smartwatch is available at a fraction of the cost? Don’t let its price fool you: this cutting-edge wearable packs the features of a much pricier model.

For a limited time, you can pick up the Martian Notifier Smartwatch for just $29.99.

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Streamline and organize your computer with this Mac Power Organizer app bundle (84% off)

by iDB Deals on Oct 20, 2016

While your Mac may be at the pinnacle of computing technology, that doesn’t mean you can’t improve how you use it. The Mac Power Organizer Bundle is a collection of apps that will organize your files and help you manage them like never before.

Upgrade your productivity with this premium app bundle, now just $14.99, or 84% off the retail price. Read More


KlikR lets you manage all your remote-controlled devices from your phone

by iDB Deals on Oct 19, 2016

Sick and tired of managing (and misplacing) multiple remotes for various devices? The coin-sized KlikR Universal Remote Control is the solution, allowing you to operate any connected device from your phone. For a limited time, you can pick up your own KlikR just $19.99.

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PDFpenPro is 50% off for a limited time

by iDB Deals on Oct 18, 2016

Working with PDFs is notoriously frustrating, but PDFpenPro 8 eliminates those pains. This all-purpose PDF editor for Mac boasts a robust suite of features that will streamline your workflow and let you edit with no problem. For a limited time, you can save 50% on the latest version of PDFpenPro.

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Deal: Get 58% off PDF Expert 2

by iDB Deals on Oct 11, 2016

Editing PDFs can be a real headache for Mac users, involving third party apps and a series of frustrating hoops to jump through. All that changes with PDF Expert 2.

This app has won the Apple Editors’ Choice award for a reason: it’s made it easy for countless Mac users to edit, annotate, share, and secure their PDFs. You can now grab this must-have tool at 58% off for a limited time.

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