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Why you should use a VPN

Feeling exposed yet? Given these recent events, it’s not surprising that VPNs are trending as one of the best methodologies to protect users online.

Get a head start developing for iOS 11 with this developer course bundle

With lifetime access to 230 hours of prime Apple development instruction spread over five individual courses, you’ll learn how to build marketable and practical games, code with Swift 3 (Apple’s go-to, general purpose programming language), build apps for the Apple Watch, optimize iOS 10’s significantly improved artificial intelligence, and much more. 

Boom 3D will outfit your Mac with surround sound experience

As we’ve come to expect from Apple products, the speakers on Macs are impressive. Yet any true audiophile will agree that there are a few things missing: volume, range, and surround sound. Get the 3D surround sound you expect at the cinema right on your Mac with Boom 3D for Mac for just $9.99.