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How we built the iDB app – part 2: from design to code

by Guest Author on Aug 4, 2016

This is a guest post by Giulio Michelon, proud designer and CEO of Belka, the Italian studio that designed and developed the iDB app. We’ve asked Giulio to come here and share his experience developing the app, from the initial concept to the final product. Part 1 was published last week, and part 3 will be published next week.

In the previous part, we talked about the lo-fi design, which mostly iterates on the basic ideas and concepts. In this part I will talk about the high-fidelity design and the actual implementation of the product. Read More


How we built the iDB app – part 1: concept and design

by Guest Author on Jun 24, 2016

This is a guest post by Giulio Michelon, proud designer and CEO of Belka, the Italian studio that designed and developed the iDB app. We’ve asked Giulio to come here and share his experience developing the app, from the initial concept to the final product. In part 1, Giulio will talk about concept and design. Part 2, and 3 will be published over the next couple of weeks.

iDownloadBlog’s app started with a concept from Sebastien: he asked us to build an app to discover the latest news for his blog in a fast and convenient way. He mentioned us some example of the result he wanted to see: something similar to Tinder, but for news. Read More


Circul8: an outstanding theme for iPhone and iPad

by Guest Author on May 18, 2013

There are countless amounts of themes already available for iPhone/iPad with more emerging each week. It starts getting harder to find a theme that is truly worthy of your iDevice. That’s where we come in… Introducing Circul8. A theme that is well crafted with the perfect minimalism for a simple but effective look.

The best part? It’s free… Read More


LS Climacons, a tranquil theme for your Lock screen

by Guest Author on Apr 1, 2013

Well it’s Monday and most of you are returning to work or school and gearing up for the week ahead. What’s going to help, you ask? Well another theme post from your friends over at iDB of course! In this series we lay out instructions on how to turn that boring stock Lock or Home screen into a beautifully crafted setup. The Lock screen has been neglected by Apple long enough so lets make it feel special for once.

Let’s get started… Read More


LS Lyra 5, a clean and minimal theme for your Lock screen

by Guest Author on Mar 18, 2013

Welcome to our third post about the wonderful world of iPhone Lock screen mods! In this series we lay out instructions on how to turn that boring stock Lock screen into a beautifully crafted setup. The Lock screen is literally the first thing you see every time you turn on your iPhone so why not make it look as pretty as possible. Let’s just get started… Read More


Wannabat Season turns fast-paced baseball into iOS eye-candy

by Guest Author on Sep 11, 2012

Vitusoft’s new 3D, one-on-one baseball app Wannabat Season gives the sport a new, stylish attitude and it’s fast-paced game design is perfect for those with an action addiction.

Wannabat brings baseball to a gritty urban environment, and foregoes the stadium for the street. Instead of famous names and jerseys, players can expect to face off against a slew of opponents who ooze style, while players design their own character to compete — both in terms of fashion and field domination. Read More


Don’t jump the gun in Keri Racing

by Guest Author on Aug 23, 2012

Keri Racing, from Neowiz Internet (the same company that brought us London 2012, the official iOS game of the Olympics), takes on the hottest social network game hits by combining multiple genres in one fun new universe. Whether you’re a solo player or prefer to help friends and compete with them, Keri Racing has you covered.

Named for the cute cartoon birds that serve as mounts for racing against both the AI and friends in real-time, Keri Racing combines farming, being a business mogul, pet raising, RPG-esque stats building, and action-packed interactive racing to provide a unique social and racing experience. But the main goal here is to dominate the racing circuit by raising and racing your pet keris… Read More


Solar: where weather melts with design

by Guest Author on Jul 28, 2012

Since the dawn of the smartphone, one of the most basic informative features that everyone loves having at the tip of their fingers is weather. Regardless if you’re planning your day, making small talk, or just really into meteorology, accessing weather info almost instantly is key.

Solar is described as a hyper-sensorial, interactive display of the day’s weather, rendered in dazzling colorscapes. It has no vector polygons, no dew point calibration, and it doesn’t remind you if you need to wear a jacket. It is, very simply, an exquisitely minimalistic designed weather forecast app – a modern accessory for the aesthetically inspired adventurer… Read More


The Stocks app kinda makes its way to the iPad in iOS 6

by Guest Author on Jun 13, 2012

A few stock applications that were on the iPhone never made their way to the iPad. Indeed, the Weather, Stocks, and Clock apps for example have been nowhere to be found on the iPad since its launch in 2010.

With the introduction of iOS 6 beta though, Apple has officially brought the Clock app to its popular tablet – see our video walkthrough. Even though you won’t find its icon anywhere, the Stocks app also makes an appearance… Read More


iOS 6 lets you easily tell new apps apart

by Guest Author on Jun 13, 2012

In case you weren’t sure what apps have been newly downloaded on your iDevice, iOS 6 is making this clearer than ever as it now displays a little blue “New” label in the corner of the app icon.

I’m not sure it’s going to be one of those life changing new features but I like how it makes it clear that you have downloaded an app and haven’t launched it yet… Read More


New in iOS 6: App Store app doesn’t close anymore when downloading an app

by Guest Author on Jun 12, 2012

One major annoyance I had with iOS so far is that anytime you download an application from the App Store, the app would close and take you back to the Home screen. If you want to download a new app, you have to launch the App Store app again, and repeat the process.

iOS 6 puts an end to this small nonsense and now lets you download as many apps as you want without closing… Read More


How to launch apps on your iPhone with Alfred

by Guest Author on May 8, 2012

Did you know you can launch an iPhone app or respring your iDevice using Alfred for Mac? It’s actually possible. You can invoke a hotkey, type Respring into your Mac, and your iPhone SpringBoard will restart automatically.

This tutorial is not for the feint of heart. It helps if you have a general understanding of OpenSSH, the command line, and scripting with AppleScript or Python. You will need to have a Mac with administrator rights and a jailbroken iDevice. Read on to get started… Read More


Deadmans Run, a racing game sensation with steampunk style

by Guest Author on May 7, 2012

A new racing game has just launched in iTunes, developed by Nightfall Interactive, Deadmans Run is action-heavy combat/racing fusion fun starring upgradable steampunk inspired hover cars. If it sounds to you like this game has a lot going on, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Non-stop action and content that shines in both quality and quantity make Deadmans Run the hottest new launch to hit the App Store in some time… Read More


iPad for Academics: setup, workflow, and accessories

by Guest Author on May 2, 2012

With the rise of iPads in education continuing at a steady pace, it only seems natural to find ways to replace PC-dependent methods of academic work. Over the past year, I have tasked myself with replacing traditional education methods with the functionality of my iPad, from reading textbooks to taking lecture notes. Only recently have I taken the ultimate challenge: completing an entire research paper using only Apple’s groundbreaking tablet, from conception to submission.

In trying to find solutions to the glaring obstacles in my path, I devised a workflow to make this task feasible. I compiled a list of strategies, study habits, iOS apps, accessories, and web apps that made me more efficient in everything from research to writing… Read More


The best business card apps

by Guest Author on May 2, 2012

Over the past half of a decade, digital connections have become more common than real life interactions. You can easily “meet” people via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn without ever having to shake their hand at a meeting. However, business cards, in one form or another, are still an important part of connecting in real life. So, it is important to find the best way to manage your business cards in a digital age. It is also a good idea to know how to make a great impression on someone with just a small amount of information.

There are two different types of business card apps. One type creates a digital business card that you can share with others wirelessly. The other turns physical business cards into digital ones so you don’t have to keep stacks of them in your wallet. Read More


Jailbreaker’s Choice: top five free tweaks roundup

by Guest Author on Apr 30, 2012

Well readers, the results are in for our second Jailbreak’s Choice. Your votes have been counted for the top five free jailbreak tweaks. Over 150 iDB readers shared their favorite free downloads from Cydia, and the results are a bit surprising.

Among the most popular are a few expected veterans and a few essential newcomers. Read on to see the results of the poll and to cast your vote for the number one tweak… Read More


Groove 2: the best universal music app for iOS

by Guest Author on Apr 24, 2012

Groove 2 by Zikera is a perfect blend of beautiful design and enhanced music playback functionality. The developers describe it as “a music player that studies your listening habits and creates a wide variety of instant mixes like your own personal DJ.” I have found this claim to be highly accurate and I haven’t had to manually create an iTunes playlist since.

This universal app brings both a gorgeous visual design and an impressive set of features for listening to synced music on your device. If streaming radio isn’t your thing, then you will be very satisfied by the Groove 2 experience. It’s definitely worth downloading. Read on to discover why… Read More


Jailbreaker’s Choice: vote for the best free tweaks

by Guest Author on Apr 23, 2012

It’s time to vote your for favorite free jailbreak tweaks. There are hundreds of great products in Cydia, and a majority of them are free. We want to know which ones you like the most and which ones are simply essential to any jailbroken device.

Here are the rules… Read More


MotionX Sleep: a sleep cycle alarm clock done right

by Guest Author on Apr 23, 2012

Do you hate your alarm clock? I certainly did. I have broken many snooze buttons over the years. That’s why I’m so excited to have finally found an iPhone app that wakes me up.

MotionX is known for their wonderful navigation apps including MotionX GPS and GPS Drive. MotionX Sleep is their latest addition to their iPhone offerings and unsurprisingly it’s a wonderful experience… Read More


PadSync: a great looking iTunes file sharing alternative

by Guest Author on Apr 18, 2012

PadSync from ecamm is yet another way to access the documents folders of apps on your iDevice. The interface is very similar to iTunes File Sharing, located in the device view of a synced device. The main advantage is that you don’t need iTunes running to use it.

Maybe not enough apps you use have added iCloud support yet. Or perhaps you want to be able to easily drag and drop movie files into your movie app from your computer without performing a full iTunes sync. The rest of you might need an easy way to drag a document from your iPhone or iPad to your desktop. Let’s take a look at how PadSync can help… Read More

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