Facebook ID Alternative Appearance

In iOS 12, Apple introduces the ability to add an “alternative appearance” to Face ID on a single iPhone X device. Although Cupertino hasn’t officially stated that this tool is intended to give a second person access to your iOS device, using it this way will result in the same conclusion. Here are the step-by-step instructions for making this happen.

First, a reminder

On the iPhone X, Face ID replaced Touch ID as the device’s primary authentication tool. The technology behind Face ID uses the phone’s True Depth camera to identify markings on a face to unlock and authenticate. It’s also designed to work with Apple Pay and to open secured apps.

One key component of Face ID is its ability to use advanced machine learning to recognize changes in your appearance, such as hair growth, a new pair of glasses, etc. Apple claims setting up an alternative appearance pushes this recognition to an all-new level and never says it’s intended to recognize someone else’s face. Instead, in iOS 12, Apple notes: “In addition to continuously learning how you look, Face ID can recognize an alternative appearance.”

That clears things up like a fresh bucket of mud, no?

Setting up an alternative appearance

Whatever your reason for using the new tool in iOS 12, setup is easy and should look familiar. Here’s how to do it.

1) First, be sure that you have already setup Face ID for yourself.

2) Once this is done, go into the Settings app on your iPhone X and select Face ID & Passcode.

3) Type in your passcode.

FaceID Alternative appearance

4) Tap Set Up an Alternative Appearance.

5) Select Get Started.

Face ID Setup

6) On the next screen, you’ll be asked to go through the quick procedure of adding your face as an alternative appearance for Face ID. This requires moving your head slowly to complete a circle.

Note: The setup is identical to how you do this the first time around. 

7) To reset Face ID, you must go back into the Settings app under Face ID & Passcode, then tap Reset Face ID. Follow the directions above again.

Wrap Up

Setting up an alternative appearance for Face ID is very simple and will allow you to add a second person to your iPhone X Face ID account. This change will be even more useful starting this fall when Apple’s expected to announce all-new iPad Pro models with Face ID.

The first public version of iOS 12 should be released later this year.