If your family is constantly arguing over the AC, you’re not alone. Someone is always either too hot or too cold, and rushing to fine-tune the dial every time a complaint is aired is a tiring and unforgiving process.

The Sensibo Smart AC Controller provides an eco-friendly way to automate your AC, and it’s available for over 30% off at $99.

The Sensibo is compatible with any remote-controlled air conditioner or heat pump, and lets you use your smartphone as a controller. You’ll be able to ensure your AC ascribes to a wide variety of preset temperature settings throughout the day, all while feeling a little less guilty about using energy during the hot summer months.

Program it to only heat your room when you wake up or use your phone’s location to shut off your AC when you leave the house, saving energy and shaving some dollars off of your power bill. Plus, with Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration, you can dish out commands to your Sensibo using only your voice.

Find out for yourself how the Sensibo Smart AC Controller is changing the home automation game—it’s on sale for over 30% off at just $99.

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